francis is back

House-of-Cards-upi com …… in my life, have waited over 4 months for this badass man to re-enter my life. 

Back as Vice President and even more uninhibited, manipulating, ignorant,ruthless, arrogant, dangerous, powerful and sexy.

Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood makes politics very sexy. And of course his wife, Claire, is more stylish now than in season 1. What a power couple!!!! *smile

“I love her more than
sharks love blood”

house of cards - dizius com

“House of Cards” is back on Netflix – and I’m so into it – totally soaked up by this man. 14th of Febr they released 13 new episodes. And what is even better news is that a 3rd season is coming up. It is such clever storyline and Kevin is the show.

Have only watched the 4 first episodes and it truly keeps me on the edge on my couch. But I’m truly happy and relieved that this is only a reality on my screen – at least I hope so.

Now it’s high time for me to watch episode 5.

“There is only one rule;
Hunt or be hunted
Welcome back”
Francis Underwood

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29 thoughts on “francis is back

  1. I don’t dare go there unless I can muster a lot of self-control. Last year I watched the entire season in two sittings as soon as it came out!

    • I did the same … after seen 4 episodes during my flight over to NYC – I was hooked and watched the rest episodes none stop .. in a couple of days, when back home.
      Simple the best.

    • Hans, jag tror den bara finns på Netflix – men den är värd att betala för. Du kan får en månads fritt och då hinner du att se alla avsnitten.
      Skall besöka … din nya värld. *smile

    • I haven’t start watching Breaking Bad … but I only heard great things about – after House of Cards, this is a great story … if you click on the related link … you will get my first post about the series.

    • They are starting sending Game of Thrones over here … next month, but I will start watch Breaking Bad after this.
      This is so brilliantly done and Kevin Spacey is outstanding.

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