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Employee committed suicide after bullying at work –
bosses convicted of health and safety offenses

Today in Sweden has two executives at the social services department in Krokoms  municipality sentenced to probation and fined since a 53 year old social worker, who has felt bullied at work, committed suicide.

A 53-year-old man who worked as a social worker for almost 30 years took the summer of 2010 his life.

53-year-old had been suffering from a progressive depression, and for some time have felt bullied in the workplace at the Social Services Department in Krokoms municipality. Shortly before the suicide employer gave notice also that the 53-year-old was dismissed even though the basis for dismissal was missing.

His family believed that the situation in the workplace contributed to the death, and after the police decided the prosecutor to indict unit and social manager at the municipality for safety violations.

The managers have not properly investigated conditions at the workplace , even though the 53 -year-old tried to be reassigned and despite repeated oros notifications from colleagues that expressly addresses suicide riskBULLIED-AT-WORK_ nhs uk

The 53 -year-old had access to occupational health services do not imply that managers may divest itself of responsibility for the situation in the workplace and the measures were necessary. The District Court also considers that there has been a conscious risk-taking by managers , despite the risk of suicide , and although the issue of grounds for dismissal to be investigated more closely, began a dismissal procedure for 53 -year-old .

The court believes that the managers were negligent as not taken action , such as a relocation investigation , to prevent illness and death. They are also considered to have been grossly negligent when they initiated dismissal proceedings.

They judged now because of health and safety offenses , through involuntary manslaughter . (text; dagensjuridik.se)

Not a day too early!

“Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.”
Benjamin Disraeli

bullying - theguardian com

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36 thoughts on “unique legal case

    • Suzanne, Thank you so much! Yes a really sad tale – but the court did the right thing … if manager are not dealing with bullying when they are aware of it. They where going to dismiss him for not doing his job instead. How sick is that.
      Not really back yet, just had to post this … enjoying myself in Stockholm just now. *smile

  1. Sad tale indeed, there’s never any good reason for bullying, no matter in which environment. Hopefully this case will set a tone to stop tragic incidences like this from happening again.

    • Andy, you just said it …. but it’s such a big problem all over the world … and I for me is it just unacceptable – and why hasn’t anyone interfered.

  2. What a sad story. The man obviously knew he had to make changes and was trying. Unfortunately many people shrug off problems in the work place as “you have these problems every where”. Not every where ignores bullying and employees in need of help. So very sad.

    • Colleen, I have been over visiting your world today … so much wonderful and touching reads over there – and I can’t talk to you anymore …. can’t share my thoughts with you – I will miss that a lot.
      I totally agree with you that because we are adult are we suppose to handle things on our own. It’s terrible sad about this man .. that wanted help and instead they was going to sack him – next day he was dead. How can they live with themselves.??????

      • I don’t know how they can Viveka. I can’t imagine the pain he was in.

        (Do you mean you can’t share your thoughts because of traveling???? You don’t mean you can’t forever????)

      • Colleen, there is no comment box to your posts anymore ???!!!! That is what I mean when I talk about not be able to share thoughts with you.

      • Colleen, have checked today too … there is no comment boxes. Don’t have a clue what has happen, but I have checked with my friends laptop too .. some thing.

      • The only thing I see is sometimes the comments are listed out until after I hit the “comments” on the left said of the title of the post. Then the comments drop down below the post. Does that help?

  3. Reading this sent a shiver up my spine… as I am a social worker myself, I can partially relate to some of the issues that he may have been experiencing. As the demand for social services is so great, we often don’t have enough managerial support or input when we need it. I’m supposed to get supervision once a month but I am lucky to get 1:1 time once per year!! It’s horrible to read about how desperate and trapped he must have felt. I am glad that the court system gave a just verdict against his negligent employers. Thanks for sharing V xxx

    • Laura, nobody should be ignored when it’s about bullying. So tragic this story – there was some money compensations, but not much .. but I don’t think the family was after the money – they wanted justice for that his workplace didn’t act on his problems.

    • Nia, I don’t understand why we have to be so evil against each other … and that nobody stands up and say enough is enough. Nice to hear from you too – have problem with my mobile internet … it comes and goes, have to log in every 5th minute. Up in Stockholm just now .. and the winter fell softly over us during the night. *smile

  4. What a tragic world of so many woes, just read about the intolerance of the people who killed a man for answering a call in a movie theatre in Florida 😦 so sad to hear this from Sweden.

    • I totally agree with you … what a tragic world we have – when some of us needs to be so evil to somebody else … to feel good about themselves. Very upsetting that things like this has to go out of hands in our little country. But it’s a massive problem all over the world with bullying.

    • Hugs back …. a stuffed one – just had a great home cooked meal. I did the mash *smile
      Terrible sad story and that the managers didn’t act on his problems, instead they threaten to sack him – and the day after he committed suicide.

  5. I heard this on the radio – tragic but his widow said she was very contented with the outcome in court. There are so many people around us being bullied – and we may never notice …It’s terrible. Don’t we all know that we are here on this earth just once – be kind and forgiving! Make life easier for each other instead.

    I’m glad you’re having fun in Stockholm!

    • Thanks, I got your email … but I’m on my netbook now and I don’t want to add another search engine. Will give it a go when I’m back by my PC.

      Yes, this is tragic and I’m so glad that the court ruled the way they did … but I’m sure this is not the end of the story.

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