a look back

I join Facebook when I moved back to Sweden, to be able to keep my connection going with all those fantastic people I met during my years living abroad.

Facebook also became my savior during my battle with and journey with the cancer. The support I was given by friends all over the world became the most important medicine for me. In those days I didn’t blog.

Facebook also given games that I have enjoyed – like “CityVille” that I played for years until I run out of land to expand. Now I play Scrabble, Farm Heroes Saga and Lost Jewels – and at time Sugar Crush.

Facebook also make it possible to share my blog with my friends all over the world
Now when Facebook has 10 years anniversary they made a little “movie” about their members life with them – and this is my movie.

I thought that I would be able to transfer the movie as I do with YouTube’s video, but it doesn’t work – you have to click on the link here; My Years with Facebook.

“Facebook is the only place on the planet
where it is acceptable to talk to a wall.”

I have chosen Grieg’s “In The Hall of The Mountain King” as my cloud for this post – because it was used in the movie about Facebook – The Social Network (2010). Edward Grieg composed 1987 – and it’s a piece for his orchestral work “Per Gynt”.

facebook - haberimsin com


25 thoughts on “a look back

    • Of course you exist …. people are still getting in contact with you. I don’t say I love facebook … but it help me through my cancer, especially when I couldn’t talk to my 87 year old mother about how I really felt. My friends on the other side of the water – gave me grate support. Because in all honesty I didn’t have much support from my friends in Sweden, some .. but not many … because they didn’t know how to handle my situation and I don’t blame anyone for that.

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