we won – join the loud

seahakws - .krem comAmerican football isn’t really a massive sport over here and I know very little about the sport. Don’t even know how they get their scores – but who cares really. With men like that to look at.

When I lived and worked out of Victoria, Vancouver Island .. with Seattle just across the water – I learned to enjoy the game, most the the atmosphere at the stadium. I loved their strips and the colors – and of course the players body. seahawks 2 - coolchaser com

That stadium is fearless; Qwest Field is told to be one of the loudest stadiums in the world. This video proves it.

American football has been shown on our canal 10 for a while now and the other night I watched the Superbowl – and the Seahawks just walked over the Broncos – what an easy win. 43-8.  Thanks, guys … you made a “be-riched” Swedish girl very happy.

SeahawksLogo - sigforum com

“Sure, luck means a lot in football.
Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.”
Don Shula

Photos and images provided by and thanks to;
nfltix.net/krem.com /coolchaser.com/sigforum.com

28 thoughts on “we won – join the loud

    • Sylvia, there wasn’t much of another time in the match – never seen anything like it. I don’t understand the score thing – but it’s exciting to watch.

  1. Woohoo Seahawks! I have no interest in football and though I understand a few rules, I just get confused and short of attention when I watch it. But it was really fun to witness the excitement and enthusiasm everyone shared:)

    • Wendy, I understand everything – I’m the same, but I love the game for the excitement and enthusiasm – just amazing. And at a stadium I turn into the same.
      It’s a truly tough game, a bit like ice hockey

  2. I was the lead designer on American Football Magazine, so I got to really love and understand sport, I even got to see a few games at Wembley when the Americans came over

    • Carl, I would love to go on a game with you *smile … it’s a tough sport and fast, just like ice hockey, which I like too. Big forces on the field/rink … I was surprised that when I moved to Belfast, they where the UK champions in ice hockey. I loved watching their home games, because ice hockey it was just a big party – no political interference – everybody just had a great time together.

      • That would be so nice 🙂 …The champs come over from American and play at Wembley every year, its such an amazing atmosphere…like you say ‘no politics’

      • Yes, that would be very nice … *smile – have to check keep an eye on Wembley – haven’t been to the new stadium. Is the old one still standing.???? Been there a couple of times for concerts.

  3. I grew up an American football fan. It was the one thing I could do to connect with my dad, so we watched football (Chicago Bears) together every Sunday. Glad you got a taste of it when you were in Vancouver.

    • I suppose that all of you over there .. grow up with football and super ball – I really enjoyed the games I watch, even if I didn’t understand much. Also baseball – the Mariners, but that is a lot easier to get the head around.

  4. I am glad you called it American Football! They just call it football here and it took me almost a decade to get into the game beyond Superbowl frenzy.

    • I know .. big difference between the too. Our football is soccer. *smile – then here is something called Australian football too .. that really have tough rules. *smile – only seen some on TV!

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