one trip every month challenge – january; gothenburg

I have decide to join the “One Trip Every Month” challenge – founded by Marianne@EAST OF MÁLAGA

It has to be from trips you doing now this year … don’t have to be any long trips – but you have to leave your hometown.
You can present the trip in photo, words and combined.
Also you have to add the link – ’One Trip EVERY Month Challenge’ and tag the post the same.

For me joining this challenge; means a lot of words and …. very full photo galleries, so be prepered. And I’m going to be all over the place. *smile

driving in rain.

In January I was visiting both Gothenburg and my moms lovely little town, Simrishamn. To Simrishamn have I taken you so many times – so my trip for January will be the one I did to Gothenburg. A trip to catch up with my girlfriends that I left behind there, when I decided not to return to Gothenburg – when I moved back home after 21 years living abroad – in UK and on Ireland.

My friends partner, Bengt .. picked me up here in Landskrona – and we had the most awful weather during the whole driving, he was driving and he are an excellent driver. It rained so much that we could hardly see the cars in front of us.

The first evening was a Thursday evening and I met up with Paula for a nice meal at “Smaka”, one of my favourite waterholes in Gothenburg. Great food and fantastic service, without it is going to kill the monthly budget.

I stayed only 10 min away from the restaurant – so now use taking the tram, so I walked in the rain.

Our evening was fantastic, so much to talk about and catching up. When it was time to say goodbye – the rain has stopped, so walking back to the apartment I took a detour through the “Kungsparken” (Kings Park) – the Stora Teatern was lite up by a blue light.

On Friday I spent most of the day with my oldest friend, Jytte – we have know each other for about 43 years. We met before lunch, had a cup of coffee at “NK” – did some window shopping and we tried some cloth on, but no shopping bags. Then it was time for cinema. We saw “Philomena” with Judie Dench, what a marvellous film. A film that made us laugh, dry and very upset.

After the movie we where starving and we decided to eat at one of restaurant at the Market – but everything was so full … so we went across the street to “Kungstorget” – also very busy, but got a table in less in 10 min.

Never seen restaurants that busy in the month of January, normally dead. Even our waiter said the same – but good for the business.
We had fantastic Mojitos, great meal and a nice Chilean Red. We had nearly spent 12 hours together when we said goodbye by her tram stop and I walked back to the apartment .. in sometimes full moon. A very mild, but dry day and evening.

Saturday was it Anna’s time – walked to her new apartment just opposite Gothenburg guest harbour and new opera house. After a Campari & Orange,  we took the tram to her partner’s and friends Thai Restaurant, Moon.

Never been to a place like that .. so soon I step inside the door, was it like I was in Thailand, full of light, colours and mad décor. They must have the best drinks in town – even the mineral water got the full monty. Their bar staff was magical and they sold a serious amount of drinks, none stop.

People are raving about their food, but I can’t say mine was that good. Could have killed a cat with the sticky rice – had to take from Anna’s fluffy rice. I think I ordered the wrong dish, but the sticky rice was not acceptable.

We had a great evening .. and my “sorry ass” just had enough in the end .. around 11pm – so I walked back to apartment again. The city was very quite for being a Saturday night – passed the nightclub boat and it was starting to fill up.

Sunday – back to Landskrona – very pleasant dry drive … and there was 120 new photos on my SD card and my RAM had got some new memories to store. moon lamps

Two of my girlfriends couldn’t make it: Maja and Evior. Maja attended to her first grandchild’s baptism and what Evior was busy with – I don’t really know for sure. *smile

I love going back to Gothenburg, it’s the best city in Sweden – but I don’t miss living there. . and it’s only 2,5hrs away from Landskrona. By the way I used 892 words for this post.

“Friends – it’s the ones you can call up at 4:00 a.m. that matter.”
Marlene Dietrich

one trip - every month

Here is the rules again, if you want to join.
• Each month, visit somewhere and then write about your trip or describe it using photographs – whichever suits you best.
• Don´t forget to title and tag your entry ’One Trip EVERY Month Challenge’, and link back to this page.
• Display the Challenge logo on your post or in your sidebar.

23 thoughts on “one trip every month challenge – january; gothenburg

    • Thanks, thanks .. and more thanks – I got the idea from jaunted angle – when I stayed at a hotel in Chicago a couple of years ago and their photos in the room was all on jaunted angle – I loved it .. because straight on photos can fall very flat.

      • I got the idea from when I stayed at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago and their photos in my hotel room was taken on an angle – and I really liked. I take more photos on angle than straight. And also you’re able to get more in the frame.

  1. Bursting with life and energy, Vivi- it’s a pleasure to have you in this mode again 🙂
    It’s a good challenge and I’ll probably dip in at some point. Off out for coffee with a friend now. Small birthday celebration for her. Big smiley hug 🙂

    • Thanks, Jo … great to be back .. I think the new medicine is helping a bit, still to early. Yesterday I had a busy day .. today I will spend on-line .. try to catch up with so much as possible.
      I would love to have a cup of coffee with you too … birthday or not. I know you would have a pleasant time. I think you should join the challenge, because you are out and about all the time.
      Big busy hug .. back!

  2. fun! I will have to come back to view the rest of your photos as I’m eating breakfast and then off to work for the day. but I loved what I did see!

    • Thank you so much … and thanks for taking the time – you’re welcome back .. anytime. I hope you will have a great day at work. For me .. all time is min those days.

  3. Fabulous post, Viveka. It looks like you had an action -packed trip, and didn’t stop for a moment. How lovely to meet up with old friends and spend a great time together. Memories are made of this, for sure. I’m also not a big fan of sticky rice, but those moon cocktails look very good indeed. Your photos are so magical and make me wish I’d also been there. 🙂 xx

    • Yes, I totally agree … I found Stockholm the most beautiful one – but Gothenburg is fun and friendly in a different way. Gothenburg was my home town for nearly 26 years – but it was time to downsize and it’s only 2,5 hours away when the urge comes on.

      • I only lived there around ten years, but if I had to live in a city, Gothenburg is a great choice. Because of all the nature, green parks, the sea, etc..and it’s fairly easy to make a living there.

      • I was a big city girl before …. but after my years in UK and Ireland … I wanted something smaller – but if I win enough money … I will scream – Chicago here I come.!!!! *smile
        As an old sea dog – I have to live where the ocean docks, I know Chicago isn’t by the ocean, but Lake Michigan gives a true feeling of ocean. *smile

    • I would say the Stockholm is the most beautiful city in Sweden … maybe in Europe, siting on it’s 14 islands.
      But Gothenburg is the best city in Sweden. I hope you will visit one day.

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