i promise ….

I’m not all a poetry girl, but I have started to click with some … since I started blogging. This morning I found this poem in my monthly magazine, Swedish “Damernas Värld” (Ladies World) and it really talks to me. It’s written by a Swedish artist and musician, Bo Sundström (52). It’s called “New Year’s Resolution” – but it’s something we really could promise ourselves every day.

“I promise
to learn how to live
after them dazzling lights have gone off
when the hum in the ears silenced
when the buzz from those who have listened
long since been hiding in the quilt

I promise
to teach me sleep
before the last drink has been served
before the aching sensed light
repainting the borrowed house
and oppose it off nagging doubts

I promise
to teach me to miss
when the lock remains untouched until early
when the step from the stairwell lighten
a hope though nothing happens
and dying in the lacking of sleep.”

Bo Sundström - vf se

29 thoughts on “i promise ….

  1. I know what you mean, Vivi. I don’t write it either but sometimes things just speak to you perfectly that way. This poem is exactly like that. Beautiful, and inspiring. 🙂
    Hope you’re well today? Morning hug!

    • Thanks a million – I’m not really into poetry .. but sometimes it can talk to me.
      This is one of them – hopefully my translating made sense – otherwise I blame Google. *smile

  2. Ah Viveka, lovely really lovely and you’ve done an honerable job translating…poetry can be very meaningful when it clicks…the nice thing about poetry is that there are so many forms…my son was telling me, after he’d written a poem, that it wasn’t a “real” poem because it didn’t have rhyme etc. and yet it was a lovely poem…people I think don’t know how often they are enjoying poetry.

  3. Dear Viveka, that was beautiful. If we take the ‘strict’ code of poetry, art, writing etc we lose so much wonderful creative output. Life is beautiful, creating is beautiful, too many rules…not so beautiful. Stay beautiful just as you are. You can rhyme in time or not, it will still hit the spot..,,

    • Thanks for the encouragement – very sweet of you. But I will never be able to write poems – my mom wrote beautiful ones since she was a teenager. One of her poems was read on her funeral.
      When I found this in the magazine it talked to me.

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