france vs sweden

Love my breakfast – my favorite meal of the day.

For about 20 years now have we Swedes been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So how come that French aren’t overweight – they eat absolute nothing for breakfast and have a late substantial evening meal – while we Swedes are told to eat well for breakfast and light for the evening … still we start to become an over-weighed nation????!!!! When I was back in Paris a couple years ago – didn’t I see one over-weighed French kid. Amazing  … it must be something in the their drinking water or in the 200 different brands of mineral waters that they have.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”
John Gunther

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17 thoughts on “france vs sweden

    • I love croissants .. Mark & Spencer had for many years square ones for the toaster – 6 to a pack, I could eat them all at once. I suppose that could be a reason why I don’t a figure like a French woman. *smile
      A Swedish breakfast gives the day a solid start, but not like a Full English, which is like having dinner in the morning.

    • I have French friends and they all eat the green leafs after the main course and plenty of them.
      Could be the wine, don’t have a clue how they do it.

      • How the French eat what they do and not gain weight. Especially with the late meals and essentially nutrient deficient breakfasts (however, I do love their breakfasts!)

      • Heather, I saw that I had misunderstood your comment. I know .. and my friend I really looked out for over weighted kids .. only ones we notice was not French, but still very few. I think they don’t drink so much soft drinks .. like Coke and stuff. Also the French eat always at home a green leaf salad after the main course every, nothing but green leaf with small amount of dressing on – before the cheese and dessert.

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