sunday therapy; shoes and music

lets get started

Today, Sunday, I finally got it done – something that has haven’t happen since I moved into my apartment. It could have been the window cleaning, but I have cleaned the windows 7 times in 5 years.

No it all have to do with the guiltiest of all my pleasures. To give all my new shoes a photo outside the boxes, so I don’t have to open 20 boxes before I found that very special pair. Haven’t done since I packed for Sweden – in Belfast. So it’s 5 years of shoes.

So how many shoes has I bought since May 2009? 37 pair, two pair has gone to shoe heaven. *smile – one pair of sandals and one pair of loafers.

To store shoes without box is not good for them – even if there is shoe racks of different kinds – they fall over and they get dusty … I can’t say I buy terrible expensive shoes – but I take good care of them.

After my late Sunday breakfast was it time to … start going serious – out with will all boxes without identity. A white towel and a new SD card in the little camera. There was no what so ever artist thoughts behind the photos.

Take photos, copy them on to words, print, cut, glue and … put them in the right stack in the closet. Took me 3 hours. When I thought I was finished I found 3 boxes more.

One thing is for sure that a woman can’t have too many pairs of shoes.

“Money can’t buy happiness,
but it can buy shoes
and is kind of the same thing, right?????”

proper identity

Found this track on SoundCloud … called “Giorgio’s New Dancing Shoes” by  Giorgio Moroder , an award-winning Italian composer and DJ. Moroder has won three Academy Awards: Best Original Score for Midnight Express (1978); Best Song for “Flashdance…What a Feeling”, from the film Flashdance (1983); and Best Song for “Take My Breath Away”, from Top Gun (1986). He will be 74 years old in April. What a handsome man!!! *smile –

I really love this tune … it was composed for the 84th Academy Award,  in 2o12 and to be find on the album “Celebrate the Music – The 84th Academy Awards”, with music of Hans Zimmer, Pharell Williams, Esperanza Spalding, A.R. Rahman, Sheila E and Junki XL. A great album with 8 tracks.

And hopefully some of my shoes will do some more dancing, even if most of them are bought for comfort and walking. The red heels here .. has now got their identity and will be so much easier to find when the feet want to move around for a couple of hours.

red suede shoe

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60 thoughts on “sunday therapy; shoes and music

    • Thanks, the red are my favorite … LK Bennett. There is forsted see-through boxes to buy for shoes at IKEA. but they are not cheap, so this works more than fine.Shoes comes in boxes.
      Good luck with your mission!

    • Have a great Sunday in NYC – my favorite day in the city – just because of all amazing brunches.
      Don’t forget to visit High Line .. *smile and Raoul Wallenberg monument.
      Enjoy yourself, but it’s not difficult – in NYC!!! Very envy.

    • Thanks a million …. have too – not like I only have those 37 pair … !!! And to store shoes without box is not good for them – all thrown around and getting dusty.
      Not an investment that I will get anything return, but I take good care of them.

  1. Hold those red shoes! I’m coming dancing 🙂
    Vivi, you are a miracle of organisation! I’m quite heavy footed and my shoes never last long enough to box and label but it’s a wonderful concept. Mission accomplished hug!

    • Jo, I think they will be too big for you – take 8 …. but they are truly my private joy! But it’s better to dance barefoot.
      I don’t have the easiest of feet to put shoes on .. neither – especially when they are numb most of the time, but everything has a price. *laughter. So when I buy something I can wear without any bigger problems, I buy more than one pair.
      Dancing hug >>>>>>

      • I take 6 and a half to 7 so they’ll be fine with a little cotton wool in the toes 🙂 But you’re right! I nearly always dance barefoot.
        Hug with slippers on (it’s chilly 🙂 )

      • Jo. think you are better barefoot. *smile To be honest so do I .. very quickly the shoes are kicked off – but look on entrance. *smile
        Here comes a barefoot hug … in waiting for dinner, pork file.

    • Heather, it only took 5 years nearly … now it’s done and I’m not going to buy anymore shoes .. maybe a pair of red flat sandals for the summer, but that is all. Have more shoes than months to live … I think *laughter.

  2. LOVE the music! It is uplifting! What a great project you completed! I used to keep the boxes but then as a bona fide shoe and boot addict they took up too much room. I do stuff my boots to keep them upright if that gives me any points! You are very organized !

    • Living in UK you have to learn to organize wardrobes, they don’t provide any storage .. not even in new built apartments.
      So it was there I came up with the idea.
      Never heard about bona fide shoes .. had to look them up – wow, a bit too high for me. Some stunning shoes.

  3. What a great idea, for so many shoes. I don’t possess that many as I don’t have the space. My friend told me shoes and handbags make a woman…..well I only got 3 handbags too. Never mind. And remember there are more important things in life than cleaning windows….. I do love this music!😘

  4. You are a genius of organization…that’s what I only dream about! You just DO it instead. And, those red ones – I understand they are your favourites – I’d love to have them on! Dancing was a must two or three times a week when I was younger – nowadays I never go. Gorgeous music too – difficult to stay in my chair…

    • I just love the album it comes from … this DJ is 74 years old and last year he was a part of a big show in Vienna.
      When my friend Jytte and me was 40 years young we was out 3 nights per week too – there isn’t many places to go .. dancing for us “be-riched” if it’s not a private party.
      I would love to be invited to the Oscars … if it ever happen I know exactly what Valentino dress I will go for. Wouldn’t it be FAB???!!!!

    • Uru, not that creative, but living in UK I didn’t have much wardrobe space .. so I had keep shoes under my beds. Nightmare and then I came up with idea with a picture on the box. A pair of red high heels every woman should have in her closet – they make you feel very special .. and happy. *smile

  5. Love the tune and the shoes Viv! I know what you mean about shoe cleanout time as my nickname from my husband is Omelda Marcos, too many to count. I purge once a year on my collection. 🙂

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