winning photo – mine!!!!!

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“Eye of The Tiger”, is there a better victory track ???!!! And because here isn’t anyone to blow some smoke up my “sorry ass” I have to do myself. I love winning, but who doesn’t. I’m the worst looser on earth – especially when I play Monopoly.

In November my landlord, Landskronahem (Landskrona Homes) – opened a photo challenge for their tenets and they have plenty of us – they own  and manage 4000 apartments/properties in total in Landskrona and the areas around the town. This is their last news letter.

Winning photo

The subject for the challenge was “Advent” – the four weeks leading up to Christmas. So I sent in my photo – Neighbors Window – and I WON! This my second time I have won a photo challenge – about 15 years ago I won Kodak photo challenge when their little camera was launch that took fantastic panoramic photos, Kodak KB10. The prize was than one year of free film development, a fantastic prize. My winning photo then was a panoramic view of the Fishguard Harbour, Wales, UK.

Kodak KB10 - kodak com

I had hope that my prize would be free rent for a year – but I wasn’t that lucky – still I’m very pleased with my prize, 2 set of Newport100% Egyptian cotton bedding. All packed in the most beautiul box and wrapping, pity to use them.

“A winner never stops trying.”
Tom Landry

Images provided by and thanks to; & geekaren.-pl


40 thoughts on “winning photo – mine!!!!!

    • So sorry, for the delay in response – your comment doesn’t come up anywhere, except on the post. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. *smile

    • Love the winner’s hug …. I used the photo in the Weekly Photo Challenge too. And I will use it tomorrow in the “Capture Your 365” when the subject is in the dark. One of my favorite photo and it’s so difficult to take evening shots with a small camera. It’s going to be a weekend at home with blogging I hope, all down to my “sorry ass”!

    • Thanks, Claire … if my sleep was depending on my photos – I would sleep like a log. *smile
      I collected my prize last week, so I been sleeping very well for a week now. *smile
      Have a pleasant weekend.

  1. Congratulations, my dear 🙂 ! You have such a good eye, you deserve this and many other prizes for your pictures 🙂 Hope you will sleep very good in your new bed linens 🙂 xo 🙂

    • Thanks, Dia …. you’re a true sweetheart. I haven’t taken them out of the wrapping yet – the package is so stunning. Have to wait until some special guest .. turns up *smile
      Dia, there so many brilliant photos out there … so it’s a very little chance to win anything. Everyone take photos those days – mostly because of the smartphones. SO Happy for the times I win.

      • Yes, I know we all take many pictures these days. but because everything is more or less taken very quickly, the quality is often lousy. I like your pictures a lot.
        YOU are the SPECIAL GUEST, my dear! Treat yourself! 🙂 xo

      • YOU are the SPECIAL GUEST, my dear! – LOooOOoove this!!!
        Have been taking photos for years … started seriously when I lived in UK – with a nice fancy camera, but I don’t want to carry around with a bag of lenses and have to swap all the time. Looking at a newer model of the one I have – but it has taken about 72.000 photos in 5 years and still going strong.

    • Thank you, Stephen … I really like this photo myself – not easy to get great shots after dark .. with a small camera.
      I tell you I would had been upset if I hadn’t won. *laughing.

      • viveka, the lighting has a lot to do with the excellence of this shot, but for some reason, the slightly askew angle of the star and window, the perspective from which you shot this, is what I really love the most about this awesome shot.
        you should market tis as a christmas card!

      • This with taken photos on an angle I picked up from the pictures on my hotel room in Chicago … I think today I take more photos on an angle. Really like and also the frame gets bigger.
        Have to hang it out on the photo sites where companies buy up photos for their commercials .. for Christmas coming. Have to publish it in May. Thanks for the advice and the support.
        My little Canon powershot sometimes just click right.

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