the most amazing 47 min …. on the rocks.

This post I did in May-12, only months after I started blogging – so I have decided to re-post it. All thanks to my blogging mate, Frank@A Frank Angle – that reminded me about it. It is all about giving this post 47 min of your time … but you will enjoy every minute.

Please, join me …. Promise you the most … the amazing 47 min you spent for a long time …. the building of our famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi – built in less then 6 weeks and rebuilt year after year, since 1990.

For me this is one of the amazing buildings in the world and .. it’s rebuilt every year.

 Sponsored  by Absolut Vodka

“A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
Carl Reiner

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36 thoughts on “the most amazing 47 min …. on the rocks.

  1. Wow Viveka, that was an amazing engineering masterpiece… I’d love to go visit that with my camera …really loved the Ice Alter, what a great place to get married.
    Thanks for sharing an amazing video

    • The church was very popular for just wedding on the Millennium night. I lived in Belfast then and they showed on TV – a British couple getting married – she was from England and he from Scotland, and he got married in a kilt of course. She had a warm coat on – but he said he was a true Scotsmen.
      You would love taking pictures of it. They have and ice bar in London you can visit, can only be in for 20 min. Some amazing photos you can manage to take during those 20 min.

    • I love this version of “Ice Ice Baby” – one of my favorite oldies … with a modern twist. I think you should go for vodka over the weekend in Vancouver. Have a good one.

      • Yes, I would love to visit too … they also have a warm hotel, I think you are only allowed to stay 2 nights in total in the hotel. The Ice Hotel have now Ice bars all over the world. They have one in Vancouver – Ice Bar
        395 Kingsway. Go there for a vodka on ice.

  2. Yes…it’s amazing. And beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This great idea coming true every year. We’ve been meaning to go there for several years, but it hasn’t happened yet…

  3. I’m entirely with Carl Reiner! 🙂 I needed a fur coat just to watch it! Incredible achievement though. Loved the look of the bed but I’d never manage to sleep. Have you stayed there, Vivi?
    WARM hug!

    • They say that you sleep so well at the hotel, but you can only stay two nights in that … in the row.
      No, I haven’t stayed there … I would love to.
      It’s a piece of magic that they build year after year .. the only thing that is saved is the chandelier, everything else goes back to nature.

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