capture your 365 – return

I have been living abroad a big part of my adult life – nearly 23 years plus I was working for a full year aboard a cruise liner for one year. So when going back home to Sweden for a visit has always been a big event in my life. And still are when I been out travelling. Doesn’t matter if I  only been one hour away or on the other side of the world.

Today’s photo is of my return ticket home – taken at Dublin Airport last year – returning home after been over to visit to Belfast, Scotland and Dublin.

A 12 day trip that I do the last weeks of November every year .. to visit friends that I left behind when I returned to Sweden, to become an early pensioner in 2009.on-my-way - home, DUB

“When you’re safe at home
you wish you were having an adventure;
when you’re having an adventure
you wish you were safe at home”
Thornton Wilder

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29 thoughts on “capture your 365 – return

    • Jo, it’s very high up on my Top 20 too. Great song.
      I will take this morning hug with me under the duvet now … had terrible 24 hours – so tired and need some sweet comfort – a little bit of “feeling sorry”!

      • Yes, this is a new morning and it has started of with more snow during the night – no blistery wind – and things feels good. Warm breakfast hug.

      • Coffee hug! 🙂 It’s just getting light here- but not very light at all if those big grey clouds are anything to judge by. Think I’ll stir myself to go Nordic walking and give those clouds a good hard stare. Have a good day, Vivi.

      • I hope you got walking – I was out and about too .. yesterday, in half snow storm – not because I wanted to – because I needed to, but it felt really nice when I was back home. Started on my new medicine now … lets hope. *smile
        Middle of the day hug.

  1. Home is where your heart is, so no matter how beautiful a place is, it is hard to call it home when you know you have some place waiting for you.

    • Like IKEA say …. Home is the best place in the world.
      So true in what you are saying … to have something to call home – is very special, even if not all of us have the best condition of homes maybe – and far too many that doesn’t have something to call home, so terrible sad.

    • I have always .. been on my way somewhere .. a restless soul, maybe – but I always love being back home.
      Nothing wrong with being a homebody *smile

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