my name is kendall ~ and i’m a fighter!

I tried to reblog this post from one of my blogging sisters, Paula@stuff i tell my sister – but it didn’t work at all – so I have do it like this instead – because I think we should join Kendall and his fight in his Parkinson – through spreading his video.

Paula, wrote in here post: “Kendall is my friend’s brother. Watch this video. Then help me share it, if you feel the power of it….as we did. Walk a mile in my shoes ~

To Kendall ~ FIGHT ON!

I also want to do this post for my dear friend Terry@Terry1954 – that have been taking care of her younger brother Al, that now is struggling in the end of his journey through his Parkinson. Terry, my thoughts are with you both.

“The more we help others,
the more we help ourselves.”
Muhammad Ali

Parkinsons  - wimberleyapa com

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21 thoughts on “my name is kendall ~ and i’m a fighter!

  1. This is so difficult to watch because one of my best friends is suffering from the disease. I’d hate to see her turn to be like this. She’s a very kind and generous soul. Life is so unfair sometimes.

    • Bebs, not fair … devastating disease. Just like Alzheimer. So sorry, to hear about your friend and I can image that it will be difficult to watch the video – but like the people in the video, I’m sure your friend has her fight too.

    • I know … we don’t know how luck we are – and we do remember to be grateful neither – until something serious happens.
      You know we all live longer and that’s why there is so many cancer cases … but if they comes up with the solution for one cancer – there is 100 more to beat. PD and Alzheimer I think they have come up something that slows it down .. but not cure.

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