capture your 365 – vivid

CaptureYour365_125With me being Swedish I didn’t have a clue what “vivid” stood for – but with my dear friend, Googles help – am I now somehow wiser.

For me colors are very important – I love colors, that is why I have problems with black and white photos. Even if my 2 years of blogging has open my eyes for that too and now I can find beauty in them.

I think that our everyday needs all the colors it can get ….

My photo here is from a hotel and restaurant in Gothenbrug, “Dorsia”. A place so lush, filled with beautiful colors and patterns, very bold and intense. Everything “vivid” stands for. One of my girlfriends took me there for afternoon coffee and my little camera went absolutely wild.  It was very hard for me to pick a photo out 65. Here it’s – my view on “vivid”.365 -vivid-dorsia

“Our sense of power is more vivid
when we break a man’s spirit
than when we win his heart.”
Eric Hoffer 

42 thoughts on “capture your 365 – vivid

    • A-C, Vivid isn’t a word that I can recall … but when Google had helped me out – I knew which folders I was going for.
      The hotel and restaurant, is so fantastic in colors and patterns – without being overdone.
      Glad you like the music, I’m a tango girl. *smile

    • Thanks Jo, yes …. I must agree I can be very vivid at time … not always for the good, but the good comes with the bad. *smile
      Because I used the photo in a challenge before and in a post – I had to change music, was struggling – but then tango popped up and so it was. Love this tango piece.

  1. Your have so many vivid photos that I’m sure it was hard to choose one but I think this is perfect. I remember your photos of the hotel…I loved it.

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