capture your 365 – caring


Wow, wasn’t this subject a challenge in itself. *smile

But going through all my photo folders – Berlin 2011 – there I found this very pleasant and funny young man, that was handing out free apples to anyone that wanted one or more- on Friedrichstraße, more or less just outside our hotel.

He really brighten our day up!!! Behind him and his colleagues  there was a massive lorry full of individual  packed apples. And they didn’t give up neither – still there in the afternoon handling out fresh apples. We got an apple on our back to the hotel too.

Somebody in the fantastic city of Berlin was caring about peoples health and this young man was the action man.

365 - an apple a day

“My wife gets all the money I make.
I just get an apple and clean clothes every morning.”
Ray Romano

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13 thoughts on “capture your 365 – caring

  1. Ha, like that quote 🙂

    Individually packed apples – never heard anything like it! He looks very friendly though.

    Hi Viveka, I’ve got a long weekend in Australia (Australia Day) and was wondering how you are. I truly hope you are well, and life is good for you. Sincere regards to you, Noeleen

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