capture your 365 – fresh air

CaptureYour365_125 Fresh air isn’t anything we can see, taste or touch – but we all know where to get it when we crave for it and we all know the smell of it so well.

So how to illustrate fresh air ??? – for me, that has to live where the ocean docks – it has to be ocean air.

My picture is taken at Grand Plage in Biarritz, France – on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Once per months the high waves soaks the whole seafront of Biarritz – it has something to do with full moon. Waves up to 8 meters and don’t even think about taking walk along the seafront. This photo has plenty fresh air for me – and when I look at it I can feel the smell of the Atlantic Ocean.

grand plage 2

“Where the beauty of nature and the freedom
to breathe fresh air is all part of what is worth living for.”

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22 thoughts on “capture your 365 – fresh air

  1. I do agree with you on that one… want fresh air rise and smell the fresh sea breeze… beautiful… want to get hungry ? stand in Viveka’s kitchen whilst she prepares a wonderful meal that she shares the photos of…

    • Rob, thank you so much for your sweet comment.. you’re right – fresh air creates appetite *smile – it’s a pity you live so far away otherwise it had been Sunday dinner at my place this weekend for Linda and you

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