capture your 365 – umbrellas


This shot is from Millennium Park, Chicago – the umbrellas belongs to the Park Grill’s patio, one of my favorite waterholes in Chicago.

The photo is taken with me standing by the “Cloud Gate” sculpture looking down to the restaurants patio. The colors was so intense and the view made me so happy, but it was a very difficult photo to take. It was the day the wind returned to Chicago after 7 days of standing still heat.

Park Grill colors

“Until the sun comes out again for you,
my umbrella is big enough for two.”

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25 thoughts on “capture your 365 – umbrellas

    • Yes, the colors was making me so happy and there was so many of them .. sending so close too.
      I use umbrellas very little when it rains – because the wind always catch them and turns them – also I find people with umbrellas very “ignorant” and dangerous – because they don’t have clue how they walk with their umbrella … and don’t seem to care if they stick the umbrellas in other people faces – just hate umbrellas in

    • Thanks, Rob … got some nice comment over at “Capture Yours 365” too – I love the colors, a pity I wasn’t aware that I had a wide-angle mode on my camera at that time, because then I would have got a lot more umbrellas in the picture. Only had the camera for 4 years then, typical me – never read any manuals.

  1. I love this song! Umbrellas- now I should have lots of shots of those 🙂
    The colours are beautiful, Vivi. Everything settled again since your hospital visit on Monday? Big hug 🙂
    It’s our son’s birthday today and I’m waiting for his return tonight. Lasagne and chocolate cake at the ready!

    • Tuesday was my rinse out day .. at the day clinic – cleaning out the button where I got my chemo. Nothing else, so it’s was painless – but I had a severe bladder infection too. My week has been really bad otherwise, so feed up with things just now.
      I hope your son had a great birthday – I’m sure he had. Sunday hugs.
      I’m sure you have loads of photos with umbrellas *smile
      Love the song too, but no version with Rhianna to be find on Soundcloud, I think this is a great version.

    • It’s a happy photo … only wish I knew then that my little camera had wide angle mode – because then I could have got all the umbrellas in the photo – I know I have it now.
      Thanks, Karen.

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