capture your 365 – eight


My first thought was that I was going outside and look for a “8” – but then I remembered the beautiful 8 crystal glasses I inherited after my mum. I’m now the 3rd generation that uses them.

They are from the beginning of 1900’s – thin as paper and with a rim lining of gold. 8 small beauties that is so precious to me. A photo from this morning.365 - golden-lining-

“Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked,
and never mended well.”
Benjamin Franklin

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25 thoughts on “capture your 365 – eight

  1. They look so familiar.When I saw them nostalgia overtook me. My Mom had tons of them. They were washed and cared for over the years after many celebrations. The memories just washed over me. Thanks for sharing.

    • My pleasure … I remember from my childhood that there a lot more glasses around – so happy for the 8 that I have today. Thanks for your visit and for the nice comment.

    • There weren’t much glasses or crockery after mum, but I’m glad I was able to get those ones. Even if I will not use them very often, they are a memory from my childhood too. Grandpa’s 50th birthday – I was 3 and drunk under the kitchen table … me and the dog, both drunk, because we had been licking the glasses from the liquor..

  2. They are so lovely, Vivi. 🙂 Keep them away from me! My first thought was glasses too but mine are all shapes and sizes because I’m better at dropping than polishing them. Truly, nothing to do with the wine 🙂 Big hug!

    • I remember that there were quite a few more of them, but as with girls and guys like you, they have gone lost. I haven’t used them yet – so pretty in the lighting inside the cabinet.

    • I rarely drink sherry or liquor – I remember my grandpa’s 50th birthday … then they were use and there was a lot more glasses too. That is 60 years ago.

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