delicious seafood, music (??!!) and great service

Blue-Water_inetours comBlue Water Grill
31 Union Square W,
New York, NY 10003
Telefon:(212) 675-9500
Seafood & Raw Bar – $$$$

My birthday of course it was time to celebrate and spoil ourselves with a dinner at a great restaurant. Blue Water Grill is named to be one of the 10 Best Restaurants in NYC. Got their details and reviews through “Zagat” and booked through “Opentable”. Blue Water Grill, a Zagat favorite year over year. They also have a Raw bar that of course offers fresh oysters and the lower part of dining room offer live music 7 nights a week, but I can’t recall the music.

Our taxi driver told us he didn’t know the address, when we jumped into his cars – but he was so busy with calls after calls on his mobile – every time I wanted to give him the address, he didn’t answer. When he asked for address we was just outside the restaurant.

Had booked table for 8.30pm and this massive restaurant was absolutely packed and their beautiful bar also. We got a warm welcoming and given a very nice round table with sofa – had a great view over the whole lower part of the restaurant.

Normally I always save the bill, in case I’m doing a review and to get the name of the waiter, but I can’t find it anywhere. Our male waiter very pleasant and gave first class service the whole evening, he had many guests – but was always very attentive to us.

Blue Water Grill is located in former Metropolitan Bank, built in 1904. Has a breezy terrace that was of course filled to the rim, with the evening been so warm and pleasant. Large chandeliers that illuminate the bi-level dining room – was never upstairs. The place had a great buzz without being loud. The most popular dish was of their famous 3-tier seafood plateau and sushis.

We had a drink before dinner, what we have I can’t recall … wonder where that bill went????

We ordered:
Tuna Tartare
avocado, sesame, ginger, sriracha, wonton crackers – $18.00
Crispy Calamari
spicy tomato, peppercorn remoulade – $12.50
Smiply Grilled Salmon
marinaded in olive oil, garlic and capers – served with baby potatoes, broccoli, mustard yuza vinaigrette $31.00
Sesame Crusted Big Tuna Rib Eye
served with crisp vegetables, lo mein noddles, ginger soy – $36.00 (on photo below)

I chose a crispy white Austrian wine – Grüner Veltliner, Gustav Wachau, Austria 2011. A delicious, fresh spicy and fruity with a hint of peach. A great and light wine that I never had before – I’m a big fan of Austrian wines, but don’t drink it often enough.

We both loved our starters and main courses – my tuna Rib Eye was just cooked to perfection and so full of Asian flavor, without overkilling, had a fantastic balance within all the species being used. The “rib eye” was in the right size and served sliced – in over all the portions was generous without big massive. We both were very pleased with our choices and the wine was so delicate .

This evening was the first time we went for the full 3 courses and the desserts was to die for.
Anna-Liisa love Crème Brule and so soon she sees it on menu she has to have it. So we ordered; Eggnog Crème Brulee, hazelnut chocolate chip biscotti – $8.00 and Banana Ice Cream Tower, hazelnut shells, toasted marshmallow – $9.00.
My tower was heavenly – to be find on photo below and it was so delicious as it looks. We had coffee together with our dessert and some sparking mineral water with the whole meal.

So what was the damage for this lush evening??? $210/£128/€154/1370SEK – plus the 20% in tip. It became a big spender evening, but also a wonderful and tasty finish on our fantastic 5 night stay in NYC. So I paid with a water 7 -bluewatergrillnyc com

Union Square was so lively, now just before midnight. We had enough of NYC taxi drivers and we had money left on our Subway cards, so decided to take the Subway back to Grand Central, only a few stops. We walked round on the square – and I found “Nordstrom Rack”. I was a bit annoyed that we hadn’t been down at the square before, would have loved to spend some hours in there – next time.
At the Subway I was lost again, what is up and down ???? But two very handsome police officers got the opportunity to show us what platform to use.

So the NYC visit was over … but who knows, I maybe be back again.

The_New_York_ wikimedia org

“It’s easier to be faithful to a restaurant than it is to a woman.”
Federico Fellini

For my cloud I chosen Jacques Loussier Trio – read somewhere he and his friends provide the best restaurant back ground music there is to buy for money. Jacques Loussier (born 1934) is a French pianist and composer. He is well known for his jazz interpretations in trio formation of many of  Bach’s works.Jacques+Loussier+Trio -last fm

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15 thoughts on “delicious seafood, music (??!!) and great service

  1. We had one here in Vancouver once before too, really pricey though but so worth it for their tier seafood ‘samplers’. Food here looks incredible! 🙂

    • Andy, I published the post too early – so I withdraw it and couldn’t answer you comment. Yes, you have one in Vancouver and I had my eyes on it, but didn’t go for it. Next time. *smile
      In Vancouver it’s called – Blue Water Cafe – checked not the same owners. Only heard good things about the place. Only good reviews.

      • It’s in a nice part of town too, In Yaletown. But, I’m not sure if it’s still around. Last I heard they were closing it down, for whatever crazy reason given how much money they were making :O

      • Their website is still up and running … checked a moment ago to get the right name. If it’s so good, why close .. could be problems between owners.

    • Nia, my pleasure – had a bad week this week, so I haven’t done any proper posts, hopefully it will happen next week.
      In such discomfort. I like the music to this post too.

  2. Your photos are quite stunning, Viveka! What a fantastic restaurant, I hope I get there one day. We have been to New York, but didn’t know about it then, of course. My eye (as always) was drawn to the dessert.. That banana ice cream tower is just delightful!!

    • Barbara, thank you so much … for the nice comment – but the photos are not mine … google have supported me with them. Because it’s so difficult to take good photos of food and places in the evenings, so a bad photo can be damaging. <<<<<<<I’m a “pudding”-girl too – I read the dessert menu first: you’re my kind of girl. *smile

    • Christmas Cake isn’t anything I gladly … enjoy!!! Far to sweet for my flavors. About 30 years ago I loved cheese after dinner – but I think I had a bit too much of it .. and went of it completly, still I really love cheese. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

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