caputer your 365 – in a bowl


Yesterday I could find any photo that I would be able to use for “Upset” – I couldn’t even dream about put my camera on to somebody that is upset – not even silly upset – so I was totally lost and got a blank day.

Today much easier, because I take a lot of food shots – but I decided to go for the photo of my first ice cream in 2013. Have as a tradition to after watching the New Year fireworks I enjoy a big bowl of my favorite ice cream, Mövenpick Vanillia.

new year ice cream

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.”
Charles Baxter

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27 thoughts on “caputer your 365 – in a bowl

    • Yes, to take photo of somebody that is upset … is not okay in my book and I didn’t have any other photo that would fit the subject – I could had broken something of course. Winning photo was of an upset young man … not for me. I stick to the ice cream.

    • Barbara, I didn’t really know what to post – but I couldn’t showed something broken or something that would make me upset … but I will not be able to post every day anyhow. But to take photos of somebody that is upset – I would never do.

    • I totally agree, with oven baked apple and bread pudding it has to be …. Vanillia icecream, but I can eat ice cream anytime of the day, one of my guilty pleasures.

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