everyday heroes, part 2

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More local heroes comes here – I can’t stop to be amazed that so many people give up their lives to help others. They truly make me believe in mankind. *smile – because it comes all from their hearts – the love to help and the love they feel for their cause. Amazing people.

I published my first list a couple of days ago – everyday heroes, part 1. All details I have collect from our local newspaper.

Maybe those people are of no interest for the rest of the world – but that doesn’t make them less important .. and they truly make different to people here at home and abroad. I think they very important and that is why I have given them space in my online world.

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11. High school students, gives their leisure time to younger pupils.
5 High school students help young pupils to find meaningful activities after school at Spångaholmskolan, in the South of our county. They have produced their own recorded to be given all the parents and after that it’s all down to demand how many more they will produce. All the pupulis call themselves “Bara Bönder” (Only Farmers)
They have activities like judo, boxing, music, games and football. They are very good cheese players.
12. Line Ekholm – created a bracelet to give help to MS foundation.
Line was diagnosed with MS for about a year ago, only 21 years old. In connection with doctors about treatments she made her first bracelet.
Line said it felt so good – “Fuck MS”. Now there is also a version that says “Cure MS”.
13. Ulla Bergsten, helps the people in India village.
For 8 years has Ulla travelled to the Muttapulan, a small village in South India. She have been collecting money to be able to help the village people with food, housing, school and medical care. It all started when she visit during a holiday in India.

14. Vilfred Landsted, 9 years old – inspire with his music.
He is multi talent musician – he sings, plays piano, cello and drums. He often performs on local stages in our county – through his performances he does he gives joy and inspiration to people with disabilities.
15. Renee Bertilsson, collect Christmas presents to vulnerable families.
Over her Facebook page she started the group “The Christmas Present”.
They are working together with Women’s Shelter, Social Services and the Swedish Church.
16. Jonas Kempe, uses force to charity
Jonas is a mega Star War fan. He works at a hospice and it’s the best job in the world, he says. He travels around with all his Star War customs to exhibitions and shows – the money he raises goes to sick children.

17. Ken Kvist, gives the youths strength and discipline.
Ken is a very popular and successful boxing coach. He has been come a role model for many youths. He works with school children up to 9 grade in many places all over our country. Ken works together with the police, Swedish Church, school counselors, schools and parents. Ken says it’s also about having loads of fun.
18.Cajsa Stålhammar, raised money to unfortunate farmers
Cajsa heard about a couple that have an ecological farm. They don’t even have a tractor – uses real horse power. Last summer 4 of their 5 horses was killed by lightning. Cajsa understood what meant to them, so she took Facebook to help to raise money and now they have 6000 members and this autumn they had raised enough money for the couple to be get their farming up and going again. Cajsa are educated in the disability and educational leadership and very familiar with horses – she both train riders and horses.

19. Vian Delsoz, invites homeless to Christmas dinner.
When Vian raised the issue in her home municipality the response was massive. She was able to invite homeless for Christmas dinner at a her own fitness centre. People had also given clothing, hygiene products, and Christmas presents.
20. Tomas & Jean, gave away all their revenue to the hurricane victims in the Philippines
Tomas and Jean owns a Pizzeria and Restaurant Campino – and all the revenue they took on 1st of December went to Unicef and “Rädda Barnen” (Save the Children) for help in the Philippines.

We all must have some local heroes and organisations worth mention – to give some time to and spread the word … all over the world. So who are your local hero or heroes ???? One post of all those posts we are going to create during 2014 – couldn’t it be worth it ???!!!

“We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

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15 thoughts on “everyday heroes, part 2

  1. I hope and pray that everyone who reads your posts has already ‘discovered’ the power of giving!! May I suggest a post where you suggest each of us tell ‘how’ and ‘why’!! What makes one happy and contented . . . in what circumstances one finds oneself!!1

    • Eha, I can’t get to replay to your lovely comment .. from the notifications – so I have replay from my post. I’m strongly thinking of doing a “Everyday Heroes Challenge” _ thank you so much for your support

    • Bill, truly a pleasure … one of my blogging sisters we are talking about to do “An Everyday Hero Day” – when all blogs write about a post about someone or more that makes a different to people around the world.

  2. This is the type of news the media should be reporting, instead of the usual negativity they spread. Thank you for sharing about these inspirational people.

    • Lori, I totally agree … don’t you know some local heroes or hero, worth writting about ????
      If the media don’t want to give us good news, we can provide them ourselves. Thank you so much for your support.

      • It’s strange, because I’ve been setting up a blog for next week asking people to write inspirational stories on their blogs. Great minds think alike. 🙂

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