i’m escaping

blog break - youtao nl

Just taking a short break from my online world and for a long weekend up in Gothenburg.
Time to catch up with the “girlfriends” up there.
Not even taking the netbook with me. So until next week …
have a pleasant weekend – and do just what I would have done.

“I believe one has to escape oneself
to discover oneself.”
Rabih Alameddine

Images provided by and thanks to: youtao.nl & funnypart.com

48 thoughts on “i’m escaping

  1. I was listening to my own music when I started reading your post, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the heck was going on when Gwen Stefani started singing in the middle of Pompeii! Have a great escape!

  2. You know how to escape, Viveka! Have a great weekend! I heard there was some cold weather coming – finally. It might be winter still…

  3. Enjoy! Be happy and feel as well as possible! Warm days and nights with friends!! Wonder what the Gothenburg Symphony is playing . . . ?

    • Julie, I was very young … around 8 when I knew I had to take things in my own hands, because my childhood wasn’t very happy, A very lonely child … and I lived in a fantasy world of mine, it was so bad that they took me to a physiatrist – only 5 years old … and after we had a long talk, he talked to my mum and said that she shouldn’t worry too much about my imagination, because I will be able to make my fantasy world come true. Who right wasn’t he. He told my mum that I had an adventures soul and heart.

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