we are back in nyc

9th sept

I don’t really know why I didn’t finished of writing about my visit in September, I guess a “sorry ass” came in the way.

So I go back now and we are on our last day – the infamous 9/11 and my birthday. Just before midnight a couple of 100 motor bikes came down 42nd Street, where we had our pillows – and they drove up 5th Ave. The noise was ineradicable and all other traffic had to stop. That was the first sign of the remembering.

So soon we woke up we put the TV on and the reading of all the names had already started. There was this young girl about  15 years old that had lost her dad, and after the reading the names she – talked to her dad. She couldn’t have been more than … 2 years old when her father, a fireman didn’t come home that day from work. Now when I write about the tears are coming. I don’t know why her words did such an impact on me.

street art

It became the hottest day of our stay, +30C and not a cloud on the sky. Absolutely stunning morning. Were ever we looked there was flags on half mast.

Our feet was pretty sore after all the walking – and I didn’t really got along  that well with the Subway. Had planed to visit Chelsea Market and High Line Park – they are laying neck to neck. So we waved down a yellow cab – ignorant driver as normal , but we got there. First thing was to find a place to have breakfast.

“Ronnybrook Milk Bar” became our choice, a  great place and busy … I had a spinach omelet and Anna-Liisa had a toasted sandwich. I was starving when we sat down. The place was full of wooden milk trays and they displayed kids drawings of cows. Cool choice and food was great.

Chelsea Market is very special, built inside an old warehouse on 75 9th Ave – when we arrived it wasn’t that busy, but after our breakfast the market was filled up with people. We visited “The Lobster Place”, one of the most impressive fish and seafood mongrel I ever been to and the place didn’t smell fish. In the middle of the shop was at least 15 sushi chefs doing sushi like pieces of art,  for take away and to served at their bar counter, working none stop. The had a fish soup bar .. they had a lobster corner where they sell lobsters fresh and cooked, all grouped in sizes. This place blow me away.

“Manhattan Fruit Exchange” was another shop I couldn’t get enough of … and in the back through big windows inside the shop we could see the warehouse and delivery area – they were so busy. There was all fruits and vegetables under the sun. We bought a punnet of Strawberries for our lunch – big and sweet.

market clock

We spent some time at “Fat Witch Bakery”, “Kingdom of Herbs”, “The Nut Box”“Amy’s Bread”, “Spices and Tease”, “Ruthy’s Bakery & Cafe” and “The Filling Station”(where you can fill up your bottles with  extra virgin olive oils, specialty oils and balsamic vinegar plus they had different kinds of salt). We walked there for a couple of hours – just amazing and everything is on the ground floor.

As we came out on the other side of the market – we came straight on to the stairs and lift to the The High Line, the park in the sky. A park is built on old railways tracks, what a place. What a fantastic job they have done, a pity that we were there so late in year – nearly now flowers, everything was tried up … The hot was frying us now. Just after lunch and not a cloud in sight and no wind. The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line. We walked the full length of the park in the blistering sunshine, 1,45mile (2.4km).


2004, the New York City government committed $50 million to the park project, opened it’s first section as a city park on June 8, 2009 and on June 7, 2011 a ribbon was cut to open the second High Line section. The designer behind this FAB park is the team of James Corner Field Operations, a landscape architecture firm, and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, an architecture firm, includes planting designer Piet Oudolf and experts in the fields of horticulture, engineering, lighting, public art, cost estimating, maintenance planning, security, and other relevant disciplines. (information wikipedia.org & thehighline.org)

Folks, this is a MUST if you visit NYC!!!!! And so is Chelsea Market!!!!!!


After our sweaty walk in close to the sun – we went back into the market – for some lunch, but the places was mobbed not a table anywhere, so we bought the wonderful strawberries and sat on the wall edge close to the “spring” inside the market.  We had a look in some more shop and then we decided to go back to the hotel, no problems to get a taxi, quite a few outside the main entrance. Our taxi driver wasn’t a people person. *smile

Back at the hotel, was time to get some coffee and cake from the “Aroma” Cafe across the street. A few hours to spend with feet up, post card writing and a nap. Our last dinner we had at “Blue Water Grill” by Union Sq – Excellent fish and seafood … taxi to the restaurant, another ignorant driver … but we took the Subway back to the hotel without going in the wrong direction. Couldn’t just be bothered with another NYC cab driver.

It was very sad to walk from Grand Central Station along 42nd Street to our hotel for the last time, even if I don’t love NYC – I always have a fantastic time when I visit.

“There is something in the New York air
that makes sleep useless.”
Simone Beauvoir

yellow cab


41 thoughts on “we are back in nyc

  1. Thank you for sharing your photos and tales of NYC Viveka. I’m still looking forward to my visit, whenever that is! This time around I spent New Year in Maryland with my new man. Next time my visit to the States will be to NYC I think.

  2. Wow. This is an amazing write up Viveka! It’s been a very long time since I visited NYC (I was only a child… it’s been 20 years!) and my memories are very fuzzy. Your post definitely makes me want to ensure that I get back there in the near future! Love the stories of the Chelsea market. Sounds like an incredible place to visit. Oh, and re your ‘sorry ass’? You’re allowed to feel mopey at times! Hugs xx

    • Bebs, how are you doing in the freezing Chicago … what I understand you have really got the chill – don’t envy you now.
      Stay safe and warm, please.
      And I prefer Chicago to NYC – but I agree that NYC has a lot more to offer. I hope you will have a chance to go back.

  3. i must say that made me a bit hungry … and seeing the warm weather was perfect because NYC is currently getting a blast of bitter cold. … Plus, i did notice the empty plate!

  4. What interesting writeup and pictures . . . I have in New York been so many times but most of the places you have described were then not on the list to see . . . different times, different choices , , ,in many ways a pity . . . don’t think I have ever been to a market or a food store, somehow one began the days on restaurant seats 😉 !

    • I think NYC always have something new to offer … I always meet a new NYC every time I visited, but it has been a couple of years in between my visits.
      Here is post about more interesting places to visit. http://wp.me/p293Pw-7th
      In NYC or anywhere in US my days always start on a restaurant seat … to get a fantastic American breakfast.

    • Rob, I think that when ever we visit NYC there will be something new to see … one of the reasons why I like NYC.
      It constantly changes. I think people that lives in NYC knows about all the fantastic places and things there is in their city.

    • Ohh …. you haven’t been there … I hope the NYC winter doesn’t stop you from visiting the High Line.
      I’m glad that I can give you a tip about NYC.
      I would love to visit the Park in early summer … because of all the flowers.
      Also I’m looking forward to your travel posts from NYC.

  5. I am glad to came back to NYC travel notes dear Viveka. But you can’t believe (but maybe you can guess) among all these beautiful photographs, one of them hit me! I loved it so much… it is the curtain photograph, white leaves with beads… it was amazing… Thank you, as always you almost took us to the dreams… Love, nia

    • Maja, naturligtvis gör du det ….. och då vill jag höra allt om din upplevelse. Ligger inte så långt borta och inte så dyrt heller med Norwegian.

  6. New York is an absolute favorite city of mine.. and I, too, remember being moved to tears when viewing the Trade Towers area. My husband and I watched a movie called Remember Me, it was sad but showed how every life in that disaster was such a huge loss. Anyway, I will have to go back, you’ve shown me places I’ve never been! xx

  7. New York is a must see for everyone. I was fortunate to go with an acquaintance and a few years ago. We stayed in a hotel right by Grand Central Station. I have a couple of posts about it. So much fun! 🙂 Glad you had a good time. 🙂

    • Maybe we stayed at the same hotel, there isn’t that many hotels … it has changed owner and now called Westin Grand Central.
      I have a good time where ever I go … most times. NYC is hard to not having a great time with.

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