milk steamed mussels on the beach


Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 30,
08003 Barcelona, Spanien
Telefon: +34 932 25 12 72 – booking recommended
Mediterranean and Seafood
$$$ – Prices : €30-45/$40-53/£25-34/SEK260-345

Does the idea of sitting back on a terrace on the beach, enjoying splendid Mediterranean seafood, from steamed mussels, grilled turbot with noodles cut from squid, to a thick steak with red wine gravy sound good to you????

Had my best ever steamed mussels at “Agua”, the secret our waiter told us was that they where steamed in milk. Can still feel the flavour and smell when I think about that dish.

We took the bus 59 – from Las Ramblas, by La Boqueria (the beautiful public market) to the stop Hospital del Mar and from there is it only 2 min walk to the restaurant. 30 min in total. With the underground you have to take L4 from Passeig de Gràcia with direction La Pau – but there is a lot more walking involved.

Their terrace is just on the beach with the most stunning view over the Mediterranean ocean, the evening we were there was beautiful and the terrace was packed to the rim, so we got a table inside and 45 min later we where very happy to be indoors because a heavy rain arrived that last for hours.

There was one problem with the restaurant – when ordered a taxi (because of the heavy rain) we waited downstairs (only waiting area) and with the entrance being upstairs on street level – somebody else took our taxis time after time. In the end we gave up and with the casino next door, we got a taxi quite quickly.

“Frommers say about Agua.
It bustles, it’s hip, and it serves well-prepared fish and shellfish in a hyper-modern setting overlooking the Vila Olímpica beach. A terrace beckons, but if a chilly wind is blowing, retreat into the big-windowed blue-and-yellow dining room and order heaped portions of meats and fish to be grilled over an open fire. Favorite choices include pollo (chicken), pez espada (swordfish), gambas (prawns), and an especially succulent version of calamares rellenos (stuffed squid). They are served with as little culinary fanfare and as few sauces as possible, allowing the freshness and flavor of the ingredients to shine through. Risottos, some studded with fresh almejas (clams) and herbs, are usually winners, with vegetarian versions.”

”Agua” is part of the successful Tragaluz chain: synonymous of quality somebody has said.

Hopefully I will be able to go back to Barcelona again … one of my favorite European cites. And when I do – “Agua” is on the bucket list.

“Seafood makes you live 10 years more.”
Kevin Steele

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32 thoughts on “milk steamed mussels on the beach

  1. The place by the beach looks great. We’ve spent there some lovely December days (a couple of years ago) and your blog post reminds me how much I want to go there again!!! 🙂 Have a good week, my dear xo 🙂

      • I know what you mean. I have enough of my own health problems so I understand what you are going through. I don’t much like pain either, but as you say, sometimes there isn’t much you can do about it so you have to learn to live with it. I can only hope you find some moments of respite. Look after yourself my dear friend.

      • Ishaiya, today has been a terrible day – so sore and I have stuffed mysel with lucky pills … I really have a hard time just now.
        Yes, pain … is something I always been afriad of .. but my cancer journey have me a high pain stress level. You do the same .. look after yourself. Thanks for your support.

    • I know, it was a bit annoying at the time, but we could had walked over to the casion in an earlier state … but we didn’t see the casion while waiting downstairs. It didn’t spoil our evening as such.

  2. You have a fine memory. I could not remember details like that, like all I could say is I have been to the Ramblas but ask me what streets we took I wouldn’t know. Unfortunately my Mom and I never saw the ocean when we went there. Next time. That langostinos must be very sweet.

    • I have been in Barcelona 4 times .. so I know the city pretty well. That is quite an art to miss the ocean being in Barcelona; it’s just in the end of Ramblas … sandy beach in the city center nearly. I really hope there will be a chance for you to go back .. fabulous city. I have a great memory when it’s great dishes I had. Also I write down all meals when I travel.

  3. Oh, may I childishly say ‘yum’ and just order a large bowl of the mussels [can’t imagine them cooked in milk as I always seem to reach for the white wine 🙂 !] and a plate of the squid noodles . . . I would be very happy indeed!!!!

    • Edh, I was very surprised when our waiter told me milk, but there was white wine in them too and some secret spice. One of the dishes that will always stay with me.
      Had some fantastic meals in Barcelona – one of the best .. the restaurant don’t excite anymore. Going to go back down my restaurant memory lane.

      • Lovely lady . . . thank you for your answer, but may I please correct my name ~ it is ‘Eha’ which romatically means ‘last light of day’ in Estonian!! [am an Estonian-born Australian}

      • So sorry … about spelling your name wrongly. I never checked my spelling, Eha. So sorry.
        You’re a far from home. Nice meeting you.

    • Wendy, I’m sure there was more to them than milk .. but the waiter only mention the milk when I asked him. Sure there was some wine in them too. What ever – the best mussels I eaten so far.Please, keep me posted about your trail. *smile

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