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You that knows me well knows that I’m not a believer or put my faith into someone I don’t even know excites, but I accept everybody else’s beliefs and faith. Don’t trying to mocking anyone’s beliefs, so long we are comfortable and happy in where ever our faith lays.
But I do believe in people that make a difference to others – and they are all over the world where they are needed, hands on.

My hometown Landskrona is a small town on the South West coast of Sweden, nearly 39.000 people live here. It’s a beautiful town with the ocean on its doorstep, beautiful parks and just big enough for everyday life.

Landskrona doesn’t have the greatest of reputation; it has been gang shutting, honour killings, and murders through the years. Landskrona has a lot of “New Swedes” – immigrants from all over our troubled world .. and of course different religions will cause tension too.

Things has happen during my 5 years living here now – but I have never been afraid of something should happens to me and I can walk after dark without anyone bothering me. I feel very safe, but after living 10 years in Belfast …

My little town, our county and Sweden has great everyday heroes, the silence ones .. that I found an article about in our local newspaper – people that makes a difference every day to somebody, home and abroad. Not all here on my list comes from Landskrona and Skåne, but 97% of them.

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1. Simon Warfving, 17 years – collect money to his deported friend.
His friend Daff was going to be deported back to Uganda – and he started the “Daff-group” that has together collected enough money for Daff to stay in school and somewhere to live.
2. Missing Dogs – an organisation that are looking for missing or stolen dogs. All members are voluntary and works 24/7. A world wide origination.
3. Henrik Vedelstad, cycling to Paris to help in the flight against cancer. He as 300 reasons for that tour – because that is how many children are being diagnosed with cancer every year here in Sweden. A total of 1250 cyclists from all over the world is in this event. All participants’ pays for their own expensive and the money they raise will go against research for brain tumours and siblings support. Last year the race the organizers raised in a total of 18 million SEK.

4. Kerstin Hallen, teach new arrivals Swedish. She teaches them before they have been accepted into Sweden for good – because it’s a very slow process at times. She works for the Swedish Red Cross.
5. Josefin Talja, helps homeless. She is the initiator of the association “Frozen Souls” – just before Christmas they did a collection of warm clothing, hygiene products and shoes in Malmö. Talja raised the awareness for the collection over her FB page and people came even from Denmark with items. The next day everything handed them out to needed.
6. Anton Johansson, makes it possible for children to walk.
He has been working as orthopaedic engineer at Kristianstad’s Hospital, but also helped children in Haiti after the last earthquake. He are also involved in a project in South Africa. He provide the children with leg prostheses with 7 joints.

7. Jakub Luszczynisk, helps children with their mathematics.
Jakub works in an organiztion called the “Counting Cottage”. He have now started his own company. “Counting Cottage” is found all over Sweden and was founded by Johan Wendt left a high paid engineering job because he wanted to make a difference. Today he runs the non-profit organization, which provides free homework help to 4000 Swedish schoolchildren.
8. Stubbe Wahlberg, works against bullying.
He holds lectures, TV-interviews and music events to raise awareness. 4 years ago he started a non-profit music association together with his best friend. Stubbe was bullied himself in school.

9. Alexandra Rönnängsgård, give support to cancer sick.
She give information and support – but also a part of support and training programs with information about rehabilitation for sick and relatives. She are supported by Lund’s University Hospital.
10. Andreas Strand, gives tattoo money to Childhood Cancer Foundation.
One of his friend’s children was diagnosed with cancer and that made Andreas give some of his income that he has from being a Tattoo Artist.

This is only 10 out of 20 … so there more to come – because this is my heroes too. I just think this is so amazing … people that works unconditionally to help others. They all make me believe in that we can get a better world – and that we can all make a difference to someone everyday, a smile can be enough.

Thanks for given this post your time – you have touched my heart.

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man,
but he is brave five minutes longer.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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43 thoughts on “everyday heroes, part 1

    • Thank you so much for supporting the post – I just think that they are so amazing and I’m happy the the local press has put them in the limelight.

    • Colleen, sorry I have missed your lovely comment … I was thinking about your comment a while back about that our world isn’t that bad after all – but nobody shouts high enough about the good, when I did this post. So you have a big part in this post and the next one to come.

      • 🙂 I am honored. So very honored for you to say that. I just read something else today where someone broke down in to numbers the good people ‘vs’ the bad apples out of the billions of us. Good will always out shine the bad, but the bad will always get the press. But if we were inherently evil as humans we would have wiped ourselves out long long ago. I so believe that. I look forward to your post!

      • It’s so true what you are saying …. There is more good than bad, but it’s the media that brings us all the bad. The reason why I don’t read any newspapers – I only watch the news I on TV and that is not very often. Because they don’t bring any joy neither.
        We have taken violence into our homes as entertainment and I truly think that affects our minds big time. We need sunshine stories to keep our faith alive.

    • Bebs, that was my thoughts too .. when I did this post and the one to follow. We don’t scream high enough about the good people around us. I’m sure that we all have hereos in our everyday.

  1. A beautiful post of everyday heroes. They aren’t pop stars, politicians, sports personalities, or any other big name, but people in our midst living for humanity. Every town has them … so cheers to those in Landskrona.

  2. Love the post! An inspiration to others all over to know they can make a difference in so may different ways . . and then go out and do so!!

    • Edh, thanks for taking the time to read and to comment – I think they are worth to be in the limelight. There many of them out there, that we will never know about.

  3. This is a very touching post Viveka… nice to hear there are still people in the world that care about others… they truly deserve a bit of a share on you blog… wonderful…

  4. Another beautiful post, how beautiful you are dear Viveka, Thank you, it is so nice to know that good things happening and good people still there are… Thank you, love, nia

    • Nia, yes … it’s lovely that the local newspaper has published their work – we are also going to vote for the one that we want to be the everyday hereo of the year – but I think they are all worth to be that.

    • Wendy, thank you so much for supporting this post – there is another one to come. I really think those people and so many young, is worth a lot of screaming about. *smile

  5. I think it should be one of the most important duties for media to give the people positive news, to give ordinary people space and credit for the wonderful things they do every day. They are everywhere, those good people, but what’s reported about are only the worst things that happen in our society. This brings us all down – elderly people dare not go out alone after dark (maybe seldom before dark ether…), and they get the wrong idea about young people too.

    Long ago I stopped buying those evening papers, because their focus on disasters and accidents and burglars a.s.o just kept me depressed. Your post is wonderful in many ways, Viveka! You are one of the lights in our society!

    • A-C, I don’t even by a daily newspaper, because there is never any great news … I want news I look at TV – not much fun there neither.
      I think there is much great people out there helping and support those that really needs help and I think it’s great that our local newspaper has highlighted some of the locals heroes, the unknown. A new post tonight.
      Thanks, for your support.

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