scenes from a marriage …. gustaf and anna, part 8

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After several weeks of feeling lousy and in pain, Gustaf decided that he should finally see a doctor. He asked his wife, Anna, to join him. So after waiting for an hour, they entered the room of the specialist recommended by their friends.

The doctor examined Gustaf for more than a half hour, took blood test, x-rays and poked and prodded every available spot on his body.

After waiting an hour, the doctor asked Anna to come in to his office to speak privately.

“What Is It??” Anna asked

“Well, there is good news and bad news”, said the doctor. “Your husband has a very rare disease, that if he gets very stressed is most likely to become fatal.”

“Well, Whats the good news??” asked Anna.

“Practice has shown that if you, as his wife, make sure that his life is stress free, he can go on living a very healthy, normal life. What this means on a practical level is that you have to pamper him and do what he wants. If he gets upset, agree with him. Cook him his favorite foods regularly. Don’t argue with him, even when you know you are right. Let him always think he is right and always be respectful of him. Be available regularly in the romantic department and fulfill all his wishes.”

Stunned, Anna leaves and heads to the reception room, where Gustaf was impatiently waiting.

“So….” Gustaf asked, “What did the doctor tell you?? ”

“You’re gonna die!”

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“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful.
It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”
Isaac Asimov

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  1. Oh Viveka ~ the very best for the New Year: may it bring what you need and want!! And clicking onto your post I have to admit I did not expect this New Year laugh either 🙂 !

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