weekly photo challenge – beginning

Copenhagen airport breakfast

At first I couldn’t get my head around this challenge – but for me as a chef of course beginnings has to be about breakfasts. I just love my breakfast. I really looking forward to every breakfast I have, home and away. The highlight of everyday, breakfast is the beginning of everyday.

Something I learned to enjoy while working in UK, before that I only had a cup of coffee in the morning. And I must say I’m a much happier person since I start eating breakfast.

My breakfast on my own is nearly the same everyday; big mug of coffee with warm milk, small glass of my favorite juice and mostly a sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato, sliced red onion and fresh basil. Lately I have starting eating it bed … watching some silly reality show, love it.

On the first day of the year I go the opposite – then I indulge myself with Egg Benedictine with grilled bacon, wilted fresh spinach and some chilled nice champagne – afterwards coffee and truffles.

When travelling – breakfast can be anything I fancy … love the American breakfast – love French toast … love the fresh fruit salad .. muffins .. pancakes  .. name and I eat it. Same in UK – full English every morning at the hotels .. it’s like eating dinner 9am, but nothing can beat it. And the lush Germany hotel breakfast buffets – with everything under the sun! Then Denmark with their view on breakfast; a warm Danish pastry, ice cold snaps and a cigarette. Nothing for me, so I stick with the warm Danish.

So this is a gallery of breakfasts that I have eaten home and away, breakfasts dishes I have served guests at home ..

“A woman is as old as
she looks before breakfast.”
E. W. Howe

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3 egg omelet


44 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – beginning

    • Yes, our lives start all over every morning … I don’t know how I manage before I learned to eat breakfast.
      You know me – I love colors … and especially early in morning.

  1. For me its Fibre One and skimmed milk. If I ate any of those breakfasts regularly I would be fatter than a house. II love English breakfasts too but not since they added baked beans, never used to have that when I lived there. I hate canned baked beans

    • And I love them, never had them before I move over there, I can eat them for dinner. I totally agree with you that if I eat breakfast like this everyday – I would be massive … but when on holiday I don’t care, but I very seldom each lunch as such.

  2. This time I cannot look at your pictures, they make me too hungry and I have just gone back to a bit of more serious Metabolic Balance, trying to loose a couple of “Marzipan-pounds” 😉 xo Take care! 🙂

    • *laughing …. Marzipan pounds … I understand, I didn’t eat that much sweet during the festival season .. expect the truffles and I eat them all by myself. Don’t have clue what Metabolic Balance, but it sounds boring.
      Good luck to you. *smile

      • Thank you! I still have Marzipan in the cupboard – can’t get myself to throw it out. Maybe I’ll have some Sunday in a week, if I’ve been good, as a little treat to myself 😉 ?
        I’ll write a little bit about Metabolic Balance some day…it’s actually pretty good, if you stick to the foods that are good for your body. 🙂

      • I looked it up with help of my PA, Google … I can see there is loads of beans .. and stuff – my back part will love that *smile – I suppose what you do with all diet .. it’s what we do with.
        I just love Marzipan.

      • 😀 You make me laugh, my dear! No, not just beans for me, as a matter of fact I hardly eat them. For me it’s presently more apples, almonds, sun flower seeds, potatoes, eggs, salad, tomatoes… and MAYBE a piece of dark chocolate with my coffee…and if I feel I’ve been really good, I’ll eat my Marzipan, too 😀 Yummy!!!

  3. You know, I never think about photoing what I eat for breakfast. You’ve shown it can be as appealing as any other meal. Good work with the camera.

    • Lulu, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I think it’s because I enjoy my breakfast so much … where I’m and normally I make a combined post about all breakfasts I had during my trip, if it’s not included.

  4. That souffle looks divine! I used to just grab a coffee before leaving for work myself, but can’t do without a substantial breakfast anymore. I actually started losing weight when I started eating more first thing! Lovely images as always Viveka.
    Wish you a happy, healthy, pain free year ahead 🙂

    • Madhu, I was the same .. when I started to eat proper breakfast I lost weight too. Now I get all cranky if I dont get time for a relaxed breakfast.
      Have a good day today, I think I have to arrange my life around the problem, but its so painful at times and I’m not great on handling pain. *smile

  5. oh my goodness! I’ll take one of each please. I too am struggling with this challenge. I may not come up with anything. but I sure enjoyed yours! Bravo!!

    • Thank you for our nice comment. Sometimes when I’m struggling I ask Google for help. Good luck to you, I’m sure you will come up with something.

    • The eggs I had on New Years Day … and the fruitsalad a part of a breakfast I had in NYC last year. They truly know how to do fruitsalads. *smile

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    • I just love the quotes, because it’s spot on. A friend of mine she went up every morning before her husband to put her face on. I don’t think he seen her without make up ever for the first 15 years of their marriage. She stay in bed those days. I thought of her when I found the quote. *laughing
      There is lot of colors in a great breakfast .. and colors make great shot. Thanks for you lovely comment.

    • Janet, I don’t know what happen here – I answered your comment, but it hasn’t registered????? Because I don’t really understand what you mean with the WordPress isn’t clickable ???? Sorry for this delay.

      • I’m not sure now but for awhile WP was acting up and “like” buttons wouldn’t load and allow someone to click them and other oddities. Seems to have been fixed now, thankfully.


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  9. Gorgeous Viveka! I enjoy as well as you a good breakfast! I love English breakfast or American breakfast… I´m keen of Egg Benedectine but my favourite is the Andalucian breakfast (desayuno andalúz) toasted Mollete´s bread with freshly grated tomato seasoned with extra virgin oil olive and salt. it´s simply the glory. Have a happy year!!

    • Thank you so much … for the nice comment. I don’t think I ever had Andalusian breakfast – don’t even think I been to Andalusia. Been to Barcelona and Seville.
      Sounds delicious .. and easy enough to do – I’m sure it goes on any bread. Thanks for the visit and – only the best for 2014. *smile

  10. Lovely, Viveka! Every one of them…I agree on the necessity of a substantial breakfast – but I’m afraid I don’t have them working days…only weekends. And English breakfast – the full – is marvellous. Works magic so I do not get hungry until late evening. When I retire… I will make full English breakfast every morning!

    Pictures – make me hungry…Quote – make me laugh! well done!

    • Full English I have quite often for dinner, with boild potatoes. Love it. Yes, when I worked I had full breakfast every morning when I travel with our ferries and I last until dinner.
      I love the American Style breakfast too .. with the French toast, never done that at home … maybe I should, same as our “Fattiga Riddare” – mums.
      Thanks for you nice comment.

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