review or forecast????

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After a couple of days of discomfort I have decided to try to come back to my old me … get off my “sorry ass” and be so normal as possible. *laughing Folks, that means a post with more than 500 words. Prepare and brave yourself!!!!!

Am I going to sum up 2013 or am I going to forecast 2014???!!! Personal I rather look ahead than go back to what has or didn’t happened. I have people to meet and places to see.

In overall 2013 wasn’t the greatest year for me, but it had a lot more ups than downs. Still have to finish my last post about my 6 months of ups and downs. But 2013 is behind me and I’m sure that 2014 will give me a bit of everything too. 2014 watch - wealthclasses com Of course I wish for world peace, but the reality is so massive and comprehensive. So much money and power-needs involved in the war machine – and in this sad case the money rules first of all .. and human suffering is not counted for at all it seams like. But I can’t change that – so I have put trust into those who can, but I don’t feel very comfortable about it.

So I will continue keeping an eye on “my” swan family, be nice to my neighbors, give my smile to people that don’t have a smile, give a compliment to a lady that wears something nice, keep on supporting “my” charity “facing the world”, support my friends and share time with them … maybe give a helping hand with somebody’s grocery bags and say hello to our bus drivers. But I will also speak my mind – and I will not agree with everything I hear, read or see. WorldPeaceWord - neoformix com What I notice during last year’s blogging when I raised some world problems nobody was really interested. Just wonder why – are we so sick and tired of what’s really goes on outside our own comfort zone and countries borders???? I can’t promise that I will not post an uncomfortable post again.

I will travel and travel a lot, because what 2013 taught me is that I will have the same healthy issues and discomfort if I’m at home or away somewhere nice. And of course with the nice UK pension lump sum in my account with Lloyds Bank, I will be able to travel more.

It will start off with a week in Stockholm, visiting my friend Anna-Liisa and enjoying Michael Bublé alive at Stockholm Ericson Globen, 23rd Febr – after the concert I will stay another day and meet up with a friend I haven’t seen for at least 7 years, Bodil.

In May, I have invited my friend Margeurithe and her partner, Bengt to Istanbul, 5 nights. I’m so excited over this trip. Have heard so much about Istanbul and I will now be able to see, feel and get my own memories, but also because I’m going to meet up with my blogging sister Nia@photographyofnia.

We are staying at the Peninsula Galata Boutique Hotel in the trendy Karakoy district, only 250 meters/280 yards from the Bosporus waterfront.

June, what I understand means cat sitting in Vienna … I love the little cat, love my friend’s apartment (especially their balcony). Robert & Carol, so take your time. *smile

This will also give me a chance to meet up with a very special lady, Dia@happyface313 and hopefully there will be a chance to more than one date.

Then in September is it time again for Chicago, this time in combination with Las Vegas over my birthday. I have invited Anna-Liisa on this trip. It is her wish to spend her 70th birthday in Las Vegas. Her birthday is in July and that means hot-Hot weather,  +90-100F is too hot for my  personal comfort. so we will go in September instead, a little less hot.

Anna-Liisa have to pay for our one way tickets to Las Vegas and the hotel there, the rest is on me. Have already booked our hotel in Chicago, was lucky to get a good rate again on Hyatt Regency Hotel, 5 nights at each destination.

It also looks like I will have a chance to have a date with Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC and hopefully even Bebs@Taking a Deep Breath, at least for a cup of coffee.

I would think that I will visit Belfast, Scotland and Dublin again in end of November, but maybe I move it to the beginning of January 2015. All depending on what show Cirque du Soleil will bring to Royal Albert Hall in January, but I will get that information in July this year.

I love London in January, because the whole city is on sale . 50% on shows (not Cirq) – 50% on great restaurants, hotels and of course all the sales in the shops. The weather is a bit iffy, but with the city on 50% discounts I don’t care. I also want to visit my goddaughter and her parents, Chloe, that lives outside Southampton. So if everything goes to plan I will go London-Belfast-Scotland and fly back home from Dublin. So a trip of looks to 20 days long – Love IT!

And if my “sorry ass” don’t want to come along – that is all fine with me. *laughing

After all this .. is it time to look forward to another new year. Time fly quickly when we travel. Only used 953 words, by the way.

“I am looking forward to getting to do things
I have never done before.”
Tony Danza

2015 - guggex ch

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29 thoughts on “review or forecast????

  1. What a marvelous post Viveka! Sharing your smile with people in need is rewarding and one smile almost always pays forward another! Congratulations on your pension and your year already planned! Impressive indeed and after your issues in 2013 this gives you something to look forward too! What an itinerary . Your comment about the state of the world did not go un-noticed but I feel that some things are best left for discussion offsite . I come here for the relaxation and enjoyment and not to debate !
    I look forward to reading about all of your adventures V !

    • Thank you so much for a magnificent comment – yes, for me the planning is a big part of the joy of travelling. I understand where you’re coming from when you say that you want to relax in your online world – and I’m the same, but sometimes there are issues that I that I want to put the spotlights on, nothing wrong with a debate neither.
      Of course there will be posts from my travel.

  2. Jiving music today, Viveka 🙂
    And definitely more than 500 words, this one!

    I think world peace is in more hearts than not, you know, which makes it not impossible.

    You sure do get around. Seeing Buble will be magnificent.

    Ah, wonderful vibe today 🙂 Have a great day, Viveka 🙂

    • Noeleen, I did this post quite late last evening … and just had to get back on track … again. It’s not really me moaning about not feeling well, nobody really wants to read about it.
      I was thinking about the line that all “Miss World” consents say .. I really want peace – but if the war machine stops we get economic crises nearly everywhere. So .. what chance do we have for peace.
      Looking forward to see Michael, so him 14 years ago in NYC before he had made it. Very young, but his voice was there.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago Viveka. When was the last time you were here? 2010? I am glad that you are looking ahead of 2014. The only best way to live.

    • No, I was in 2012 – during that heatwave just after the storm you had in the beginning of July. It’s so hot. .. *smile
      Then we have a date … wonderful. *smile

  4. Viveka – what a fabulous itinerary! You know how to live and live thoroughly! I hope there will be some room for the two of us to go at least to Copenhagen again? Or Humlebaeck for art? My job fills out every clear space there is, and my man is never at home…, but I do want us to have some outings if you can squeeze them in!
    I’m so glad you are on your way again – but I knew you would!

    • A-C, of course there will be time for us … we can go to that little Danish town/village .. what ever you fancy, I’m easy going and have plenty of time. Just tell me and I will be there. *smile
      I feel a lot better today, after this post … it got me back on track again. I don’t like when I feel sorry for myself. A lot less discomfort too today.

  5. You Busy-Bee, you are unbelievable! I envy the time you have for all the heavy traveling. ENJOY! And I am so much looking forward to meeting you in person in summer in Vienna 😀 Yes, and more than for only one coffee!!!
    Have a lovely evening xo 🙂

    • The same to you, Dia … yes, its going to be a hectic year … but on the other hand, I don’t have much more to do. I hope they were serious now when they ask, otherwise I go anyway .. because my mind is set on it.

    • Madhu, I’m sure I will have a great time … travelling is what we make it too. Istanbul am I so excited over. Been thinking about it for over a year now. Chicago is my favorite city, but been a couple of times .. Las Vegas first time, going to loads of fun, but Istanbul is going to be the highlight, I think.

  6. Wow- how fun to look forward to all these trips. We are just trying to put some plans together but it’s looking more like Florida to visit family and CA for a wedding:)

    I hear you on people not taking interest in world affairs and problems. I think it does have something to do with comfort zone and the audience we have here. Maybe it’s not lack of interest but not even knowing how to approach it or talk about it because they (myself included) are so removed from it and there is a feeling of powerlessness. And therefore an inability to converse. Just a thought…x

    • You have some interesting trips ahead of you too .. that will tell stories and give photos.
      I have never been to Florida, but planning a visit for 2015 – when I fly back from Lima.
      Wedding, can’t remember when I was at one the last time. You know in my age there is very few weddings and too many funerals *smile
      Wendy, I have a feeling that when things happen in US it gets all the attention, but if things happen anywhere else, the interest is a lot less.
      I’m a bit like you – feel so powerless … but if we don’t bring things up, there will never be a change. Maybe we can’t change the world, but we can have an opinion.
      Just a thought too. *smile

  7. I’m happy to know that you are looking forward to this new year and it sounds like an incredible year. I understand your wondering why people don’t want to comment on your world affairs issues. I truly believe we all care very much…it is just one of those subjects that people don’t feel comfortable sharing unless we are sharing our thoughts in person. I was taught that it was not polite to talk about politics and religion so that you would not offend anyone. 🙂

    • Karen, I think you’re right regarding the “world issues” – but there is nothing wrong with to have a view on things, but there is a place and time for everything.
      Yes, I hope I will get a great year this year … and I’m the one to make it happen.
      Loads of stories to tell … and loads of photos to be taken.
      Karen, I just wonder what is the closest airport to you????

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