welcome to my 2014

the best

My old year finished of with my neighbors mad firework display just on my doorstep … and  my first ice cream for 2014- that I served myself in one of my beautiful breakfast cups made by “Hutschenreuther” – I only have two … cost me two arms and a leg when I bought them 15 years ago. I think I fall to sleep just after 2am, watching some film from my bed.

So my first morning of this year started a bit late – didn’t wake up until 10.45am and The Vienna New Year’s Concert started 30 min later – that is always how my New Year starts – so the fastest leg first.
Because I needed my pancakes with grilled bacon and poached egg ready for the opening …
I was 5 min late for my seat in front of the 36”.
This is one of my highlights of my year …. The beautiful music, the flowers and the ballet, my breakfast and my champagne, this year I had my favorite, Taittinger.
And my brunch is always finished off with coffee and truffles and no change to this morning.

But after 1 hour in front of the TV I need to get on with my real life – so I started to iron on the same time as I was watching the concert – hate ironing, but it was very enjoyable today. Have a brand new steam station too – a Grunding, what a mean machine.

The concert and I had perfect timing because when they were playing “Radetzky March” I was ironing my last piece. A wonderful start of my first day on 2014 – not totally without discomfort, but filled with beautiful music, magical flower arrangements … cheeky and wonderful ballet costumes by Vivianne Westwood – my “sorry ass” wasn’t that palpable.

Vivianne creations

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – at least of the ones I have visit .. and when I walk amongst all stunning buildings and beautiful parks I can hear all the fabulous music in my ears.
Also I’m lucky that I have very good friends in Vienna, so when I visit my pillows are for free.
I don’t visit often enough. Last time I visit was a month before I was diagnosed with cancer , June 2010.
But my friends, Robert and Carol, and I have a bit of tradition – that nearly every New Year’s Eve we have been phoning each other. So we did yesterday too.

hate ironing

4 years ago they decided to take a little cat home that had been so terrible mistreated and abused by former owner, Fluffy. She is understandingly very shy and scared … but has become a bit better.

They now asked me if I could come and look after Fluffy while they are away in June – and of course I will. Don’t have a clue for how long, but who cares … I will be in Vienna.

brunch pancakes

Of course the cloud over this post has to be “An der schönen blauen Donau” – the waltz of all waltzes, by Johann Strauss II, composed in 1866. I had a magnificent start of my New Year and I hope You had the same.

Bring 2014 on!!!!

“Today, is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.”
Brad Paisley

66 thoughts on “welcome to my 2014

  1. Oh, yes! to everything!! I respond to the program and music just as you do – year after glorious year with them! Wonderful pix, mouth-watering food, ah! Enjoy Vienna – I’m envious. New Year hugs!

    • Mary, I’m totally with you … I don’t know for how many years I have enjoyed the concert and where ever I lived around the world. I think I missed in 1979 when I was in Antarctic and last year I missed half of it because I got the time wrong. This is the most wonderful way to start a new year.
      One day maybe to I enjoy it alive, but nearly impossible to get tickets. High on bucket list.

    • Trisha … my way to start my year … and done so for many years with indulgence and wonderful music. The ironing was new for this year. Easier to take on whatever may come my way then. .

  2. In style as usual! I love that music too and is always listening this day….Love Radetzky…1982 i was there for the ball, in the Palace, dancing to An der Schönen… 32 years ago. I still have the pictures – but is that really me?
    Lovely post, Viveka – as usual with the most wonderful music!

    • Wow, what an adventure … you’re a bit of a dark horse .. you carry some fantastic memories, love it. I have only been dancing to it .. at dancing school in Gothenburg.
      You know me …. I like to indulge myself at time, even if I have to do “homework” on the same time.
      I love Radetzky too, but I have use it last year. *smile
      32 years ago …. ????!!! You’re only 32!!!

  3. We started our day with the Neujahrskonzert as well – lovely!
    Can’t wait to meet you here in June – it’s already noted in my calendar 😉
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and a big hug xo 🙂

    • Dia, it was a fantastic concert this year … and I love Vivienne’s Scottish costumes, so cheeky … she did a brilliant job. But I didn’t like the taffeta gowns, the ballerinas didn’t have breasts to fill them out. Looked totally wrong.
      A magical show that Vienna gives us .. year after year, thank you so much.
      Yes, I’m so thrilled that they asked me … I hope it will happen too, otherwise I come anyhow. High time for Vienna.

      • You’re right. I was a bit astonished about the color selection of the taffeta gowns, thought they were way too bland and nothing to fill them 😉 The burgundy one was the nicest.
        But the checkered ones were beautiful – the little “duck”-behinds the female dancers were given in their little tutus. Excellent. Those costumes will be hard to beat!
        Great concert – lovely flowers – the “making of” was the best part, I thought 🙂 xo

      • Dia, sorry I have missed this comment of yours. I just loved the cheeky tartan costumes just like you. And it made the ballet dancers a bit cheeky and fun. Love the mens outfits too .. and I loved the polka dot gown in the waltz. Fantastic show this year, but I thought their was a lot less flowers or they had arrangement them in a different way. I remembered when I had my “boyfriend” in Monte Carlo, the toke me to San Remo to watch when they picked the flowers for Vienna, amazing. What a floral splendor it was.

  4. I watched that concert this evening, when I finally got to sit down today, Vivi 🙂 Those Westwood gowns! Last night I watched the fireworks over the Thames and they were pretty spectacular too 🙂
    Now my Christmas tree is down, I’ve read through all the cards again, cooked a meal for Dad and the family and it’ll soon be time to go. But not before I admire your “gracious living”! Such a stylish way to spend a morning 🙂 Usually my tree is up till 5th January but I’m hoping to see a Parade of Kings for Epiphany on that day. Big hug! Back on 14th 🙂

    • Jo, I know you delight yourself just now … and so you should. Didn’t know that you’re going to Algrave now, but good for you.
      I will keep up my window lights a bit longer this year, it’s so grey and dull everyday, we need more light. Christmas tree I haven’t had since I was a child. I adore others, but nothing I would put afford into and if I had one it has to be the real thing – that means all my green plants will be more or less … after New Year.
      Delight yourself … and I will be here when you return.
      Hugs … in case you need some … down there. *smile

    • Stephen, thanks a million for your lovely comment. New Years Day has always been special to me ad an adult .. so then I indulge myself and those that spend it with me, but it’s a day I prefer to be alone. Very funny … at time, in my way of thinking. *smile
      Happy New Year to us both!!!!

  5. What a wonderful New Year Day for you Viveka. Your food are way too delectable plus with the wonderful Blue Danube, uhm, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I wish you the best this coming year, cheers to good health!

    • Bebs, thank you so much … New Years Day has always been a day I totally give to myself .. and my favorite day of the year really, but I don’t give much for New Years Eve.
      I’m glad that I don’t have to go … to work, anymore – don’t miss is at all, but I miss the every day social life that comes with it. Good luck with 2014!

  6. What a wonderful way to start the year. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and champagne, yum! and beautiful music for the soul. Wishing you a fabulous year, at home, in Vienna, where ever life takes you. Love Carol

    • Carol, thank you so much – yes, this year will be travelling quite a bit, because my health issues is the same if I stay at home … or somewhere exciting.
      This New Year breakfast has been a tradition for me .. since at least 20 years back, expect when I been working. This my way to indulge myself and give my new year a delightful start.

  7. Härligt Viveka! Du ger inspiration som den livsnjutande livsbejakare Du är.
    Önskar Dej det bästa av 2014 ! Kramar!

    • Älskade Vännen, tack för Ditt fantastiska stöd och för att Du är Du.
      Nyårsdagen har alltid varit mycket speciell för mig – då njuter jag på mig. Massor … av ….

  8. What a brilliant start to the New Year for you Viveka… our party started at noo on the 31st and ended at 6 PM on the 1st… with just too much to eat and no time to sleep… hit the bed last night and slept for 13 hours… but it was a great way to bring in the New Year with a sheep on the spit (done by me) and all that goes with it… had a great time…

    • Hello, some party animal you are … I know that you don’t drink, so it must have been a brilliant party. I don’t drink much and already in the early evening people start to derail … and then I wish I was drunk too. *smile I have always said that if doesn’t include some kind of suffering the day after – the evening before has been wasted. *smile
      A fantastic ending and a gentle beginning .. just what I wished to us all. *smile

  9. I’m so glad that you treat yourself to those lovely things you’ve posted here. Hope we’ll be able to hear from you while you’re in Vienna. Sounds great.

    • Lori, I’m sure that my friends has Wifi today .. but I know they have a PC – so I will of course share my visit.
      I really hope it comes to the cat sitting now, because I really want to go back to Vienna.

    • Thanks. Sherry … yes, the cat is so afraid of people .. and I offered my services last time I was visiting … looking forward to it. A fluffy thing just like yours.

  10. What a lovely start to the year Viveka – the breakfast looks fab, an invitation, beautiful music and all washed down with some bubbles! Not sure about the ironing though! Happy New Year 🙂

    • Suzanne, the ironing down to that “sorry ass” wanted change of scenery. Have been poor the last two days.
      I didn’t drank a full bottle – then I couldn’t been able to take photos or write … only a airline size, but the photo is one of my full size bottles. I don’t drink much, but I love a chilled glass or two of champagne.
      Happy New Year … to us, both!

  11. Your start to the New Year sounds delightful. I hope each coming day is just as nice for you during the year. I’m looking forward to all your lovely photographs in the days ahead.

    • Karen, sorry … missed your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words … I suppose 2014 is going to be what I make it into. If I want to sit at home and feel sorry for myself, it’s not going to be a great year .. I’m sure. So I will make the most of it, but I think I have to learn to live and arrange my life around my discomfort. I will have my dark moments at times. Maybe I will come and knock on your front door .. one day. I really would love that. *smile

  12. Happy New Year to my favorite Swede!

    Fireworks to ice cream to pancakes, bubbly, music, and more .. sounds delightful. … for us, it was an evening of ballroom dance with friends.

  13. Sounds like a very good tradition. Ice cream, pancakes, champagne, music – a great start to the year- every year. Hope your bum gave you a little break to enjoy. Happy New Year once more.. x wendy
    Ps- I will have to send you a pic of the very large, framed L’Instant Taittinger poster on my wall. Very fine choice.

    • I just love …. Taittinger, had it for the first time at Landmarks Hotel in London, the big luxury hotel where I got a free weekend. Yes, please send me the photo … or why not make a post about it. Was going to make your ricotta pancakes today, but my supermarket didn’t have any cheese.?????!!!!

  14. Happy New Year, Viveka. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the first morning of a new year. I used to watch the same program from Vienna when I lived in Switzerland. Wish they would show it here in Texas!

    • Thanks, it’s something I made into a tradition while living in UK – and on News Eve I always enjoyed the magical fireworks from London on TV. Nobody does New Years firework like London does. Not even Sydney. *smile
      The concert is a must to get a great start on the new year. I thought US was broadcasting too.

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