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Swan cute

I don’t know if all you know that in UK the Queen is the guardian of all wild swans …. a lovely thing. Not because I’m some Queen in any shape or form, but I have made myself to the guardian of the swan family in one of our beautiful parks.

Since I moved to Landskrona in 2009 I have kept an eye on them – and if there has been anything not right I have contacted the council vet and they have always kept me update with the progresses, truly fantastic service.

Daddy Swan have a problem with his leg for over a year now, but he is able to walk up on land and swim, so they haven’t done anything about this. A couple of months ago one of the young ones had problem with one wing – first they said that they had noticed it and had a look at him and they thought he would manage without them interfering.

They were going to keep an eye on him … a week later I got a mail telling me that he has now been taken into care, because he had lost so much in weight – the wing was really irritating him.

So my entry is all about “my” swan family, even if I haven’t travelled to keep an eye on them. Hope I’m forgiven, because they are so stunningly beautiful in all ages.

“Being born in a duck yard does not matter,
if only you are hatched from a swan’s egg.”
Hans Christian Andersen

pond view

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24 thoughts on “travel theme: birds

  1. What beautiful pictures Viveka, I love them all! Such beautiful creatures. I had no idea that the Queen was the guardian of wild swans. I agree, it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing these lovely creatures with us xx

    • Laura, I have just been informed that the Queen owns all the swans in England. They are truly beautiful and I can sit and watch them for hours, specially when the “chicks” are young. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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    • Thanks, Jo – it’s a no sweat job. But it can be a bit difficult at times, because they are all over the park … and sometimes only the adults are there … sometimes only one of them. Don’t have a clue where they go.

  3. Swans are such beautiful graceful birds… wish we had them here in their natural habitat instead of in enclosures… they must be magnificent to see swimming about on rivers…

    • I’ve always loved swans too Viveka and am delighted you are keeping an eye on these. Napoleon’s wife Josephine also loved swans. The Queen actually ‘owns’ all the swans in England

      • Jo, thanks for the … informtion about the Queen, I was told she was the guardian – how can anyone own a wild bird????? I think I like guardian better *laughing
        I think swans are loved by nearly everyone. Just because of their grace and beauty.

    • I think you have told me before that you down have any wild swans … as you said they are so graceful and beautiful, but they can be very aggressive – just like turkeys. And they can run when they are mad. Was chased by a upset swan many years ago when I was walking my dog as a puppy. And they can bite too. *smile

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    • Wendy, I’m sure there is more than me keeping an eye on them … and I have made myself their guardian.. but I never feed them – a bit strange behavior on my behave, but there is so many that feeds them.
      They are such a beautiful bird.

  6. What a fine thing you are doing! You set an example for us all. It’s easy to look around and see someone or something that needs attention. That’s what it means to be “civilized”. On this last day of 2013 I send fond wishes for your 2014.

    • *smile … my mum always put animals first and she said so many times that she loved animals more than she liked humans – I have been sitting in a great knee through all the years.
      It cost so little to deal a number .. when we see something is wrong – doesn’t matter if it’s regarding an animal or a human. Happy New Year and only the best for 2014.

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