weekly photochallenge – joy

Joy, this was bit difficult for me …. because I don’t really take my camera with me to parties or other events where people around me are gay and happy. So how will I describe joy??????

I have never had any children of my own – totally by choice – I like children, but not babies.   Why I don’t like babies is that I can’t interact with them and I don’t get any response from them. It doesn’t mean that I dislike them, more that I don’t feel comfortable around them … even if I have been working with babies for nearly a year many years ago – on the preterm ward at Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset in Gothenburg, but that was a totally different matter for me.

In my age means more funerals than weddings … so when my friends in Scotland got their adorable little son, he became my private joy. His name is Lewis and today he is 19 months old and a bundle of joy for everyone around him. We have only met twice.

We call him my nephew and then I’m his auntie, even if he has real ones. And we “love” each other dearly and deeply. He thinks I’m fun to have around and we both love our olives. Here he is …. MY PRIVATE JOY!

“Be happy, and a reason will come along.”
Robert Brault

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54 thoughts on “weekly photochallenge – joy

    • Colleen, I hope so … he is so easy to have around, He just all over the place and always smiling. Hopefully he will come and visit me next summer – at least they are thinking about it.

      • They have been over … I was nearly the first one to know they … that they where expecting, but it didn’t end lucky that time. So they know what to expect.
        My landlord has guest apartments that we rent for about $45 per night and sleeps four. So they can have their own space.

      • Yes, this guest apartment … brilliant, because so many of their tenants are immigrants so they have loads of relatives that are visiting.

    • Sylvia, he is a small BIG darling … and I think I will find more joy in him … than him in me through the years. I love that song too. Lucia’s version is so fantastic.

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  3. To have a private joy like Lewis must be no less than wonderful – I can see that! I bet you go so well together. His eyes are telling the story. And, I love that quote too…

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    • Yes, he was a bit cheeky in the bath – his eye are always so happy … and full of “up to no good”. *smile
      And he loved the camera already then, he was only 7 months on that photo.

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  8. Aw Wivi…just read your blog and listened to Nat and Fi is crying!! Thank you for saying so many lovely things about our precious boy….he loves his Auntie Wivi lots and lots. Loads of love from us three. Ps… You seem to have a lovely group of friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Will be in touch soon with more photos of golden boy! Xxxxx

    • Fiona, you know that he just have to look at me … and I melt like ice cubs on a hot stove.
      We are all very luck to have him in our lives and I’m so happy for every hour I get with him. I wonder if I say the same thing in 15 years time! *laughter.
      Lots of love … to you 3 … and the cat too. *smile

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