time for some christmas anti-stress

I came across a video when visiting  “THESEEKER’s” blog on Saturday and I think this so brilliant, so I just have to pass it on to the rest of you that haven’t seen it before. This is not same video – but just the same.

Just what we all need now when Christmas is only days away, a big smile! I think we all are in need of some anti-stress. After all isn’t what Christmas is all about Joy and some Hallelujah!!!!

“Silence is a source of great strength”.
Lao Tzu

Featured photo provided by and thanks to facebook.com

30 thoughts on “time for some christmas anti-stress

    • Thanks, Jo …. all packed now for my days with friends and my sorry part is doing quite good this evening!
      I think this is so brilliant – the kids are so good .. and precise.
      So glad that you’re not stressed out .. take it easy and I see you after Christmas before the New Year. Time for bed now. A night hug comes here … a good one! *smile

  1. Brilliant. We’re not stress either but about a million people in the city are without power tonight. That’s stressful, especially now because the temperatures are going way down tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t lose our power.

    • Wow, without power is not great .. when ever it happens, but especially not during cold nights. I hope that you will have it warm and cozy soon. *smile 0.5 million that is a lot of people .. we were moaning when 17.000 was without power after the storms.
      I promise to hold everything I can for you.

    • Suzanne, so glad that so many of my on-line friends didn’t suffer of any Christmas stress …. I didn’t neither, but I was with friends.
      I wish you only the best for 2014!

    • Thank you so much …. no snow up here yet – not in the South of Sweden … it was -3 in Madrid the other day and -6 up by the Polar circle. Totally upside down.
      Wish you only the Best for 2014.

  2. Anti-stress is definitely a good theme for the moment Viveka! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I cannot wait to have some time to breathe. Sorry for being a little absent lately Viveka, I have had too much on my plate! Planning to read a few of your recent posts now though. Sending you a hug, merry Christmas and prayers for a calm and blessed new year ahead xxxx

    • Laura, don’t think about catching up with my posts … it’s a no winning situation – do like me … delete and start with the last one. Very nice of you to try to catch up, but to be honest it takes so much of our time.
      I hope that after all that stress … Christmas came to you in the nicest way.
      I wish you only the best for 2014…

    • Thanks for the treat – as I told you – it was just an amazing post. You are wonderful mad. Please, stay that way.
      A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

    • Ania, thank you so much for your kind words, so are you.
      I wish you a magical New Years Eve and … a great 2014 – and please don’t work that hard …. *smile

    • HjärteTack! Julen var mycket trevlig och Nyåret överlämnar jag till Proffsen. Kommer att vara ensam hemma på egen önskan. Önskar Dig och familjen ett riktigt härligt 2014.

  3. Vilken fin blogg du har!! Vi sitter här i Tomelilla och dricker kaffe och äter Bo Ohlsson skorpor. Bengt och Carl Olof spelar musik förfullt. Ha en trevlig kväll. Hälsar Maggan, Maria och Emelie

    • Hej, vad trevligt med svenskt besök ….. blev jätteglad över Erat besök. Tycker Ni skall besök min sida om mitt besök i Danmark – shades of grey with splashes of color.
      Ta det försiktigt med skorporna …. *ler … kram till Er all.

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