shades of grey with splashes of bold colors

one of my favorite

I don’t have a clue what has happen to our winter ?????!!!! December has been so mild – we had an extreme storm that cost material damage, injuries to nature and cost of lives – all in the name of “Sven” – when he left us we got 24hrs winter with hail, snow and chill. But after that nothing.
It’s like Spring in the air and that is no good for anyone, except for the council that don’t have to pay deep and dearly for snow removal. Winter should be winter.

It’s grey, dull and wet day after day and no white Christmas in sight for us here in the lower part of Sweden. Somebody has said that golfing has a bigger chance than skiing.

Last week was it time for my friend Iris and I to have our monthly “girly” day out and she came up with the idea to visit “ARKEN” in Ishøj, Denmark, To get some color splashes into our grey days.

My first visit to “ARKEN”, Museum for Modern Art – and niether had I heard about it before. It’s situated South of Copenhagen just on the sand dunes by Öresund water edge, just out in nowhere, about 20 min walk from Ishøj’s station- there is a bus connection between station and museum every 30 min. We walked there and took the bus back.

This aerial photo of the museum is not mine (thanks to – but I use it to show what a wonderful spot the museum is situated at.

arken - pleasure.borsen dk

ARKEN, Museum for Moderne Kunst (web site in English)
Skovvej 100,
2635 Ishøj, Denmark
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 10-17
Wednesday 10-21
Monday closed

Entrance Fee:
Adults: DKK 95/€13/£11/$17.50/115SEK
Students: DKK 75.*/€10/£8.40/$13.75/91SEK
Children (0-17): Free
Groups (min. 10): DKK 80/€10.75/£9/$14.70/96.50SEK
Members club: Free

Iris is a big fan of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Totally new to me.

“Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is an outstanding artist and a passionate power woman. Strong and independent, she is an inspirational role model. The exhibition offers a look at Kahlo’s oeuvre through a number of her most iconic self-portraits, drawings, pages from her diary as well as jewelry and dresses from her time. The works reflect her tragic life, embracing a horrible traffic accident and countless surgeries, tormented love for the artist Diego Rivera, affairs with both men and women, miscarriages and childlessness, as well as political activism.” (text;

Frida was involved in a car accident in 1954 and had severe injuries to her spine and uterus and it was then she started painting laying in her bed most of her time – it took years before she were able to walk again and of course those tormented years shows in her art.

I liked a few of her painting, the most interesting and impressive was made by her husband, Diego Rivera.

There was so much more interesting and wonderful art at the museum, so my little camera was busy.
Also a small, but stunningly beautiful exhibition by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (born 1957) -Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads from 2010. The work represents the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. As calendar signs, these animals have wide-ranging influence on everyday life in China.
In 2011 Ai was arrested and held without trial for 81 days. Today, he is still not free to leave his country.
By the way I’m born in the year of the Rat.

Of course there was time for some food too – the café’s menu was a bit strange and of course so close to Christmas it was influenced by Danish Christmas dishes, so we went for a plate with pickled herring with some freshly home baked bread and it was absolutely delicious.

It took me in total 2 hrs from Landskrona to get to Arken and we had to change train at Copenhagen Central Station, but didn’t have to wait long for connecting train. All worth – it really put some color into my weeks of grey dull days.

Between two trains at Copenhagen Central Station on our way back home I had time to buy probably the the best cake in the world; a potatoes cake (Dansih; katoffelkage) – a treat by the kitchen table 2 hrs later.

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism
that the world has known.”
Oscar Wilde

As cloud hanging over this post I have chosen Phillip Grass “Escape From Time” – because that was really what my day was all about.


20 thoughts on “shades of grey with splashes of bold colors

  1. It’s just as gray in Chicago. Yesterday they said there would be freezing rain so we canceled an appointment but I had to go out to get some cat litter. On the way back I dropped by a Polish bakery and their kolachky is so good, I wish I could have bought another dozen. Just like you, food makes those gray days bearable. Enjoy your cake.

    • No snow in Chicago neither – the weather is just getting more and more wired. Bebs, you know that a good cake full of goodness is the best treat for nearly everything. *smile
      I enjoyed my cake … very much, but I couldn’t have eaten another one .. the same evening, but for breakfast the next day no problem *smile

  2. Great shots, Viveka! I would have enjoyed this exhibition – love Kahlo. I also got a collection of poems by Ai Weiwei on my birthday. (Born the same year…) . Sounds like you had a great day this dreary December. Let’s hope for a white New Years Eve!

    • She was new to me and there wasn’t that much of her more bold and tormented art – very little, but some stunning art of her husband. I should have asked if you wanted to come along – next time .. second time you could have gone with us.
      I didn’t know that Ai was a poet too – his zodiac head was just fantastic – so beautiful.
      Let’s hope for snow anytime just now – so our days will get a bit brighter. *smile

  3. Looks like the perfect “girly” day! And isn’t weather just weird anymore? Can’t depend on anything “usual”. We have had almost a 12″ of snow but now it is all melting away…which makes everything look drab and ugly. Thank you for these pops of color!

  4. Thank you for the splash of colour, Vivi 🙂 What a coincidence that the statue by the entrance of your museum is exactly the same as one I featured from Chatsworth House. I found it a little grotesque but it was beautifully staged at Chatsworth.
    I ate too much yesterday! Just scrambled eggs for me, soon 🙂

    • Jo, had to go back and check … and right so – it’s the same sculpture. Yours looks so much bigger; just wonder who has the original sculpture, Denmark or UK. It’s called’ St Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain” and made by a British artist Damien Hirst finished in 2006, It says on Arken’s Hirst page that it’s the real deal .. and so on Chatswoth it says it’s a loan from private collection. Very strange … has he done 2??? Arken has a whole room of his bizarre art.

    • Yes, Iris is always up to something …. I would never come up with the idea to go all the way to Denmark to look at art.
      It was a brilliant day and intersting too.

  5. Wow. Amazing post, love the pictures! Funny to think that your winter has been mild this year. It’s been an extra hot summer here so far, there’s something strange going on with the weather 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed your day. It was a privilege to go on a photo-journey with you, despite being on the other side of the world. I had no idea that Frida Kahlo’s art was born from adversity, it was wonderful to get some perspective on her journey and personal torment. Life is very difficult isn’t it? The only redeeming fact is that as humans, we can learn and rise above the hardship with God’s help. Thanks for sharing this with us Viveka xx

    • Yes, my friend Iris has seen a lot of Frida’s art and she told me that most of her art is very tormented and scary, but they didn’t show any of those paintings. Wonder why.
      It looks like most big artists’ works .. art & music .. has come out of troubled times and feelings.
      I had a fantastic day!!!

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