who is to blame ???

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There was once a perfect man and a perfect woman.

They met and because their relationship was perfect they married.

The wedding was perfect and their lives as a married couple were also perfect.

One Christmas when it snowed much went the perfect couple car on a winding
road. Suddenly, they saw someone on the side of the road that had gone flat.

It was Santa Claus with a sack full of presents.santa_break -dyrsted dk

Because they did not want to disappoint the kids offered to ride the Santa Claus
with them, so he would have time to hand out the presents. And so began the
soon hand out presents.

But unfortunately the weather deteriorated and the three got into an accident.
Only one of the three survived. Who?

(Think first and then look for the answer below)

perfect woman - demotivationalpost com

Of course, survived the perfect woman.

She is the only one of the three persons who exists in reality.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus does not exist…
and …. what can you say about the perfect men!
For women, the story ends here. Men can read further.

santa-claus-accident - inboxity com

Bonus for men:

If not Santa Claus exists and not the perfect man neither!, it means that the woman was driving.

That explains the accident.
And one more thing: If you are a woman reading the end of the story so it proves that:
Women never do what they’re told 😉

“We are the perfect couple,
we’re just not in the perfect situation.

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26 thoughts on “who is to blame ???

    • Jo, thanks …. this week has I been at home – was outside Copenhagen .. looking at art on Tuesday.
      So glad that I’m invited to my friends over Christmas … otherwise I would feel very lonely, because I have always spent my free Christmas with mom.

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