a scene from a marriage ….. gustaf and anna, part 7

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Anna goes to her doctor for a checkup. After running some tests, the doctor recommends more cardiovascular exercise.
“Oh, I’m an old woman,” Anna protests. “I haven’t been able to get that much exercise for years.”
The doctor says, “It’s not as difficult as you might think. For instance, if you and your husband had sex three times a week, you’d be amazed how much that could help.”
Anna blushed. “Oh, I can’t tell him something like that, it’s embarrassing. Can you talk to him?”
“Sure thing.” The doctor goes out into the waiting room and finds Gustaf. “Sir, I’ve been talking with your wife about getting more cardiovascular exercise, and I’m recommending that she have sexual activity three days a week.”
“Which days?” askes Gustaf
“Well,” the doctor says, “I’d suppose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would be ideal.”
To which Gustaf says, “I can bring her on Monday, but Wednesdays and Fridays I golf, so she’s going to have to take the bus.”

“Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.”
Maurice Chevalier

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21 thoughts on “a scene from a marriage ….. gustaf and anna, part 7

    • Not long to Tuesday. Haven’t had a great week … thanks for asking. Playing tonight – hardly … we are under serious storm and even a little bit snow this morning, the first for the year. But maybe I will play with the photo challenge – which I think you mean. *smile

      • Jo, we had storms for 2,5 days …. our towns big Christmas tree has been dancing around with the storm and it wasn’t snow yesterday – it was hail.
        But this morning when I woke up to snow – soft and light – we have got a bitter chill too, but I think that is because the wind is still strong. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • You know working in a man dominate environment for years … a lot of good stories are flying around … and bad once too. I love this song too – but could find the original version, but I think this is more than okay.

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