look out world … here i come

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Got a letter from the UK Pension Services yesterday – telling me that I have 2 options. Either I can get a lump sum in quite a lot of English pounds or I can get 50% more pension added on to the State pension I have today.

All because I didn’t start to take out my pension at 60 as I was entitled to.

Guess what box I ticked????

Look out world … next year I will be coming.

“All I ask is the chance to prove
that money can’t make me happy.”
Spike Milligan

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38 thoughts on “look out world … here i come

    • Yes, it surely was … UK has really surprised me time after time, when it’s about my pension. Couldn’t live on it, but they are very organized. *smile

  1. Beware all Viveka on the move… lock up all the men and open the kitchen doors, get her in for some of her famous menus, then let the men out so that they can fall in love with her… Good one my friend…

    • Yesterday was only my monthly rinse of my power port – need to visit the day clinic for that.
      Sore in the butt now. Have been looking around and I have done a bucket list – going to be busy … for the next years to come. Thanks to UK pension services.

    • Yes, Turkey has never been a country on my bucket list after I seen the film “Midnight Express” many many years ago. Can be so silly at times.
      But lately has Istanbul been in so many films and it has grown on me and I have only heard good things about the city from friends, so looking forward to it.

    • Dia, had a bad week … but it’s soon Tuesday. The UK are paying out a lump sum of my pension that I was entitle to between 60-65.
      Big hug back!
      I wish you a great weekend.

    • Thanks, I know … when I read the letter – I could hardly believe it. So soon the money is in the account the travel starts. *smile
      Wish you a great weekend.

    • Yes, have already booked a trip to Istanbul and I will be coming to Chicago in September, before I go to Las Vegas. Playing with the thought to make an around the world trip.

  2. Well, congrats! You have most certainly earned every tiny portion of it. Now I understand how your bucket list must grow! Istanbul! Dubai! Chicago! Las Vegas! Oh my, what we are going to see and hear from your grand adventures! Enjoy to the full – which I know you surely will. If someone really knows how to Live – it’s you!

    • Yes, every penny is going to travel … we are not talking about millions here, but it will keep me travelling for a couple of years, while I can .. without too much problems with bladder, feet and butt. *smile
      UK pension is really peanuts. *smile. Still its
      great add on.
      Yes, start with Istanbul and meeting up with Nia of course. Dubai isn’t that high up on my bucket list, but if there is money over, why not.
      Chicago and Las Vegas next September.
      Have been looking at around ticket too … personalized, not really that expensive – 10 stops, 35.000SEK only. And our Florence of course.

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