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welcome inNormally I’m never ready with my window lighting for the first Sunday of Advent, but this year I’m – but I must admit that I haven’t cleaned the windows this year.  Not in the mood for it at all. Will fix it after New Year  or even pay for somebody to do it for me – because I loathe window cleaning.

In this weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge – Let There Be Light!” I entered with a photo one of my neighbors windows from last year. So I will do a little post with my window lights this year.

You that knows me – know that I’m not a believer and neither am I a big fan of Christmas, but I love the light, the decorations and the cards that Christmas gives us.  And I love some of the Christmas songs, but I don’t want to listen to them already in the beginning of November.

“Ave Maria” is one of them – even if I listen to this beautiful song during the whole year. I wish that there would be a light in every window all over the world – to welcome us inside and to guide us in the dark. I hope this song will bring light to your just now moment.

“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.”
Arlo Guthrie

47 thoughts on “my wish for a light

  1. Lovely!! I, too, am not a believer, and I ignore Christmas the best I can, But like you I love the lights and SOME of the music. Enjoy – hugs from Mary in Michigan

    • Mary from Michigan – thank you so much for your faithful support. I’m like you I try to ignore Christmas too in some ways, but it’s a bit difficult when the shops starts in late september reminding us. A morning hug from me in Landskrona

    • Thank you so much, A-C. I love the white lights too – bought red for my door by mistake – have to live with it for this year.
      “Ave Maria” is one of my favorite songs and I listen to it often and I love this version, don’t know who sings, but she have a wonderful voice.

  2. Welcome back, Viveka, no worries on catching up on everything.. no one should have to do that:) Or we’d never take a blogging break, lol. I love your photos.. I think candles are really the prettiest decorations that feel most like Christmas to me. And paired with this beautiful music.. it’s heavenly! xx

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment … it’s nice to be back! *smile
      Yes, it’s really heavenly music – one of my favorite pieces and I listen often to it.
      For us, you and I …. the light is the most important thing before we live in winterdark places. We need the light, like fresh air.

    • Sylvia, I don’t really care about my windows now – but it’s mild enough to do them still. Here in Sweden is custom to clean the windows before putting up the advent lights, but who cares if my windows are clean or not.
      And now with the lights in the window nobody will see it anyhow. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Very beautiful shots Viveka! I especially love the candles with the 2 windows. You may not be a believer but I’m betting your photos have lots of appeal for those who are!

    • Jo, thanks for your lovely comment – it’s my bay window in my living room -don’t have a dinning room. I don’t like to carry food from room to room, I’m too practical or lazy *smile

  4. You are so nice dear Viveka, I am thinking as you and light is great… I want to make my windows too this year. I loved your decorations. Have a wonderful new month and Christmas time, love you,. Thank you, nia

    • I’m sure you can find quite a few decorations on IKEA.
      Mine is all very standard, but not IKEA. We Swedes buy some new decorations to what we have collect through the years. Looking out my window now I can see at least 50 Swedish Welcome Lights in the opposite house’s windows. Just love it.

    • Thanks for your kind words.
      Ave Maria, don’t make me sad – it makes me calm, but that could be a sign of sadness. I listen often to it. One of my favorite pieces.

  5. Oh the singing is fabulous! And are all of those lights yours????? When I read this ” I wish that there would be a light in every window all over the world – to welcome us inside and to guide us in the dark” I know the world is truly a better place than what the news wants us to believe. I think there are more welcoming lights than we will ever hear about.

    • Yes, it’s a fantastic version of a beautiful song – don’t know who the singer is, but she has a voice of and angel. *smile
      Yes, it’s all my window ligths that I put up yesterday morning. The only place where I don’t have a candles is in my kitchen window, but from next year I will have one.
      I know it’s more and more common with lights in windows … but there should be more.
      Colleen, you’re so right that the world is a better place – but still for far too many of us, not good enough.

      • I know it’s not good enough Viveka. But there’s more good in it than what the world reports. I wish there was more reporting of it. Like at the Kindness Blog.

      • I couldn’t agree more with you – I think that the hopelessness that many of us are feeling is caused by all the negative news we are feed with daily. There is never any great news anywhere. But still is there more people that don’t have a home, food, medical help and water – then who has.

    • Bebs, I love the white clear lights too – bought red by mistake for the my entrance door – but have to live with that until next year.
      Ave Maria, is one of my oldest memories of classical music – sticked with me for nearly 55 years. Just love it.

  6. I love the photos you have shared… and I am a believer, yet abhor the commercialization of the Christmas period.. the lights and decorations that we used to see as yongstwers just had so much more of a Christmas feel to me than what it is meant to represent today… with decorations music and all in shops pumping it out to get sales from October on… the kids in the family are the only ones that now receive gifts and this to me is how it should be… not the rip roaring party, get drunk attitude of some these days… I love the homely lights and decorations as well as the music, but at the right time… your sound cloud would not load by me today and I have to assume it was Ave Maria which I love… maybe next time… Good to have you back by the way…

    • thanks for the comment …. nice to be back! On my way to the hospital …. sorry about the music cloud, because it’s a fantastic recording. I’m listening to it now … great way to start a sunny crisp day. *smile
      Don’t understand why it doesn’t play for you.
      Will come back with replay on the rest of your comment !

    • I’m back – Rob, I totally agree with you about Christmas – and that is the main reason that I don’t like it anymore – because people are so stressed out over it – all the musts they think they have to do – people buy gifts that they have to pay off up to next Christmas. It has lost is meaning completly. Also Christmas is for the children in my book, but does it has to be so mental everything.
      And everybody that is lonely will feel even more lonely on Christmas. It has totally gone out of hands and that is the reason why I don’t like Christmas anymore.

      • I remember our Christmases as a child… my parents were not rich, actually poor, but Christmas was an early awaking to a sock full of cheap toys that delighted my sister and i no end… a good sit down dinner with all the traditional puddings and the day was spent in family activities… now that is what I call a Christmas… keep the expensive toys and gifts to each other and rather enjoy the day as a family day as it should be… I did love the Christmas Pudding and do insist every year on having one… the rest you can keep… in any case I hate getting gifts even on my birthday.. a true gift for me is companionship and that is all i ask at any time…

      • What a lovely comment – I couldn’t agree more …. I don’t share your passion for the Christmas Cake, but I will let you keep on insisting on it. *laughter
        On Christmas many of us force ourselves to spend time with family members that we don’t see during the rest of the year or not even like – and that’s is why conflicts starts and also because everybody are so stressed out to get everything done in time – and all for 3 days of the a full year.
        Rob, I’m very cynical about the whole thing, but I still love the lights, decoration and the cards.

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    • I have now contaced a company to do my windows 4 times per year. I’m so bad. Don’t worry about your windows, life goes on without clean windows. *smile

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