12 days in random

Belfast City Hall So this is me back home after my 12 days tour to Ireland and Scotland, plus a memory card with over 800 photos.

Had a fantastic time and it’s a trip I do every year to visit friends and places that I left behind me in 2009, when I returned to Sweden. I have so much to share with you, but I start with doing a random gallery with some of my photos. My health issues increased a bit – also got a sore neck (talk about being in pain) during in to the end of my trip, but I surrived.

My first stop was Belfast, that was my hometown for 10 years – and that has really stolen a big piece of my heart. 4 days I was there – and in those 4 days I met snow, chill, rain, storm and crispy sunshine.

Met up with friends, had great lunches and dinners plus loads of laughter’s. There was also some serious shopping. This time I visit the Titantic Center – a truly great experiance for a couple of hours.

Then it was time for a couple of days in Scotland, staying at the very pretty fishing village of Portpatrick, only a few meters away from the ocean at my Irish friends little Wedgewood blue hotel – The Waterfront.

And my yearly tour was, as always, finished off with Dublin and staying with my friends Geraldine and David, the owners of The Waterfront, in their fantastic home. Arrived in Landskrona just before 8pm yesterday. It’s was a fantastic trip, but it’s truly nice to be back home again. In a years time I will be doing the the tour all over again.

“Friendship increases in visiting friends,
but in visiting them seldom.”
Francis Bacon

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23 thoughts on “12 days in random

  1. This post is a “keeper”, a pattern for living life to its fullest! You are a living testimony to Bacon’s wise words. And the pictures are just wonderful. Thank you for this wise and loving gift in the season of giving. Love and all good wishes, Mary

  2. You know to live life well! I can’t wait to see more – these pictures are a teaser. Welcome back and take care of what ails you so you can do it again next year and more.

  3. oh what fun! I loved all your photos. I bet it was difficult choosing which ones to put in the gallery eh? sounds and looks like a great trip! welcome home.

    • Yes, I have for nearly 5 years now gone back the last week in November to catch up with my friends I left behind – a great tradition, because I’m not big fan of Christmas celebration, this has become something I look forward to every year – you’re so right, wasn’t easy to just pick some photos – that’s why the gallery is so big.
      So glad you enjoyed it. *smile

  4. Welcome back, Viveka! How I have missed you – Marvellous gallery as usual – you always tread on stage followed by supertroupers! I’m so happy to hear you had a wonderful time – but you see to it to have it that way as well.

    The Titanic Centre must really be something too. Love your food photos and from Belfast – lovely. Finally home I hope you will feel as great as you sound!

    • A-C, you would have love the Titanic Center and you would love Belfast. I love Belfast this time of year with is’t a real bling city.
      Had a fantastic time and I will always have every time I return, because of my friends. Only see them once per year.
      In all honesty I sound better than I feel, but no use moaning – hopefully they will find out what is wrong in Malmö on 10th. Can wait … my sore neck has passed, but that was worst than worst.

    • Thanks, Dear Nia.
      I wish you could come with me … so glad that I can share my travel with you through my blog. The same as you do with your fantastic blog. The pleasure is all mine.

  5. Looks like you had a most wonderful time! You must be exhausted after being in so many different places in such a relatively short time? Well, now you’re home and you can enjoy a more peaceful life and rest, if you feel like it 🙂
    Sleep well xo 🙂

    • Dia, it’s like being a rock star on tour *laughing.
      4 nights on each destination isn’t that bad and there is very short distances between. Done it for 4 years now and I enjoy it like it had been for the first time.
      Haven’t slept that well since I returned home, but it’s nice to be home. Have a great week.

    • Marina, thank you for always being here for me … cheering me on and supporting me. So important for me. Had a fantastic time – and I will start working on some posts now. Are in a bit of discomfort again today.

  6. Great photos! And another host of memories. Glad you had a good trip. I’m amazed you already started working your way through all the pics. I get so stuck figuring out what to keep, organizing and where to store them. Welcome home Vivi… xx wt

    • Wendy, nice to having you visiting. I always through myself on the photo memory card – pick out some on random and then I can work in peace with the rest and start on the proper posts. I keep all photos so long as I can see what is on the them. Never know. I save the cards, so I don’t do much with them I don’t use for posts.
      Thank you so much for you support under nearly 2 years time now.

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