ups and downs (2)

August beauty

“My life is about ups and downs,
great joys and great losses.”
Isabel Allende

So here I’m back with my ups and downs – this is all about ups in between the downs – that I want to share with you while I’m over on Ireland.

In August I got a visit from Nancy, a friend that I haven’t seen since the early 80’s. So over 30 years ago since we met last. Nancy, lives in Peru – we met during my week in Rome. Her husband Silvio owned a restaurant that I visit together with the SAS flight crew my first evening in Rome and Nancy was there giving help … we clicked straight away and since that day we have been friends. Nancy flew into Rome from Lima – had a couple of hours with her sister at the airport and then next flight to me. She arrived 2hrs late, but she was worth waiting for.

Nancy are 65 years old … but don’t look a day over 40. Just amazing. Plus she is such a darling too.

Nancy became a widow 6 years ago and just before Silvio’s death they had open a Italian wine shop in Lima and Nancy has carried on with – every year she visit Italy; her sister, her friends and suppliers – so this year she flew to me too and stayed 5 days. That is the HIGHLIGHT of my summer. Nancy hasn’t changed a bit – the same beautiful, generous and adorable person as 30 years ago. The weather was so hot when she was visiting – so she got blisters on her feet .. and she are used to hot weather.

I have also been meeting my friend Iris – a couple of times … we also caught up with each other in the beginning of this year after many years of separation. Great to have Iris back in my life. We have decided that we are going to meet up once per month and do something together. We only live a couple of hours away from each other. During one of our dates we visit our fashion courture master’s, Lars Wallin, exhibition (Fashion Stories) in Helsingborg. A grey wet Tuesday, but his beautiful creations truly brighted up our day.

Iris and I have also been “touring”??!!! Touring is something we do on one of the many ferry shuttles between Helsingborg – Helsingör, Denmark .. you buy a ticket and that include travel and a buffet lunch – and you can stay on so long as you want and eat so much as you want. Every crossing takes 20 min each way … we stayed on for 3 around trip.

A great buffet that was constantly kept fresh – starter, mains, dessert and coffee – to total cost of 129SEK/$20/£12.20/€14.30.

It was a great lunch and as always did we have loads to talk about – we both wants to enjoy something at the Copenhagen Opera. There is bus tours organized from Helsingborg … with dinner and opera combined, but no tour has been advertised of yet.

Down to 510 words this time … I nearly made it!. *smile – So more to come.

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55 thoughts on “ups and downs (2)

    • Thanks Maralee, so fare a lot more ups than downs – even if there is discomfort … had a fantastic time here in Belfast and today I sail over to Scotland with my old job. Spent hours with my old boss yesterday – over a fantastic lunch.
      Always great to be back. Miss Belfast a lot at times. Great photos taken, but one card only works in the camera … don’t know how to transfer them.Do you have a trick ?????

  1. Great friends you have – wonderful of you to meet every year and whenever possible.
    I wish you more ups than downs. But not a very huge UP for your trip ahead. Enjoy it and don’t let you sorry a.. take over 😉
    Many hugs xoxoxo 🙂

    • Chilly and wintery hugs from Belfast, in a bit of rush .. only have a minute left on my prepaid connection.
      My sorry ass says hello too. Still with me *smile – like glue.
      Had a fantastic time – more to come. Scotland tomorrow.

    • Yes, Uru … at least more ups to write about … the downs is not worth mention in every posts. The downs are not allowed to take over my life.
      Morning regards from Belfast. *smile

  2. Great way to spend time with friends. I’ve recently reconnected with a group of friends from high school. We’ve met three times since our first meeting one year ago and we’re planning another get together in February. I think a few more friends might join the group. I haven’t seen some of these people for forty years.

    • True friendship will never fade – doesn’t matter for how long you have been seperated.
      I moved to town after leaving Belfast where I hadn’t even been before – and with my friends still living in Gothenburg – I’m glad that Iris and I have hooked up again … and we have our monthly adventure together.
      I looking forward to you reunion next year … too. *smile

  3. So great to visit with old friends who never change, isn’t it? Rick and I are going to our 25th high school reunion next weekend – I can’t wait to see people I haven’t since since 1988!

    • Jo, Ireland says a big Hello to you and asking when will you be back???!!!!
      Had snow, chill .. rain, storm and beautiful sunshine – all in 3 days. On the hotels business centre just now and it’s not the greatest – like glue. My sorry ass is with me, but not so bad – in the evenings I have to take a half lucky pill.
      So glad that you liked my post.

  4. Absolutely wonderful pix!! You have a real eye and great imagination. LOVE the Verdi – it really fits. I sure wish we had “touring” where I live, but your geography fits it better than ours does. I hope you are enjoying Ireland without pain. Hope & love, Mary

    • Mary, just a few words from a very wintery Ireland. Met my first snow this year here.
      Having a great time and been busy. Today I will have lunch with my ex-boss and visit the Titantic Center.
      I love Verdi too. Touring has been around so long as I can remember, but the food is much better today *smile My pain has come along on the trip, but moderate.

    • Jo, thank you so much for you always lovely comments.
      Just a quick little note from me on Ireland, in Belfast still.
      So great to be back in my old home-town. Had snow the first day. Colder here than in Sweden. Big winter hug to you.

  5. Now sitting on a ferry and enjoying the company of a friend sounds like a lot of fun… and then to eat as much as you want as well sounds like a real bargain…

    • Rob, tomorrow I will sail over to Scotland – today I will spend in Belfast as a true tourist.
      Yes, it was a really great lunch we got there abord the ferry – something I did when I lived in Helsingor in the late 60th’s. Food a lot better today. My regards from a cold Ireland to you both.

    • Thanks a million, Frank … yes, true friendship will always stick doesen’t matter how long we have been seperated.
      Havening a great time here in Belfast, today I will spend together with my little camera and also visit the Titantic Center. More images to come. Tomorrow I will move over the water to Scotland.

  6. Having recently reconnected with a friend from 50 years ago, I relate. How nice the two of you found each other and have spent such lovely times together. Enjoyed the vacationy pictures.

    • Sandy, it is fantastic how friendship always stays – doesn’t matter how long we have been seperated.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment.
      Wish you good luck with you reconnected friendship.

  7. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time with friends and nice experiences. I remember those ferry tourings when I was a kid and living with my parents in Copenhagen. Quite enjoyable even for a kid. I wish you all the best!

    • Yes, “touring” has gone on for years – because you can buy tax free cigaretts – 1 pack for each trip. I think is must have been 30 years since I last did it – I was pleasant suprised over the standard food.
      Otto, so fare have I had days of snow, chill, rain, storm and fantastic sunshine .. all in 3 days, but that is Ireland for you.

  8. I loved your lovely collection of photos from the “up” part of your life. It looks and sounds like a nice visit with your friends. The photo of the white flower (like a ballerina) is wonderful.

    • Thanks, Karen … we had the most fantastic summer this year – so it was easy to be catch happy and beautiful photos.
      Here on Ireland have I had a very busy time, but today I’m going to spend with my little camera and visiting the Titantic Center too – we had snow and chill … rain and storm and sunshine. My sorry ass .. is still bothering me, but not more than I can live with it.

  9. How wonderful that you could meet up with your dear friend Nancy again. You’re right, she looks so young and beautiful. Wonderful photos. I especially loved the ‘Fashion Stories’ pics. Hope you don’t have any downs whilst you’re away, except when the plane has to land. 😀 xx


    • Having a great time …. I had a Belfast in snow, chill – rain, storm and fantastic sunshine – all in 3 days, now finished with all the musts and have a day that I will spend with my little camera. Shopping (mental), hairdresser and dentist – plus meeting up with good friends with great food and drinks is all done. Only lunch with my ex boss today. Tomorrow I move over to Scotland.
      The fashion show was stunning – Lars makes such stunning creations.

      • Scotland is fantastic – and the people are just great – just like the Irish.
        So you have to put it on your bucket list – Glasgow for fun – Edinburgh for the royality beauty and the Highlands for the stunning scenery.
        Have a pleasant weekend.

    • Yes, it has been a great year for catching up with friends from the past. Lars Wallin make some stunning creations.
      I want them all too.
      Now ready to leave Belfast for Scotland.
      Leanne, I have a problem with my memory card – the photos will show on the camera, but not when I put the card into the netbook and I need them transfered to be able to work on them. I have so fare only put the card into the card slot on the netbook.
      Wish you a pleasant weekend.

  10. Hi Viveka 🙂 I was wondering how you’ve been. I’m glad to come by, to see how you are these days.

    Fancy seeing someone you haven’t seen since the 80s!! That would be great! Oh you have such feasts, Viveka. It’s just wonderful 🙂 Love all your photos.

  11. This is lovely sailing music, Vivi, and as ever you made me smile. 🙂
    Landskrona looks so peaceful, and your friend Nancy is a stunner. That ferry sounds like my idea of heaven- I love a movable view! 🙂
    Happy travels, sweetheart. Wrap up warm in Scotland. Big hug!

    • Just having a fantastic time – just having a full day together with good friends and their 19 months old little charmer, Lewis. A mild day with overcast. Have done all my shopping and now only relaxing, Monday Dublin. I wish you a great weekend too.

  12. I’m enjoying your posts and comments very much! I am so very glad that your “downs” are not interfering too much. Immersion in the love of old friendships and the warmth of happy events has come at the right time, hasn’t it? As for me, times here are chaotic so I’m escaping a bit by traveling with you, absorbing some of those lovely vibes for myself. Thank you for sharing them! All my love and best wishes, Mary

  13. Aw, Viveka! So wonderful to read about your beautiful times with friends. Spending time with someone we love is definitely a surefire way to turn the bleakest of days into something beautiful and enriching. I love your photographs as always, you have such a talent for capturing details. Sorry that I haven’t been around recently… I had a couple of my own ‘down’ periods that have now lifted with God’s help, but you’re entirely right… life is full of ups and downs. I try to count the ‘ups’ in thankfulness but it’s hard at times. Take care beautiful, thinking of you xx

    • Laura, don’t be sorry for not visit my world on regular basis- so sorry to read that you had a tough time too, but as you say life has ups and downs for us nearly every day. Hopefully there are more ups than downs for us both. I hope that you’re feeling better now.
      It was so wonderful to see Nancy again after all those years. It was nearly unreal to see her – we have hold our friendship alive through letters, phone, Skype and FB the last 3 years.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

  14. I’m glad I looked you up now – thought I had lost you again! It seems you are having a great time over there with lovely friends and good food – enjoying it as always! Friends are valuable and old friends are the best – you know each other for real.

    Scotland sounds great – looking forward to more of your fantastic pictures!

    I’m trying to read blogs again…have had a hard time working and barely kept my nose up…I have been missing you and I’m happy to see you back again. Your adventures are always stunning!

    • A-C, sitting in Dublin now – flying back home this afternoon. Had a fantastic time.
      Once again congratulations to the “runner up” position, well done.
      So true what you’re saying about friend – they are also a great medicine when we don’t feel great.
      Sorry to read that you are bugged down work – but don’t worry about reading all posts. It’s nearly impossible to read everyone.
      I hope of all my heart that it will ease for you soon.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for your fantastic support.

  15. Fantastic photos and music Viveka!! That ferry sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with friends. And Nina sure is a stunner!! Glad you had such a grand time. But happy to have you back 🙂

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