weekly photo challenge – layers

My layers come from pieces of art by the amazing contemporary artist; Tara Dovovan, born in New York 1969 and working out of Brooklyn.
I had never heard about her before I visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art  in Humlebæk, Denmark  – in the beginning of July this year together with my friend Iris. My post about my visit: a contemporary day in Denmark

Tara just blow the socks of me – with every piece in her show – the amount of work that have gone into every piece was just mind-blowing. She only uses every day materials. 

bluffs 2205

The first photo of layers is from her piece; Bluffs from 2005 – where she has glued small clear plastic buttons on each other layer after layer.

Plastic ribbons

Second piece has the title “Untitled”, 2008 and made of polyester film.

She also showed a wall made from translucent plastic drinking straws – the Haze, but it was impossible for me to catch the greatness in that piece with my little camera – layer on layer with drinking straws.

Please watch the little video made by Louisiana about her work and you will get a better understaning of the greatness of her work.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality
would make the world unbearable.”
George Bernard Shaw

wall of drinking straws

Why not join the challenge yourself or check out other’s layers, Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

As music cloud for this post I have chosen a piece by our biggest comtemperay classical music composer of today, Michael Nyman, “Time Lapse”.

65 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – layers

    • Thank you so much – this challenge I just had to enter, even if I have a hard time sitting down, knew at once what I was going to enter.
      I love the music too – and the qoute is new to me – but I think it’s so RIGHT! Have a pleasant weekend.

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  3. WOW! So beautiful dear Viveka, and so creative… Fascinated me. Thank you. I am crazy with art world and creative people. How are you dear, I hope you are better, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you for the reblogg – yes, she are mind blowing – her cubs of thoothpicks and pins – just amazing.
      Not feeling any better – but I just had to enter this challenge with my shots of Tara’s art. Time for a painkiller and bed now – monday Ireland here I come.
      Wish you a pleasant weekend, Nia. Thank you so much for your fantastic support.

    • Suzanne, you’re such a sweetheart! I wish you the same.
      It was fun to do this post, because so soon I saw the subject for the challenge I knew what photos I was going for. Big fan of Michael Nyman’s music. He did the soundtrack to the fantastic movie – The Piano- one of my favorite soundtracks.

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    • Madhu, her was just mind blowing – never seen anything like. Herr cubs made of paperclips, toothpicks and pins – millions of them, just glued together – wasn’t allowed to take any photos for the guard standing there. 1×1 mtr, Some thousands of paper clips. *smile

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    • Colleen, I like to think I’m a cool girl .. thanks for that.
      Tara is just fantastic – never seen anything like her stuff.
      Hope your weekend is pleasant. Hugs …

      • I think you are a cool girl too … *smile
        Today I will sail over to Scotland.
        Hopefully I will have wifi on full time over there. Wish you a pleasant weekend. Can believe another week has passed.

      • I know time just fly away with us – sitting aboard now in the business lounge where they have big fancy Apple PC’s for anyones use – not a fan of fan – but I manage to get into wordpress. Love the big clear screen. *smile
        My old job always treat me like a queen, a bit too old to be treated as a princess.

      • In Dublin now – and yesterday it was a shopping day and a tough one. ‘smile
        Dazzling smiles – I’m not too sure abut that -but I’m giving loads of smiles away constantly. *smile

      • HELLO DUBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be giving the smiles away by the thousands if I was there now. I hope that means your trip is treating you fabulously!

    • She are brilliant. It seems like I have a good day and a bad day – yesterday was terrible, but today okay – hope it stays like this now. Thanks for asking.
      I slept very well – but woke up 4 a’clock … so tired today.
      Early bed tonight. *smile

      • Thanks Dia! Taken it easy the whole weekend, except when I paid for my new glasses – it was heavy to pin the code for payment. *smile
        See you from Ireland and UK: Leaving tomorrow lunch.
        Have a great week!

      • Have lots of fun in Ireland and enjoy yourself to the fullest!
        New glasses, ha? I need some, too… yikes, expensive, hahaha, heavy on the PIN code 😉
        xo 🙂

      • Yes, glasses is something we must invest in – mine wasn’t that expensive, had a lot worst – Danish design. I will send you my address so soon as I’m on full time wifi and FREE!
        Wish you a pleasant weekend.

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    • If I knewn you would have liked to go too – I would have asked you. Yes, it was a fantastic show. I knew nothing about here until I saw her first piece the buttons. Just amazing artist.

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  9. I so love visiting your blog, Viveka. You take a challenge far beyond anyone that I know…both in life and in your blog. Your interpretation of layers is perfect as is the music. 🙂

    • Karen, I love having you as a member in my “fan-club” – I try to think outside the box if it’s possible – but not all share my vision and that’s okay – can’t please everyone.
      Our lifes is full of layers too – but a bit hard to picture in a couple of shots.
      So glad you think the music is suiteable for the entry, I’m such a big fan of Michael Nyman.
      You have me the same pleasure every time I viist your world.

  10. You may already have gone as I write this, Vivi. Hope the meds help for your trip, or better still that you don’t need them. Big hug 🙂
    Awesome post! Her work is spellbinding.

    • Jo, thanks for all the hugs – all in the hand luggage now.
      I really liked doing this post – she are amazing and I’m not really fan of contemporary art, because I think a lot of it just take the mickey out of us, but Tara is mindblowing.
      Big HuuUUUUUg in return.

    • Bebs, I have been in Belfast for 4 days and had a fantastic time meeting up with my dearest friends and shopping. Had snow the first night here. Today sailing over to Scotland for a couple of days to meet up with friends there too.
      I’m doing okay, but I have great discomfort – trying not to think about. Hopefully I will have a meeting booked with the specialists when I return home. Have a great weekend.

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  13. Love the music on this one, Viveka. Sort of quirky but building, gripping.

    Great layers. That wall with bubbles in it – that’s a curious one. It’s the kind of thing that has me ask, “Is that art?” but it is in that an artist sees something in it, even if I fail to. Great pics.

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