a perfect goodbye

….  to our beloved Swedish Chief Inspector, Kurt Wallander.

The first film about Kurt Wallander we saw on TV, 3rd Sept 1995 and since then there has been in total 32 films.

Door Kurt Wallander

3 Swedish actors has played the part; Rolf Lassgård (1994-2007), Krister Henriksson (2006-2007, 2009-2010, plus 2013) and  Lennart Jähkel in the TV film, Talismanen. Now is it all over. Kurt will be immoderately missed, but we have 32 films to fall back on – of course I have every one of them – and BBC’s too. I’m addicted to Kurt and  all of Henning’s books!!!!!

Just like his father Kurt got Alzheimer and have now resigned from Ystad’s chrime and fornesic department. The last DVD was released 24th of October – the last 6 films haven’t been shown on TV yet.

Kurt Wallander has also been adapted by BBC UK and Kenneth Branagh as the driving force to make some of Henning Mankell’s novels for British viewers in 2008 – Kenneth also played Kurt in the 9 episodes so far. The series has made a massive success and sold to networks around the world. A new series of 3 films are planned by BBC.

Henning Mankell - expressen se

The following Kurt Wallander novels have been translated into English. They are listed in the order that they were originally published in Sweden – Hennings UK site – click HERE!!!!

Mördare utan ansikte, 1991 (Faceless Killers, 1997)
Hundarna i Riga,1992 (The Dogs of Riga, 2001)
Den vita lejoninnan, 1993 (The White Lioness, 1998)
Mannen som log, 1994 (The Man Who Smiled, 2005)
Villospår, 1995 (Sidetracked, 1999)
Den femte kvinnan, 1996 (The Fifth Woman, 2000)
Steget efter, 1997 (One Step Behind, 2002)
Brandvägg, 1998 (Firewall, 2002)
Pyramiden,1999 (The Pyramid, 2008)
Den orolige mannen ,2009 (The Troubled Man, 2011)

wallander - the sadness bird - youtube com

In the last film; Sorgefåglen –  The Sadness Bird – this track was played as the we said goodbye to the most human, troubled, hard working and depressed cheif; The Opening. Preformed by Ane Brun & Fleshquartet. Ane is a Norwegian singer, born 1976. Fleshquartet (Swedish: Fläskkvartetten) is a Swedish band. Although they have five members, the name comes from the band consisting of an often electrical string quartet plus a percussionist.

Fleshquartet has been doing most music for the Wallander films since 2009.

Kurt is now giving all his time to his grandchildren, opera music and his dog, Jussi (named after our famous opera singer, Jussi Björling)  … with his cottage just on the edge to the Baltic Sea – the perfect ending for the most exciting and human fictional character that I ever met.

Together has Henning and Kurt put the beautiful little town of Ystad on the the world map – during my first A-Z challenge I let “Y stands for Ystad”. What I understand are tourists from all over the world coming to Ystad asking for Kurt. And of course one of our purple trains is named after Kurt Wallander. 

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything.
It’s the time we spent together that matters,
not how we left it.”
Trey Parker

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27 thoughts on “a perfect goodbye

  1. Wonderful post!! I’ve seen a couple of the fims on Netflix but did not know the history. Lots of good viewing out there for me – thank you so muc!

    • Wow, you should try to see all of them – because Kurt is such great person – it’s like he are for real. He has some dark sides … like we all have.
      I made this a couple of weeks ago, but not in the mood for posting it, because of my butt problems. Thanks a million for your faithful support to me and my world here.

    • Oops! hit send by accident in above. This is yet another golden strand in the gentle fabric you weave that binds us to you. Mary

    • I know you are not much into TV – but it’s truly a great series and Wallander is just so human with all his fault and caring heart.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend and here comes a big hug. *smile

    • Uru, I think Neflix has the best series there is – I don’t have Netflix myself – because I don’t want to watch film on my PC. Don’t have a smart TV. Don’t even have a smart phone.
      Have a great weekend.

    • Kenneth was the one that went to BBC after reading a couple of Henning’s books and they made a great choice when they listen to him. He is a fantastic actor, but it’s a bit strange when everybody speaks English in little pretty Ystad. Only 30 min from where my mum lived. She died on Ystad hospital. Our county Skåne is stunningly beautiful … with all the greens and rapeseed. and the blue Baltic sea on 3 sides.

      • Yes, I agree, but I wouldn’t understand it if it was in Swedish. 🙂 It always looks so cold there in Sweden. I see there’s a fourth series, but it hasn’t come here yet. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

      • Sylvia, they have subtitles … *smile
        Yes, I read that they are planning a 4th series, the thing is that BBC have to do some filming in Simrishamn, because Ystad have been busy with the Swedish Wallander making.
        We had the most fantastic summer this year – one 10 days of rain in 4 months. Winters very cold, down to -18C. We had -3 the other night, but no snow yet.

  2. A very sad good-bye to Kurt Wallander. Vi kommer aldrig att glömma dig! Krister Henriksson är så otroligt bra i Sorgfågeln.
    Yes, Ystad is a wonderful place, even if it is half a world away! 🙂

    • Anne, yes … it was sad to say goodbye – but we have a lot to fall back on.
      Krister har varit absolut fantastisk i sin roll tolkning och speciellt i de 6 sista filmerna. Enastående.
      Ystad is a gem – and what I understand they only had 7 real life murders ever. So peaceful too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      • It will be nice to reread all the books (eller lyssna på dessa upplästa av Krister – vilken röst!). And not to mention watching all those DVDs again.
        Even the 30-hour trip from Australia hasn’t put us off from planning another visit to Ystad 🙂

      • Anne, I suppose you’re Swedish … or ????? It’s a long way to Ystad – but I suppose it is all worth it.
        Live in Landskrona myself.
        Krister have such a fantastic voice – up there with Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins.
        I hope that you will visit Ystad again … *smile

    • Actually Australian. Have visited Scandinavia a few times and fell in love with the Swedish language along the way, so decided to learn it. No Swedish language courses where I live (Albany), so had to rely on whatever Swedish books I could get hold of, Sveriges Radio online and of course, any Swedish films shown on TV (had 26 Wallander films so far.)

      Yes, Krister certainly deserves to be mentioned in one breath with Richard Burton, and not just for his voice I might add. Both Mordbrännaren & Sorgfågeln proved what a talented actor he really is (ju, han fick mig att gråta).

      The flights are booked for next summer. Not brave enough yet to visit in winter 🙂

    • You’re so right – I feel just like that about our Wallander with all his fault, dark mind and generous heart. *smile
      I wish you a pleasant weekend, Karen …
      Any snow yet ???

      • It has certainly been cold enough since we returned home but no snow yet. Take care dear friend and I hope you have a nice trip. 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan of Wallander too… I’ve read Sidetracked and Firewall and I’ve watched many episodes of the subtitled Swedish tv series. Mankell is a brilliant writer! x

    • Laura, I totally agree on everything you’re saying here.
      Brilliant TV-series and author. I’m going to miss Wallander a lot – have to get the first films out again.

  4. My friend has all Henning Mankel’s Kurt Wallander books and I have been reading and enjoying them:) I have just finished Faceless killers. Thanks for this post:) Lakshmi

    • Lakshmi, thank you so much for taking your time to visit and to comment. Yes, Kurt Wallander is a fantastic character – Mankel’s has truly made him “alive”. It was very sad to see the last episode, but even the best things comes to an end.
      I hope there will be a chance for you to see some of the films too. Viveka

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