after the storm

after the stormPast week’s Monday the storm “Simone” hit the south and west of Sweden – here in the south of Sweden the damage has been huge – with no trains running – trees blocking the roads and 7000 people without electricity.

It was meant that I should have posted this …. during the passed week, but my “sorry ass” has made my life very difficult and I don’t feel very good for the moment. I want to thank you all for your concerns, thoughts and support in e-mails have been coming my way – you made my days very warm and comfortable.

So sorry for just disappearing in silence, but I just have lost all my motivation – and my weeks had too much tears, pain, hopelessness and pain killers for even be motivated for blogging. So – So, sorry. Feeling a bit better today, so I post this draft and give you some information about why I haven’t been around.

We were well warned and it was classed as 3 to 4 storm. I was out in the early morning because I had an appointment with my optician, new investment in new designer frames. *smile It wasn’t too bad, but you could feel that something was going to come … big, forceful and hard. It was in the air. It started to rain a bit – but not so I needed an umbrella.

Very unusual for us up here to have storms with this magnitude – we have storms, but not this strong and not this yearly in the year. So it was a bit scary. And as an old sea dog, I have been out in some heavy storms, but I wouldn’t have liked to be out in this one.

Just after lunch I could hear it arriving and I had to close all my open windows … the rain start to whip against all windows and they started to trembling. It felt really good to be in doors.

Tuesday morning I had to visit the day clinic – and I could see the damage – my bus stop bench had a small tree covering it up completely – but when I came back from the hospital they had cut down the tree and I also could see the damage in every park I passed by.

Even if there was accidents with cars driving into fallen trees there was no serious human injuries and nobody has been killed.

Of course I took my time and check on my Swans – could only see 3 of this years 5 “chicks” and 2 was very busy making them-selves looking good, but one was in distress, something wrong with one wing – a piece didn’t want to fall into place .. rolling from side to side, diving under water and trying to pull it in place, but nothing happened – so of course I contacted the park team. So I hope that somebody will have a look him (I guess it’s a he) – they promised to check it out.

The town game keeper phoned me and he told me that they will keep a close eye on him – they will not interfere until they see that he can’t manage with his problem, like start losing weight or not able to go up on land.

Always some small drama in Landskrona.

“If you want to see the sunshine,
you have to weather the storm.”
Frank Lane

showing off

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36 thoughts on “after the storm

  1. Perfect music for this post, and one of my favorites. Well, dear Viveka, I’ve learned that silence from you is likely to mean you are unwell, so I send extra warm vibes at those times. Now I know – oh, dear. Even so, your happy spirit shines through, reminding me that life is good, regardless of what it brings.

    About the storm: sadly there was no mention in our news of its battering you, and I am a news junky so I think I’d know. I’m sad for the destruction and discomfort but glad there was no loss of life. May the world look sunny to you through your new designer glasses! With hopes and good wishes, your friend in Michigan, USA. Mary

    • Mary, thanks for your comfort.
      I have always said that US don’t know much about the rest of the world, so long as it’s not related to US. But I’m not surprised because being over there and watching your news – you have so much going on your own doorstep – so the rest of the world … comes second.
      Our storm was nothing compare to what hits you, guys more than once per year.
      Yes, looking forward to get my new glasses – the pair I have now I ordered 2 days after they told me I had cancer – so 3 years and need to be exchanged.
      Sunshine or not ….

  2. So sorry about all the devastation there, Viveka, and also for the fact that you’re not feeling great.I’m so glad you were safely indoors when the storm hit, and that your home wasn’t damaged. I hope that poor swan will be okay. Take care and feel better soon, my friend. I’m thinking of you. *hugs* Sylvia

    • Sylvia, thanks a million – the county has recovered now from storm, but loads of trees in the forests that has fallen, but everyday life is back to normal.
      Yes, life is a bit tough on my just now and I don’t see much light in the end of the tunnel neither. Had a great day yesterday and today the pain is back.
      Thanks for your concern and your thoughtfulness.

  3. No need to apologize for your absence … we calmly wait for your sorry ass. 😉 …. I still marvel at your eye for capturing a simple sight in a wonderful image.

  4. I’m really so sorry Viveka that you’ve had such a terrible time. I think in these situations it’s not far from normal…Please take care of yourself. Dispite everything and not feeling your best you’ve put up a wonderful post! God’s speed.

  5. Oh my dearest Viveka, I haven’t known what’s going on there. Sorry. But I was worrying about your silence too. Dear Viveka, I hope and wish you to get well soon about your problem. The storm seems so scary, what’s going on about weather… It is all about this global climate changes… should be. Be in safe dear, I am thinking of you. Thank you, love and hugs, nia

  6. I’m so sorry you’re still feeling poorly. I hope they can find something to relieve the pain. It’s hard to do much of anything when you’re in pain. I’m also glad you survived the storm without too much human injury. I’ve been through a couple of hurricanes when I lived in Hawaii and it wasn’t much fun and very scary. I’m glad you’re okay. Please take care.

    • Maralee, this is really getting to me – and a okay day yesterday and today it’s all back again – don’t have clue what to do. I just lost all motivation and I so desperate for help now.
      I was in a tropical storm while visiting New Orleans – Isidore in 2002 – I think the name was, that was truly scary.
      Still there is parts of the world that gets them time after time .. and people just rebuilt their lives and homes – amazing.

  7. I’m glad the weather didn’t produce human damage. I’m sorry to see the trees “broken”. There’s something about a tree taken down that makes me sad.

    But not as sad as knowing you are not feeling well. I hope you get some answers, and some good news.

    • Colleen, yes we were so lucky that nobody was seriously harmed – that is after all the most important thing.
      I’m really struggling with my situation just now – and I just don’t feel for doing anything.
      Colleen, I’m so thankful for your support and your concern for me – for your friendship.
      I know it’s so hard to be a bystander at times – but it’s wonderful to know that somebody is caring and concern.

    • Uru, thank you so much for your support … but it’s truly hard to be strong – with constant pain … and not even able to sit down to enjoy my breakfast … this is really getting to my mental welfare.
      As it’s just now I don’t want to be strong .. I want to be taken care off. *smile

  8. I can’t wait for the day that you can say you have been pain free for a long time. I know you are so discouraged…pain can affect you mentally as well as physically. Just know we all are thinking about you and hopefully you can get some relief soon.

  9. It’s a long road for you and I’m sorry for that- It’s about time you got a good break and figure out what’s going on.
    It was quite some storm I hear and now see from your great photos. Fortunately, flying into Frankfurt last week was not a problem. I’m a few hours from there now in Detmold near Bielefeld. It’s a cute little town.
    big hug and give that doll a few good whacks. Glad you liked it:)

  10. Woe! Well, I sure do know what it’s like to weather such storms, since I’m here in Florida. How strange. We didn’t get any this year, but you get one in Sweden. My dear, Viveka, my warmest wishes for your quick healing.

  11. I am sorry for all the devastation the storm made. I was actually on my way from Norway to Seattle that Monday morning, was quite delayed from Bergen, but by some miracle got on the air from Amsterdam without being stopped by the storm. I am sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling so well. I wish you all the best and send as much positive energy as possible in your way.

  12. I like to sit inside, when the rain pelts on the windows and it’s stormy outside – just with a good book and a mug of tea or coffee 🙂
    How are you feeling, my dear? xo Many hugs 🙂

  13. Aw, Vivi, I’m so sorry life is miserable for you again. 😦 Your last remark to me was about the coming storm, and I worried a little, but then my life was a whirlwind at the weekend. Glad there are no human casualities.
    You posted this on my birthday, and that morning I was up at Parc Guell with the sun beaming down on me and stars in my eyes. I loved Barcelona, and did manage to fit in a meal at Les Quinze Nits (licking lips 🙂 )
    Anything new happening with the treatment? You’re due to travel to Galloway soon aren’t you? Hope you will be ok for that. Love you, Vivi.
    The song in my head this morning is Elkie Brookes, “The sunshine after the rain”. Don’t know if you know it? I don’t have Soundcloud. Thinking of you. 🙂

  14. Oh, Viveka – hope you are soon feeling better again! The storm hit our garden too and we lost two beautiful trees. Unfortunately one of them hit our house and destroyed a great deal of our new roof…But, no person came to harm and that’s the most important thing. Take care and see you!

    • A-C, so sorry to read about your new roof … really bad luck – but glad that nobody got hurt. We were very luck here in Skåne.
      No changes on my “sorry ass” – it has increased and now I’m close to being desperate – but they are now sending me on to experts in Malmö, but heard nothing yet.
      Be good to yourself … I will be back.

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