8th RPC has started – Flags

This photo I took in Berlin 2011 – and the bridge is what they call “The Bridge of Power” – it goes from “Deutscher Reichstag” – German Parliament Building – over river Spree and it is in two levels, one for parliament members only and the other everybody else. I think this is shot is from the “power level”

So I want to give my entry the title – “Powerful”, because Germany is one of the most powerful nations in world – and owns half of Europe.

bridge of power

So the race is on and I have been missing it … I need and want all the votes I can get – more information and how to enter the competition, click HERE!

To vote for my photo – just this link – For voting click LIKE! – Please, vote … I want and I need your support.

Thanks Flobo, to doing this again – getting the fun back!

“I don’t believe there is anything in the whole earth
that you can’t learn in Berlin except the German language.”
Mark Twain

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