weekly photo challenge – horizon (3)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

sailing against the horizon - English Bay, Vancuver

My dear singing blogging sister, JO … she didn’t like my entry for this week – so I have to give it another try. She said that she was expecting more from me, so I’m under some pressure now. *laughing

The photos are from one of the most astonishing places to look against the horizon at, English Bay in Vancouver. Every sunny evening just before sunset all the boats goes out to the bay and people also walk over there too along the Seaside Walk – just to enjoy the sunset and the horizon. During day time people just sit and look at all the vessels that are in and out of the horizon. Very busy waters.

English Bay, VancouverEnglish Bay 1
Just amazing – I have been to many places around the world, but I think that Vancouver and its English Bay offers one of the best shows on earth, both day and night.
Photos were taken in July 2012. Jo, I hope this is up to your expectations. *laughing

“We all live under the same sky,
but we don’t all have the same horizon”
Konrad Adenauer

39 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – horizon (3)

    • Vancouver has such fantastic scenery where ever you turn your head and camera. Thank you so much – Not easy to find a music cloud that suited those photos, but Bach does it well. One of my favorite classical tunes. Have a great weekend now, Jo.

  1. I should put you under pressure more often- these are absolutely outstanding!
    Haven’t had time to look until now. There are some beautiful photos up today too, but none better than yours 🙂
    Vancouver just went up my list another notch. You lived there? I’m green 😦
    Big hug x 6. You have excelled and I like the Bach too.

    • Vancouver should be on the top of your list … it’s a fantastic city and one of the best cities to live in the world.
      Stunningly beautiful … you can swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon.
      So glad that I could please, Madame.
      Gone through this summers photos today 3500 and I had some beautiful I could have used for this challenge. There will be more challenges.

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