weekly photo challenge – horizon

Last glance

Spent my 65th birthday in NYC this year in September – had a fantastic time, I can’t say I love NYC but I always enjoyed every visit so far.

I guess it we were at the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge on our way to JFK airport for homebound, not totally sure – but when I turned around to the left this was the view I had and this is my last photo I took of Manhattan. Now looking at the photo I get a bittersweet feeling. I don’t think I will go back (been 10 times), there is so many other places to visit – but I don’t want to say goodbye for good. I left a piece of my heart behind, have such fantastic memories with NYC!

Why not join the challenge … or at least check out everybody else’s horizons; Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

“No matter how far a person can go
the horizon is still way beyond you.”
Zora Neale Hurston

70 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – horizon

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    • Sylvia, thank you so much – this is more ubran and not so pretty – but sometimes I like to take photos of the other side of the coin too.
      Hard to beat; sunset, boat, ocean and mountains.

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  4. It is often quick snapshots like these that with no real setup or thought that bring back the sweetest memories of visits… and it is photos like this one that I love… it will say so much to you in years to come, and bring back special little aspects of your visit… I have some photos from NYC that have very little composure or thought, in fact I’m not even sure where it was taken, but it does strike a memory of a wonderful meal we had at one of the restaurants… where I felt so sorry for this little old lady that I nearly offered to pay for her meal when she left at the same time as us… then promptly got into a new Corvette and drove off wheels spinning and all… hell she should have offered to pay for my meal…

    • NYC is a city full of contrasts … exciting, inviting, amazing … but also very brutal, bold and raw.
      I have been so many times in NYC through my work and also private – but I think this time … I enjoyed it more, because I wasn’t that captured by the buildings … kept my eyes on the street level.
      Can you imagine what would have happen if you offered to pay for her meal or maybe that was the meaning of it .. so she could afford buy that Corvette.

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  10. Thanks for the visit. I have seen so many beautiful images of New York City. I’d love to find those same spots and take my own photos.
    Happy late birthday.
    P.S. Going out and taking pictures will keep you young. ;0)

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    • Madhu, I know … everybody like beautiful sunsets and the ocean.
      I had a very bad week .. and that’s why I haven’t come back to you earlier – really, really bad .. today a bit better, so I will answer all comments that has been left hanging.
      Thank you so much of the support.

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