the right car = the right man ?????!!!!

This landed in my inbox today ….. from YouTube and I just have to share it.

“Money brings you the women you want,
struggle brings you the women you need.”
Habeeb Akande

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34 thoughts on “the right car = the right man ?????!!!!

  1. I didn’t like his shirt or his chat-up lines, put I’m very picky! (big smile 🙂 )

    Just a footnote, Vivi. Regarding TBM, I answered an open invitation, just trying to be helpful, before I had seen a review or anything else. In retrospect, it wasn’t very bright of me, as the book doesn’t really appeal and I’m not keen on the 3-way conversation that’s taking place on my blog. We live and learn (hopefully 🙂 )
    Big hug!

    • Jo, do you think I had a problem with that you had done a review too … ???? NO -NOOOOOOoooooOOOO!
      It was just funny that two of my “wifi” friends had made a review about the same book. There was nothing behind my replay. I know that you’re very helpful and sweet … it happens at time that people replay on others replays .. please, don’t take it personal.
      Now let us sing again … let the sunshine in !!!! *smile

      • No, sorry, Vivi- the problem is that I didn’t write the reiew. TBM sent us all “scripts” to be published on the same day, and we could add to or change them if we wanted. I didn’t mean anything personal with you. I’m just feeling a bit of a numptie (nitwit!) and out of control on my own blog. Can’t wait to publish my next post and move on. Think I’m being childish. Sorry, hon- more singing needed! “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…” 🙂

      • I see …. I thought they were very similar. I understand where you are coming from now. Okay, it’s not a big thing really, Jo. It was a PR thing and you have your part of it … keep on writing and sing .. Yes, let’s do … Come, fly me .. let’s fly … let’s fly *laughing.

      • Do you know Northumbrianlight, Vivi? He was entertaining me with Woodstock.
        “I came upon a child of God, He was walking along the road…” Really showing my age now 🙂 But smiling!

      • Don’t have a clue about Northumbrianlight!!! Woodstock???!!!!! You are very be-riched ….*smile
        Isn’t that a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song????

  2. I do, but never use it, Vivi. Brings out the shy in me- not sure why 🙂
    Today was beautiful here. I was walking by the river in Durham again. You never saw so many leaf photos!!! Big hug 🙂 Thanks for putting up with me yesterday.

    • I will send you my …. profile … and you just add me to Skype and then we can talk for free. Will email you tomorrow.
      Time for bed now. Here was a fantastic day too – but I had problems during the night, so I been under the weather today, feeling better now under the evening. Time for medicine. You don’t have to apologize – I understand exactly what you meant

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