hours to kill … travel my way

Train Station. CPH

Travel my way …. I would say travel any way. I have been travelling since 1971 – my first holiday abroad, 7 days in London and it became my kick-start. A very dodgy hotel, but who cared, I was 23.
Tripadvisor has told me that I have been to at least 278 places in 44 countries since then, but the truth is that I have been working my way through most of them.
I have lived abroad in Danmark, Canada, US, UK and Ireland … in total of 23 years.

So travel has been a big part of my everyday life at times. So what will I bring to this challenge …. my lovely singing blogging sister Jo@restlessjo has invited me to this fantastic “Travel Your Way” photography competition being hosted by Rhino Car Hire.

Morning is broken, CPH

I love airports … after the security checks; I love to check out everything that they offers, a nice meal, window shopping at the serious designer outlets,  people watching and just to let the world pass by. So I’m going to keep you on the ground … no take off with me, so sorry!!! My photo gallery is only going to contain photos from airports.

My favorite airport is Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup and it’s my airport … very efficient, super friendly, modern, smiley and helpful – not very cheap, but what airports are those days. As my blogging sister Ann-Christine call airports  –  an “inbetween” places. CPH is a great “inbetween”.

Refreshment ARN

I fly always out of CPH, Copenhagen Airport – and I fly a couple of times per year both domestic (to Sweden) and international. I visit one of my best friend up in Stockholm a couple of times per year and I fly into, ARN – Stockholm Arlanda, not an airport that I feel at home at – I really try to be in and out so fast as possible.

Every year I visit my old home town Belfast the last weeks of November, to shop, visit friends and just enjoying being back. I fly to DUB – Dublin and take the airport bus up Belfast, it takes just around 2 hours. Dublin airport is very efficient on arrival, but to departure from there –  a true nightmare, it is like walking back home – the concourses are endless.

on-my-way - home, DUB

Last year in July I did one of my most extended holiday ever – 27 days – and revisited some of my favorite destinations: Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria, Vancouver Island. And I had to change flights at YTO, Toronto Airport.

In waiting YTO

This year for my 65th birthday I traveled to NYC and with British Airways, the ticket I had won through one of BA Facebook competitions in 2011 and I was so lucky that I was able to use it this year. My first touchdown at LHR, London Heathrow’s terminal 5, which is a magical place … an small town in it’s own. Could have done the whole post about my hours I killed there, but I chose this decoration at a sushi restaurant.

LHR, terminal 5

And the best thing about traveling is to be able to board that 46min past every hour Öresund train back to Sweden and Landskrona.


Now we come to my five travelling buddies that I want to invite for this journey – they also can have a use of £1000 or a Sony NEX-3N Compact Camera System* worth £379!

So let’s get down to it.

SYLVIA, that is happily married .. with both homes in US and South Africa. That has taken me back and forward a couple of times through her posts and also on a Caribbean holiday.

ANN-CHRISTINE, that just love one hours drive from me and that I have spent some time with. She is the same “mad cow” with her camera as I’m with mine. We have been talking about doing Florence together next year.

MADHU, that lives so fare away from me – and that has a passion for both travel and photographing. She has taking me to the most exciting places and I enjoyed every post.

SUZANNEthat lives in UK and not fare from my old home town, Brighton and she has a true passion for the travel – she shares the history and the people she meets during her travel.

Then last, but not least – MICHAEL that lives in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Hong Kong. Michael spend his retirement with travel so often he get a chance and of course with a camera in his hand.

But you don’t have to be on my list here .. to join the completion, but the deadline is the 31st October. Just click HERE!!!!!!

Please preside to the gate immediately!! Come fly me …

Time for depature, CPH

“If God had really intended men to fly,
he’d make it easier to get to the airport.”
George Winters

60 thoughts on “hours to kill … travel my way

    • That photo I took last year at Stockholm airport .. happy photo.
      I just love watching people … and what they are up too. I like to have a meal … Once I was on the same as a friends brother, without knowing until we landed.

  1. I wish I like airports as much as you do. I love to travel, but I try to go through as few airports as possible. 🙂 But I love your photos. Maybe next time I travel I’ll take a little extra time to appreciate the airport.

    • I always have a couple hours to spare … I don’t mind change of flights if it’s long-haul, because to be looked into the same seats for too long time, I sort of panic .. I rather change flights and stretch legs between flights.
      Now with free WiFi on most airports, excellent way to kill time .. but not London, which was very poor.

    • I will agree with you about US airport .. not fun at all .. no flair or anything. We flew out of terminal 7 at JFK, brand new and we couldn’t get a cappuccino. Only that American “piss” to coffee.
      Houston I had a rush change of flights when I flew to New Orleans, didn’t have anytime. Cleveland is another
      … Even Chicago O’Hara is boring.

  2. A lovely travel post, Viveka, and thanks so much for the invite. btw, I live in South Africa, not South America. 🙂 I really love this happy Frank Sinatra song. It could be my theme tune too. 🙂

  3. What a treat, Viveka! Gorgeous thrills and temptations in your post as usual…and a big Thank You for inviting me! I will do my very best to go along with it. Love airports too – it’s a place “inbetween” and you are somehow in no man’s land – or what word to use…I know that you know what I mean.

    • Rob, thank you … really made my evening, because it’s not my best shots, but maybe the most odd ones.
      I hope they like the post, hopefully my post will a little bit different.

  4. You always do it with style, Viveka! Brilliant post- I love it 🙂 And now I have a good idea which airports to avoid. I tend to use Leeds-Bradford the most- it’s not amazing, but it’s trying. Love the “sushi curtains” 🙂
    Thanks for reminding me- I haven’t linked to Rhino Car yet! I was so busy notifying everyone, and then to my Dad’s to do some cleaning. I’ll never make my fortune!
    Thanks for playing, and for your wonderful entry.

    • Jo, I had forgotten it too .. done now.
      I took the easy way out .. and stayed on the ground.
      The US airports are the worst, so boring …. Amsterdam I will say it the most exciting at least of them I been at.
      You can even buy cars there.
      Leeds-Bradford .. I have been there, only a small airport and not even Manchester has a great airport.
      London’s 4 airports are good. Terminal 5 at Heathrow, wow ..
      It’s not a curtain it’s a long row of butterflies in some material .. that was going in all direction over the restaurant.
      Good luck to us now. *smile

    • I didn’t fly in or out of Vancouver … I came with train from Seattle and flew back from Seattle. That is why, Seattle airport not worth mention, no US airport really are .. not the ones I been at.

      • I’ve been to SEATAC only once myself and yeah, nothing special about that one. I think the only other American airport that I’ve been to and enjoyed was Dulles in Virginia where it’s so big you need to be bussed to the gate from the plane 🙂

      • Same with Heathrow, London … it like a little country in itself. The busiest airport in the world .. when a plane landing or taking of every 30 second, but the busiest traffic control tower is at Prestwick Airport in Scotland.
        They control all transatlantic flights from Europe to US plus all NATO flights … a very small airport, but they have to work for their money.

  5. I got fed up with airports after all the travel threats, and find it stressful these days, plus I travel a lot for work so I don’t see the fun. But taking a long haul flight for a holiday is a whole different deal! Great images, I do think airports are fab places to take photos

    • I don’t like the security checks .. nightmare specially in UK and US, but passed them .. I’m a happy puppy.
      Yes, airport are great .. have loads of things to put the camera against. Terminal 5 at LHR, I took about 200 shots. I’m retired .. stress is not on my radar anymore and not even when I was flying all over the place, it never bothered me. I let other people think for me. *smile

    • It has been very exciting because of my line of work and I enjoyed – worked very hard and played hard too, but life is just so exciting as we make it. I’m excited over taking a walk with my camera here in Landskrona.

  6. I have fallen in love with seeing other places. But I have to admit, I love the airports too. Nothing is EVER the same in them because everyone is always changing. New people with every flight in and out. Fascinating! Great post Viveka!

  7. Great musings. Yes, airports have over the years become veritable self sufficient havens, bright and alluring. The duty free arcades in some of the airports might require somewhat more time to explore than the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

    But what to me is infinitely more interesting is how some of the hub and spoke airports become fusion spots of different ethnicity and people as one watches the ebbs and flows of travelers with flights coming in and going out. You need to be at a place like the Schipol or Dubai to see this…..


    • Schipol I have been to many years ago .. and it was then already one of the most interesting airports I been to, but I think most European airports has caught up quite a bit, but none of the Paris airports. Looking at London’s 5 airports, Copenhagen … Dubai I have never been to, but I can image. Shakti, thank you much for stopping by and commenting.

  8. A fabulous gallery Viveka! Love the creative cropping 🙂
    While i hate long layovers, I admit, it is getting a lot easier to pass time in airports these days. Except in abysmal ones like the Sao Paolo airport, where we spent almost seven hours with little to do or eat!
    Appreciate the kind nomination Viveka, thank you so much. Matching this post is going to be a tough ask 🙂

  9. Airports are a great place (not the security part–I’m with you on that). Some of the best people watching moments ever. I can’t decide which is my favorite airport, but the most memorable one was in Botswana. All there was was a dirt runway and a bunch of wildebeests at the far end. I won’t forget that ever!

    • I suppose that the airport in Botswana so a real adventure – I never had a touchdown on a similar airport, the smallest airport I have landed on was Puerto Williams in Tierra del Fuego, Chile – that in those days were mostly an army base. Just before the Falkland war. Have done a post about the reason behind my visit, if you are interested. One of my first posts I did … http://wp.me/p293Pw-ne

  10. Hi Viv! Your pictures are always so beautiful and inspiring! The way you paint a picture with them, often no words are necessary. I commend you for saying you still love the ‘airport’ experience when travelling. I used to enjoy the full experience, but now I dread all the red tape it takes just to get to my destination, I just want to get there already. 🙂 Please let me know if you got this, as per my reply to you. 🙂

    • Debby, thank you so much – I just have a little compact camera, very powerful – because I don’t want to carry a big camera and lenses – my life is built for comfort those days.
      I was more eager to get to the destination so soon as possible with direct flight about 10 years ago. Now I found travelling of any kind very relaxing – there is always something new to see … and look at.
      People to talk to … but I hate those security checks, what a pain they are. Not in Copenhagen, but everywhere else it seems.

      • Kudos to you for still seeing the pleasure in travelling. Travelling within Canada and United States is a hastle, you are lucky you don’t have endure that there. 🙂

      • Debby, I have found when travelling in US that flights are always overbooked and never on time. Last summer not one flight was on time. I think only flights in US that been on was between Houston and New Orleans and New Orleans – NYC. Last summer when I travel over there – I think it was I had to show my papers 6 times between flights. That was irritating.

  11. You took some fantastic airport/travel photos Viveka! It’s been a while since my last stop at Copenhagen airport but it’s a rather nice place to wait if you have to 🙂 I love flying too. It’s been too long since my last trip, I cannot wait to get on a plane and see the world next year!

    • Laura, I’m sure that the world is looking forward to see you too. *smile
      I have so many photos from CPH airport … about killing time there, but I decide to go for my favorite.

  12. I love your airplane tails picture! This is a great post. I hope you win the contest. I never thought airports were so interesting! I have to compliment the wonderful customer service person for United Airlines in Chicago, though. He got me on a flight right away when I missed my flight to Phoenix. I was never so glad to LEAVE an airport! 🙂

    • Thank for your support, of course I hope I win too … even the camera will do me fine – but £1000 means a new visit to Chicago. *smile. I’m glad that you got great service with United. Missing flights is such terrible thing or if flights are cancelled, which happens quite a bit here in Europe, especially with the low cost airlines, if the planes are not full enough they just cancel it and put ever body on the next. I love Continental – but they are United now.
      Are you often in Chicago ??? That is MY city.

      • I actually went to the Museum of Science and Industry when I was in 7th grade – up and back with my girl scout group. Other than that, this was both of our first visit to a city not much more than 100 miles away from where we grew up.

      • It is. This time I came 2,122 from Portland to Chicago, and another 680 from home to Portland, then returned, not to mention the side trips while we were back there! 🙂 It is a big place. 🙂

  13. This is a great post Vivika, I love your photos. My vey first flight ever, was 11years ago to America, and I loved it. When the flight attendant heard that it was my first, I was given the VIP treatment. I will always remember that flight with fondness.

    • Wow, that is service … wonderful, that’s how it should be. Rob, has told me a bit about your experience of NYC.
      When I flew to NYC – the crew between Copenhagen and London was outstanding both ways .. but London and NYC, they was just okay. No interest what so ever in their guests. It was like they didn’t want to be on the flight and they were ready to get off the plane before all guests had gone off.
      British Airways, supposed to be famous for their service but not in either directions.

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