happy tune leftovers ….. asparagus with soft poached egg

full dish

Found this brilliant version of “Let The Sunshine In” from “Hair” – please, listen it through the track because there is some awesome piano playing going on, one of the most happiest songs I know. And the most simplest lyrics, so why not sing along while reading the post; come on JO and COLLEEN – here is your chance to sing together with me. Let sunshine in, everybody …  into our hearts and souls!

“Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sun shine in…”

Asparagus is for me Spring and early Summer, but when I read Laura’s recipe; “Asparagus with Soft-Poached Eggs, Broad Beans, Lemon and Chilli” I just had to bring Spring back in to my kitchen.

It’s a while since I did anything for “my leftovers and cupboard” tag and it’s building up both in cupboard and in the freezer again. So when I decided to do this dish it was I only going use what I had at home. The herbs, bacon and asparagus I used were frozen and egg, Parmesan cheese, lemon and snow peas was fresh.

asparagus & egg page

Laura’s recipe is very straight forward – the only tricky thing could be the soft poached eggs and I’m pretty good on poaching eggs, but I wished that mine had been slightly more cooked for my liking but I suppose that it was perfect in many chefs’ eyes.

Also Laura is using fresh broad beans in her recipe but I had some fresh snow peas that needed to be used.
I love the combination of parmesan and lemon, something I gladly use together with fish and seafood.

Plus I added soft grilled cured bacon to my plate.

peas page

Because my asparagus was frozen did I grilled them from frozen. Fresh asparagus would had cost me this time of year my whole “weekly food allowance” *smile plus the quality isn’t great for the price. So I have no second thoughts about use what I had in the freezer

Laura’s fantastic recipes and photos will you find @Laura’s Mess. Laura has in my eyes one of the most beautiful food blogs that I have landed in and she are such pleasant young woman. She has relatives living in Malmö, only 20 min from where I live and I hope that we will be able to meet up next year when she has plans to visit her family over here in Sweden.

asparagus page

Now when I have my dinner has it already started to get a little bit darker outside and next week will it be dark, when we have turned back our clocks one hour. And I miss the sunshine in my plate already, but Laura’s dish gave me sunshine.

This is a dish I will do again when the fresh asparagus is in season, only 6 months left until then and then also the real sunshine will be on my plate, I hope. *smile

“Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.”
Russian proverb

close up

41 thoughts on “happy tune leftovers ….. asparagus with soft poached egg

  1. 🙂 … one big “like” (for the song) and one… well… less “like” (for the asparagus). I’ve never learned to enjoy it. That and carob. 🙂 Everything else on the plate look delicious to me. Oh btw – “Hair” is on my top five list!
    Hope you are enjoying your day – no matter the darkness coming around the corner 🙂

    • There is no song that make me feel more happy than this – and I really this version with the piano, great version.
      I love asparagus, but hate to peel them .. when you peel a lot of them your hand wrists get cut/irritated from the sharp peels. I think you are one of the few people I met that don’t like asparagus – we can like everything. I don’t like Italian Ice Cream, something everybody else rave about.
      Tuesday Hugs!.

  2. I ‘ve got the volume up full, Vivi! 🙂 And of course, I’m singing!
    I actually saw the stage show many more years ago than I can remember. You’ve just made an old lady very happy 🙂 Awesome track!
    But I only had toast for breakfast 😦

    • This was my dinner – couldn’t eat all this for breakfast. *smile
      I have the same thing nearly every day .. a rye bread sandwich, glass juice and massive cup with milky coffee .. plus my vitamins.
      I never seen Hair on stage .. but I saw the movie, very good.
      Thanks for singing along .. I’m sure you didn’t have to make up your own lyrics this time. *smile ..

    • Leo, I’m sure I can … it’s just to put the camera on AUTO and Macro .. and go so close up as possible. Not so difficult.
      Good sign .. that with making your hungry. *smile

    • My entry is done … and emailed – I had to think for nearly a hour, before the pennies fall down. Not my best shots, but .. hey, I felt good when I did it. Thank you so much for passing it on.

      • Mid-Sept … glad you gave us, 2 weeks.
        I couldn’t get my head around it at first .. too many photos to chose from .. got a bit stressed and then I start writing and wrote AIRPORT – and then I had it.
        Really enjoyed doing the post, but it took me a full day.
        Now time for meatballs and pasta. Leftovers, but no post …

    • I’m sure that Linda can do .. what I can do – so that get you off the hook or are you the cook ???? I guess it’s only when the BBQ is on. All men’s pride job. Thank you so much for you so always kind support.

      • Linda does most of the cooking but I like to get in there and try some special stuff every now and then… specially with left overs, trying to make them look special…

      • That is great .. I always wanted a man that knows his way around a kitchen, but all men in my life .. hardly manage to boil an egg. Don’t want to have a chef … because that would mean WAR very soon.

      • I can cook anything… but Linda’s food is better than mine… but I think she likes it when I take over the kitchen to surprise her with something out of my head…

  3. Fantastic post!! Wonderful “food art” and perfect music with it for. You’re right about that piano, but my favorites are the steel drums. Can’t get enough of them. PS I saw Hair in Chicago “back in the day”, wore out my album, knew all the words of every song by heart. Thank you, thank you!!! Great way to start my Tuesday.

    • I have seen many musicals .. but never Hair, but I saw the movie. It’s the song that makes me most happy, when ever I hear it … I start to feel good.
      I agree the drums is great .. have contacted the guy behind the track – want to buy the download, he will arrange it. I get everything that I love into most posts; photo, travel, music and food. Thank for the kind words.

  4. What an awesome song this is, Viveka. A great start to my day. 🙂 I haven’t had breakfast yet, so your food pics have made me more hungry. Thanks for the great recipe. xx

    • Yes, this version is just so great .. with the piano and steel drums. Have contacted the guy behind the track … I want to buy it. It makes me so happy.
      I hope you will like Laura’s recipe … I had it for dinner.

    • With me … there will never be any tuna leftovers. *smile – everything will be eaten at once.
      I love the tropics, but only for a couple of weeks holiday .. I couldn’t live in constant warm climate, too much viking in me I suppose.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love asparagus unfortunately Rob doesn’t, so I don’t have it that often. Rob spoils me now and then by cooking me a great meal, and I must say he is so good at it. Your food photos look devine, and the music is beautiful. Thanks Vivika.

    • He has told me that he enjoy cooking .. nice with a man in the house that can cook. Always wanted that, but not a chef as such … just somebody that enjoy cooking, but the men I had in my life hasn’t even been able to cook a perfect 9 min egg. *smile
      Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables.

  6. This is such a wonderful post Viveka! I love the look of your poached egg (I love a runny yolk!) and the ingredients that you complimented it with are beautiful! Aaron would have definitely endorsed the addition of bacon. I do hope we can meet next year… the countdown is on! xxx

    • Laura, you are so sweet – I think most chefs would like their egg like mine was .. but it was slightly too runny for my liking, but the dish was colorful and tasty.
      So I will do it again.
      If you come to Sweden, of course we are going to meet up. So looking forward to meet you – yes the countdown is on. *smile

    • Yes, so do I … I really need to get down the level .. the thing is with living alone – and there is very few products that is for one person. We don’t have a real butcher in town neither, so I have to buy more than. I back on the leftovers again. My freezer also needs to be defrosted – waiting until the temperature goes below -5.
      Thanks for the visit.

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