love hurts … even for dogs.

When I today visit my lovely blogging sister Nia@Photographyofnia in Instanbul, I found this little adorable video – but she only had on link – but I found it on YouTube. I just have to share it.

… yes, love hurts when the car you’re in … is low on fuel consumption.

Thank you so much, Nia, for giving my rainy day such big warmth!!!

Let your day get some warmth and romance too.

“There is honor in being a dog.”

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35 thoughts on “love hurts … even for dogs.

  1. I’m kinda down on this chilly, drizzly day. Then I open to your new post and meet Nia! What an elegant, unique blog. Wow! The doggies are sweet, of course, but Oh, that blog! Only a special person could create such a thing. thank you once again for enriching my life. hugs –

    • So true … first I thought you meant my blog and me !!! *laughing – yes, she is a very special lady and so creative – so glad you enjoyed her world … so do I.
      All my pleasure to introduce her to you!

    • Yes, I agree … I love that section of the video – it’s very sweet and cute, but I had wished for a happy ending, maybe it comes in the next commercial.

      • Yes, I like those commercials – I really hope so, because it’s so cute. My first serial commercial I ever saw was in UK and for Nescafe.

      • I haven’t seen the dog one before, and I’m struggling to think of one right now, but several insurance companies like Progressive and Gieko have ongoing characters that are almost serial. Taco Bell used to have the dog. So maybe they are more like ongoing brand characters that do different scenes.

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