weekly photo challenge – hue of you (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

kitchen 1

I have really struggled with this challenge – but then I came up with colors that make me happy when I wear them: purple and red … so I made an entry. Then one of my blogging sisters reminded me about my post with photos from my kitchen … after I had cleaned the windows and put new curtains up. Why didn’t I use them …. because my kitchen is most important part of my home, and as a retired chef … a lot of rich flavors and colors there.

So from don’t knowing what to do …. I now done my second entry.

Welcome in my kitchen !!!

curtain page 2curtain page 3kitchen-page-2x

curtain page 2

curtain page 6

“Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out.”
Phyllis Diller

49 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – hue of you (2)

    • Bebs, you can come .. anytime you want – I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, in Sweden the kitchen is the family room – everybody love spending time around the kitchen table at home and when visiting others.
      Yes, the curtains .. I’m very please with .. time soon to put up new and do a post about it of course. Thanks for your kind comment.

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    • Barbara, thank you for your kind words – I suppose that our homes is a mirror of our hearts and souls … but sometimes I wonder when I see kitchens that looks like hospitals .. so clean and like it never been used, like a showroom.
      No, I need my “mess” and my colors.

    • Yes, create food and posts .. and also do most of my photo editing by the kitchen table on my net book, because it has a newer window system.
      You are welcome to take a chair when ever it suits you two.

    • Linda, my kitchen isn’t very big .. but big enough for me .. and a couple of friends then I love the balcony just next door. *smile
      It’s a very cosy and welcoming kitchen, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen not only when I cook. In Sweden the kitchen is the family room.

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  3. Great response to this kind of challenge Viveka, very warm inviting colours.
    I have to ask something about the music that you play with your posts. I have ummed and ahhed whether to say something, or whether it is none of my business, but the music that starts playing straight away has scared the hell out of me a few times. Also my computer is in the lounge room which means anytime your blog comes up all of a sudden music starts blaring out and if my family is watching the tv, then I get into trouble. Can you put the music on so people press play? I understand if you don’t want to listen to me, it is your blog.

    • Leanne, I understand where you come from .. and I have to a think about it – you can turn the music off – through clicking on the track player straight away .. it has become a bit of my trademark and I haven’t had any complain as of yet, but I don’t know if people don’t want to upset me . through complaining.
      Of course I listen to you .. why shouldn’t I and I don’t mind you asking.

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  5. Love you, Vivi 🙂 I have the opposite problem to Leanne. I always have the volume off on my laptop and turn it up when there’s something I want to listen to. I just assumed everyone did that. That’s what a volume control is for?
    Adore your curtains. It’s lovely to be able to picture you there. How are you doing? Big hug 🙂

    • I’m the same as you, I have the volume on low .. and turn it up if I like what I’m hearing – but we all different .. and I can understand where Leanne comes from, but it’s the same thing to turn the player off as put it on.
      Yes, I like my curtains .. always loved beautiful curtains .. and the kitchen is the only place I really can change, because my living room because of the grey and read I can only use red curtains. I will put up new ones soon and you will love them .. sea shells and sea horses. My curtains is my extravagance in my home. Thank you so much for you always so kind and sweet support.
      Been doing well a couple of days now .. no pain killers and less discomfort – so it’s work, but still hate to take the medicine, only 10 days left *smile

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      • That seems to be a constant need here – the cleaning, not the curtains. Some of our windows are perpetually dirty because the seal between the dual pane broke, and the windows look bubbly and dirty even when they are clean. Oh well.

      • The truth is I’m not a very good window cleaner, hate window cleaning. I have the same problem as you with my livingroom windows. I have reported the seal problems, but nothing happens … have go back to them again. We have a new apartment host now and he are so charming and handsome, in the right age … so what I’m waiting for ???? *smile

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