in memory of 2 swedes


Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

On our third day we took it easy because our feet was very sore from all the walking in NYC so fare.

So we started of with breakfast at City Cafe – this old fashion diner with fantastic food and sandwiches but with a dreadful coffee. A well hidden gem, next door to the nearest post office off 5th Ave. About 15 min walk from the hotel. And I got to enjoy my first and only Rueben’s … and it was just lush.

Post office was a must – the written postcards was building up .. wrote about 60 in total. I was also going to buy empty jewel cases for CD’s – so expensive here in Sweden and I was going to look for a skirt that I seen online with Lane Byant.  Jewel cases no problem … but when it came to the skirt the shop was closed I was told, but now when I check online back home we were only a block away. Their other shop was up in Harlem … my feet was not in the mood for that kind walk any of the days left.  So no skirt and to be honest I didn’t need it neither, but I think I would had looked gorgeous in it.

(images provided by and thanks to; yelp,com/

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at one of the gourmet deli shops on 3rd Ave. to get some Graeter’s Ice Cream. Frank@A Frank Anglemy Ohio blogging friend,  has been raving about this ice cream and I promised him that I will try to get hold of it while being in NYC.  Found it without any problems at D’agostino Supermarket  … plenty interesting flavors to chose from .. went for the Vanilla. And it was good, very good … but still not up to the standard of Mövenpick, a Swizz brand. Probably the best ice cream in world … at least in my book.

By the way that D’agostino Supermarket – some fantastic shop, totally forgotten to take any photos from the shop, they had everything and very high quality over very little space. I would love to have a shop like that on my street. Only let down was the till operator – not very interested in her job or customers. They have a couple of shops on Manhattan.

After a coffee and eating ice cream back on the hotel room was it time to … pay visit to some fellow Swedes, with their own memorials in NYC. Only 10 min walk along 2nd Ave and there was Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza and Raoul Wallenberg Monument … just by the UN.

Dag Hammarskjöld was the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961 – he died in unclear circumstances in a plane crash on his way to Kongo. I did a post about this remarkable man during this years “A-Z challenge” – “d stands for dag hammarskjöld”.

Raoul Wallenberg , was a Swedish architect, businessman, diplomat and humanitarian. He is widely celebrated for his successful efforts to rescue tens of thousands to about one hundred thousand Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary. He handed over himself to the Russians in exchange of the lives of hundreds of Hungarian Jews. He died in a Russian prison in 1947. The US Congress made Wallenberg an Honorary Citizen of the United States in 1981, the second person to be so honored, after Winston Churchill. I haven’t come around to do a post about Raoul yet … buy have plans for next years challenge.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza was a small green oasis with a fountain … just of 2nd Ave f – ever seat was taken so … we went to the combined plaza with Kathrine Hepburn Garden just on the opposite the aveune and it was a massive green area – with beautiful water features and loads of benches under the lush cool shades of the big trees.

The was a fantastic piece of art – that I couldn’t get enough of. “INDIVIDUALS” by Andrew Rogers, a stunning bronze sculptures …. composed of 15 bronze sculptures that are all unique, but similar in form and climb up to 12 feet in height. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is one of the most programmed places in the City for public art, showcasing artists from all over the world.

Just wonderful to sit there and watching the world passing by – there was loads of private chauffeur driven cars parked along the park, if there was a pick up .. a new car arrived.

A little orange cafe was constant busy with guests and it was called Dag’s – after Dag Hammarskjöld – and many of the guests was very well business dressed – I couldn’t figure out really where we were. So I decided to walk down the the busy street – and of course we were just next to UN. I should have figured that out.

As I walked across 1st Ave against the UN –  there in a triangular space was the Raoul Wallenberg Monument. The name of the sculpture is ‘Hope’ and it is the work of Swedish artist Gustav Kraitz. The monument consists of five columns, one of which is 7 meters high (23 feet) and has a pottery sphere on top. The sides have engraved writings that telling aspects of Wallenberg’s life and mission. And a bronze brief case with the letters: RW. You will find it opposite the The Trump World Tower on United Nations Plaza. Magnificent sculpture.

I remember when I was down at UN last time – I was able to walk up to the main entrance door without any problems .. must have been in late 70’s – today police presents everywhere – fences and check points. Still it’s something special about the building – I felt the same respect this time as I did the first time. And  UN’s beautiful flag against the clear blue sky … it’s a truly impressive organisation. And I personal believe that world had been so much worst without it.

We spent a couple of hours there in shade of Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza …  just feeling good about life and ourselves. But also being proud of that NYC is honouring 2 remarkable Swedes that both has put their bookmarks our world’s history.

“I encounter one example after another
of how relative truth is.”
Raoul Wallenberg

RW 2


68 thoughts on “in memory of 2 swedes

    • It’s a fantastic shop … they had just everything I would need and great quality. I didn’t have one muffin in NYC – how could I forget that???!!!! But I had Frensh Toast – just lush.

    • Did you learn something about 2 remarkable Swedes???? You hurt my national pride now *smile
      I know you are familiar with Dag Hammarskjöld from my earlier post.

      • I learnt about Dag from an earlier post of yours and now know a little more of Raoul Wallenberg ….
        But I didn’t get to know more about your Ice cream… what between you and Frank talking about different ice creams, all I’m getting is the tail end of it, no one saying why theirs is the best… as for that skirt… now I’m picturing my favourite Swedish Girl friend wearing that, and such disappointment you didn’t get it…

      • Our mate, Frank is happy in his ice cream beliefs – and I’m happy in mine, I liked his ice cream very much – I ate a big tub of it.
        I love Mövenpick because it’s just have the right balance in the flavors and not trying to over the top fancy – and the not too over rich on cream. It’s like silk.
        Yes,I totally agree that skirt had been great on me, but life goes on.
        I was only joking about my national pride *smile

      • Oh I know you were joking I’m just disappointed we don’t get to see you in the skirt…
        We have a soft serve Ice Cream here that is to die for… but I think the best I’ve ever had was in a shop in the Amish countryside in Pennsylvania…

      • I would love to visit the Amish – so intersting way of life style. I’m sures there is many brands that a much better than Mövenpick and I probably have eaten better too, but can’t recall the names. Only want to give Frankie a run for his ice cream. *smile

  1. When you see that much security around the UN compared to back in the day, It comes to show that the world has indeed changed a lot huh? I love the photos! such a different image from my mind of giant skyscrapers and endless glass buildings 🙂

    • There is so many interesting places to visit in NYC … and it’s not all about skyscrapers. There will be coming some more in other post.
      9/11 has changed the present of police in NYC and that has made it’s less petty crimes and that is a big change to when I was in NYC the time before.

  2. You have a great eye to capture images. Simply awesome!!! Loved the Individuals! I recall the news when your great statesman died. I was young … but it stuck. Glad you enjoyed the ice cream. Although you didn’t think it was the best, I hope you agree that it is a step above the average! For some reason I recall chunks of chocolate in the earlier pic. …. thanks for mentioning me. 🙂

    • Frank, I really liked the ice cream even if I like Mövenpick better, only bought Vanilla and it was beautiful very rich in vanilla flavor. I ate that big tub all by myself.
      And I agree that it’s a very good ice cream and it has to be .. otherwise I hadn’t eaten the whole tub myself.
      Dag Hammarskjöld was an remarkable man … but he was uncomfortable and that was what cost him his life.
      Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Graeter’s is VERY good! Though I’ve had some fabulous ice cream in other places. One from a place in Northern Ireland, they have their own cows. They mean it when they start from scratch.

    I love seeing more of my own country through you Viveka. You are a fantastic appreciater of life and wonderful things. And again, more lessons. I remember learning about “Dag” through you. And now Raoul Wallenberg. Thank you!

    • Graeter is a fantastic ice cream … I really enjoyed it.
      Nothing can beat a good ice cream … I’m an ice cream addict.

      Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands Jews – and he smuggled them out in Red Cross ambulances.
      A fantastic man that handed himself over to the Russians in exchange for 1000 Jew’s lives. A remarkable man.

      • Colleen, so true – but I think there is people today that through there work make a hug difference to so many people – thinking of doctors without borders. Rauol Wallenberg he gave up himself to the Russians to save hundred of jews – a remarkable man.
        We also had the ambassador in Chile that save so many people from the Junta, they called him the Black Pimpernel, Harald Edelstam.

  4. Loved the park and the sculptures, Viveka. Never heard of a Reubens but it looked good. And my feet didn’t hurt because we spent so much time in contemplation 🙂
    Hugs, darlin!

    • Reuben sandwich is a kosher sandwich and one of the most popular sandwiches in US. Selfridges in London has a section in their food court there they make Reuben’s to order. A beautiful sandwich.
      The park is beautiful … and the public art piece changes 4-6 times per year.
      Hugs … in return. *smile

    • I can’t answer on your comment on the memorial … the house is in the background is Trump World Tower, I love that photo too .. came out great. Thank you so much for the comment.

      • Right now I’m being very indulgent- homemade apple pie and custard! I’m starting to look like an apple, I’ve cooked so many this year (my next door neighbour doesn’t like them but has an apple tree- every day, tap! tap! on our door- a few apples 🙂 And I’m sweet enough!

      • I could have done with a piece too … been to meeting this evening about lymphedema and when returning home it was total chaos in the train traffic … because a train had hit a car just outside Malmö.
        So envy now … I want a piece of pie too.
        You’re a very sweet person in my book too. *smile

      • A confrontation between a train and a car … chances are small and I feel so sorry for the train driver that has to live with it the rest of his life. Nothing on the news yet.
        Was on a train, London – Fishguard .. when somebody stood on the rail, sluiced, outside Swansea Poor train driver.

      • Thanks … I’m going to take an other dose now .. so uncomfortable. Yes, and my toes are crossed too. *laughing – every good day is worth 10 bad.

  5. You must have had such a wonderful trip. When I read it, I want to go to the US right away 🙂
    The pictures are spectacular and from the stories you are telling us you have enjoyed it a lot!
    Take care xo 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Dia … there is so much to do and see in NYC – impossible to cover everything. Of course that is why it’s exciting to go back there.

  6. You’re not only a great chef, a great tour guide too. It is nice to see the country in the eyes of a foreigner. You gave me ideas of what to see next. Thank you for the tour.

    • Bebs, thanks for coming along and for your nice comment … NYC has so much to offer – but that’s why it’s never boring to go back. The Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza is a beautiful oasis.

  7. How could Rob not mention the two remarkable Swedes…….I will pull his ear, and tell him that was for Vivika…. Glad you had a better experience with food but sorry about the coffee. I love the Wallenberg monument , and the park and the sculptures are beautiful. The one guy having his shoes polished ….wonder what he is thinking about.
    Thank you Vivika ,I enjoyed the trip.

    • Linda, he comment on my earlier post about Dag Hammarskjöld – please, go easy on him *smile
      The Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza is a great place to be in a hot NYC – and so pretty. The have a farmer markets there once per week I think it’s. A pity that we visit so late in the summer, because I can image all the flowers there must have been in the Kathrine Hepburn garden. I didn’t know about the Rauol Wallenberg monument, so that was a fantastic suprise. So glad I walked over to check what it was there in the middle of 1th Ave.
      Thank you so much for coming along with us *smile
      I wish you two a pleasant weekend.

  8. Lovely Photos, Viveka. I’m so happy to see you eating some “sloppy” foods while on your decadent shopping tour. 🙂 Love those NY delis and Reuben’s.

    • I love got get postcards and I love writting them …. I write 15 per day in general, got it down to the an art.
      Glad you liked the photos, it was an awesome place to spend some hours in the shade.

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